The final day of May offers four new Xbox One titles for consideration so without further ado let’s dive into the details. First up is Tokyo 42 from SMAC Games, an isometric open-world shooter where the player works to prove their innocence in a murder case. The isometric camera allows this stylistic rendition of Tokyo to be seen from every angle which not only looks beautiful, but also helps when planning the perfect route. Players will need to have a handle on the shooting mechanics, bullet physics, stealth controls, and crowd simulation if they are to clear their name. The story mode is single player only, but there are a variety of multiplayer modes. Tokyo 42 is available for purchase here for $19.99.

Next up is Dragon Bros from Space Lizard Studio. In Dragon Bros players take control of a young dragon working to rescue their kidnapped Mom from the evil mechaliches, an evil robotic society. Players can go on this 2D shooting adventure alone or with a friend in local co-op, which is probably a good idea as there is a plethora of enemies and explosions to deal with at all times. Dragon Bros can be purchased here for $9.99; however, for roughly the next 21 hours, until 6 AM EST, Dragon Bros is 40% off and is available for $5.99.

The next game is Star Balls from Bolder Games. Help Orbit, Tess La Coil, or Torgue through a massive spaceship to earn their freedom. There are 50 different levels to explore on the spaceship which is, hopefully, enough to keep players coming back for more. The levels also have dynamic plugins that add twists and challenges to levels like being able to bust through traps, travel at warp speed, or defy gravity. Star Balls is available for purchase here for $4.99.

The final game to cover is Thea: The Awakening from MuHa Games. Thea is a turn-based strategy game that occurs in a world set after an apocalyptic takeover and is based in Slavic myth and monstrosity. Once the game begins players are free to go about saving the world of Thea however they deem fit. Players can build up their defenses in the village, explore the world, or go out looking for fights. The world is procedurally generated so each new campaign promises new adventures and excitement. Thea: The Awakening is available for purchase here for $17.99.