The Splatters arriving April 11

A new marketplace listing gives The Splatters a release date of April 11, 2012. Unlike other recent listings, it has been confirmed by Niv Fisher of developer SpikySnail that this date is correct. Yay!

The Splatters follows a group of acrobatics whose goal is to kill themselves in the most spectacular way possible. Players will earn points by flinging their blobs off ramps, pulling off spectacular stunts, and ultimately smashing them into obstacles. The great physics engine makes the gameplay fluid and the splatters very messy. Getting a high score may be hard, but the hardest part will be waiting until April 11 to play this awesome game.

About Nathan Bowring

I'm a college student always looking for a fun game to play between classes. I've been playing XBLA games for some time now, and I'm a huge fan of the price and creativity of these games. Writing about them is almost as fun as playing them. Almost.