Castle Invasion: Throne Out and Mantis Burn Racing both released today for Xbox One. Mantis Burn Racing is great for players looking for a brand new racing game to test drive while Castle Invasion: Throne Out is great for players looking an inexpensive new thrill.

In Castle Invasion: Throne Out players defend their castle from an enemy king’s siege throughout 50 levels. Players will utilize all the aspects of the kingdoms military in an attempt to save the day. Weapon upgrades are a big aspect of the game is the story progresses and the levels become more challenging. The game is also filled with “awful, awful puns” so fans of puns rejoice, after all; aren’t they all awful? Castle Invasion: Throne Out can be purchased here for $4.99

Mantis Burn Racing is a top-down bumper-to-bumper racing game with fast paced racing and enthralling visuals. Play through a seven season career mode where players can choose the path they take while racing to be crowned Mantis Burn Racing Champion. There is a large swath of levels and cars to choose from and each car can be upgraded however players see fit. Players looking for a new local multiplayer should look no further because Mantis Burn Racing has four player local split-screen action in addition to online races that allow for up to eight players. Mantis Burn Racing can be purchased here for $14.99.