Unusually for a Wednesday, there is only a single game out today. That’ll make it quick to write – and read – this post.

Destiny 2

We don’t know a whole lot about this new game from small-time developer Bungie…

Okay, so today’s the day, Destiny 2 is here. Three years after the first game, and after three years of additional content including The Taken King and more, former Halo developers Bungie have unleashed the sequel on consoles.

Easily one of the frontrunners for most highly anticipated game of the year, Destiny 2’s servers are now online for all regions, so it’s time to jump back into Strikes and Raids as a Guardian.

There are multiple versions of the game available:

And today, catch Zero streaming Destiny 2 over on our Twitch channel, starting around (or just before) 6pm EDT.

If you’re not a Destiny player, this week might be a good one to clear out that backlog, or add to it by checking out this week’s Deals with Gold.