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Newsbits: White Xbox One, Goodbye Zune, Hello Importing


  • There's some exciting news for achievement hunters. Microsoft has confirmed that all games released on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One will have separate achievement lists. That means you can play Assassin's Creed IV on the 360, gain the full gamerscore, then replay it on the Xbox One to double up on the points.  There is some other interesting bits of information located in the IGN article, so be sure to check it out.
  • It's a sad day for the few who have long been Zune supporters. Microsoft has discontinued the service as of the last console update, but all of your previously purchased material will still be available to you. Really, it's just making the full change over to Xbox Music and Xbox Video, but it's still noteworthy. For those wondering, your Zune music pass will still be effective!
  • If you are the type of person who was really hoping for an Xbox One in a different color other than black, you'll be jealous to hear that the Microsoft employees will be receiving a white version instead.
  • Amongst all the policy and launch changing, you may have missed a few news stories. When Microsoft announced they were only launching in 13 countries, it was stated that Kinect voice command would only work in five of them. Updated news is now being reported that ten of the countries will be able to use this feature.
  • Some of the best news to come from all of Microsoft's changes to the Xbox One may be the fact that games will no longer be region locked. Ever wanted to play a rare Japanese game, or collect all the different localizations of your favorite game? You'll be able to this time around!

Microsoft's new music service codenamed "Woodstock"

Microsoft will soon be replacing Zune as their music service. Their new service, codenamed Woodstock, will be showcased at E3 2012. This new service will allow play across multiple platforms, including Xbox Live, Windows 8, iOS, and Android. The service will not require any extra browser plug-ins, but will have deep Facebook integration. Another feature being tested allows users to "scan and match" their existing music library, allowing it all to be accessed anywhere through the service. Woodstock is not expected to launch until later this year, alongside the launch of Windows 8. Expect to hear much more information once E3 rolls around. Let's just hope the music selection isn't limited to 60's rock 'n' roll.

Source: The Verge


Rumor: Microsoft Points to be phased out by end of year

Sources are reporting to Inside Mobile Apps that Microsoft will be discontinuing use of its Microsoft Points currency system used by Xbox Live, Zune marketplace, and the Windows phone. A source with knowledge of the company's decisions are saying that all mobile developers with publishing agreements are being told to plan for the conversion.

This will impact all three platforms where the point system is used although one of the biggest adjustments will be to the Xbox marketplace where some games and extras are denoted in only Microsoft Points. The Zune marketplace and the Windows phone denote purchases in both the point system and regional currency.

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