It’s time for another round of midweek releases on Xbox One. Compared to yesterday’s list of five new games (plus a demo), today’s list of two is comparatively short, but still double last Wednesday when no game wanted to compete for attention with the juggernaut that is Destiny 2.

Don’t Starve Together: Console Edition

Today’s first release is the standalone multiplayer expansion to Don’t Starve Together: Giant Edition, released on Xbox One in August 2015. Don’t Starve Together: Console Edition adds co-operative elements to the Xbox One and allows for both public and private match-ups; work together; survive together. Don’t starve. Klei Entertainment’s Don’t Starve Together: Console Edition is now available on Xbox One for $14.99.


Transcripted, published by Plug In Digital, is our second release of the day. Originally made by Alkemi Games, and its console counterpart created by Seaven Studios, Transcripted blends two unlikely game genres: the twin-stick shooter and match-three puzzle game. Additionally Transcripted throws in an upgrade tree to keep your ship, the Nano Probe, growing stronger, and features 25 core campaign missions with five challenge levels. You can buy Transcripted now for $7.99.

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