Trials HD riddle solved

Trials HD community member "FatShady" shared the many details behind a collection of Easter Eggs hidden in the title as part of a complex riddle left behind by developer RedLynx' Creative Director, Antti Ilvessuo. By properly identifying and dissecting each and every puzzle piece, it was said that both a question and an answer could be ascertained. Both were revealed today in the video above featuring none other than FatShady, bringing several years of intense searching and debating by the game's community to a head. The final revelation may not be in line with what gamers were hoping for, but the video's still worth watching for anyone who has spent time trying to unlock the game's mysteries these past years.

Antti Ilvessuo had this to say about the riddle's origins and players' undaunted pursuit of the truth of it all: "You could say I created the riddle," said Ilvessuo, "but what I really did was set the rules out. The game was played by the players, the riddle was discovered by them. I just started it. That was one [sic] really the key here."

The director then personally walked FatShady through the whole thing, and the XBLA Fans contributor then spent the last several months putting together the video seen above. Get ready for a walkthrough of a cryptic puzzle that perhaps even the collective minds of the Skull and Bones Society, the Architect of the Matrix, the Templars, the Assassins, the Patriots and Mass Effect 3-ending conspiracy theorists would have struggled to create.

Be sure to watch through until after the credits for some additional bits of info if you're interested in seeing the complete picture.

Source: RedLynx

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