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THQ, Atari games delisted from Xbox Marketplace


Following their bankruptcy filings in late January, game publishers THQ and Atari have recently seen several of their XBLA titles delisted from the Xbox Marketplace. The XBLA games in question can still be found on the Xbox Marketplace, but they can no longer be purchased. A total of four THQ-published XBLA games have been pulled:

  • Apples to Apples — Originally released Dec 7, 2011
  • Screwjumper! — Originally released Dec 10, 2009
  • SpongeBob UnderPants! — Originally released Dec 26, 2007
  • Voltron — Originally released Nov 30, 2011

The same fate has not yet befallen all of the defunct publisher's Xbox Live Arcade games, though. Costume Quest, Elements of Destruction, Nexuiz, Red Faction: Battlegrounds, Rocket Riot, Stacking and Warhammer 40K: Kill Team are still available for purchase.

Only one Atari game is currently unavailable: Warlords, which was first released on Nov 14, 2012. Yar's Revenge, which debuted on March 3, 2011, was temporarily taken down but has since burst back onto the scene, albeit at half of its former 800 MSP price tag. Haunted House, another Xbox Live Arcade game published by Atari, is also currently selling at half price (400 MSP). And finally The Undergarden is selling at 240 MSP which is 70% discount of its original price of 800 MSP.

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Massive XBLA sale

Good news for XBLA Fans, as it looks like we are currently in the middle of one of the biggest Xbox Live Arcade sales, ever! There are 19 different titles on sale, as well as some DLC.  No worries though, we have all the information you need right here to take advantage of this amazing sale. So grab your controller, fire up the Xbox and jump into a new XBLA title or two or ten, the choice is yours.

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Awesome avatar awards: Week of 5/29

We're starting yet another feature here at XBLAFans that will showcase any newly announced Xbox Live Arcade-based avatar awards from are friends over at AvatarAwards. They're a great site that somehow gets news on avatar awards for all 360 games before they're released. Be sure to check them out if you're curious about any non-XBLA related avatar awards. For simplicity's sake and so that we don't leech from them, each of the links below will take you to their site. Remember, these are awards, so they're given out to the player by completing criteria in each game. For more detail hit up the Avatar Awards site. You can also follow them on Twitter at @AvatarAwards360.

We've got a big backlog to fill between the AvatarAwards and things that pre-date their site, so this one's a lot longer than usual. Hit the jump to see the list. Also, let us know if we missed one.

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April 2011 XBLA sales

With no NPD-style analysis of XBLA and Microsoft announcements of sales data few and far between, Gamasutra has made it a habit to do monthly analyses of leaderboard data to get some kind of grip on relative success and failure in the marketplace. April's deluge of new releases alongside a handful of sales for previously released titles meant that Gamasutra contributer Ryan Langley had a lot to parse. Read the rest of this entry »


Yar's Revenge Review (XBLA)

Yar's Revenge was developed by Killspace Entertainment, published by Atari and was released on April 13th, 2011 for 800MSP. A copy of the game was provided to us for review purposes.The original Yars' Revenge was one of the best selling games on the Atari 2600, making it somewhat of a puzzle why it has taken so long to come back. There have been a couple of remakes and re-releases but this is the first original game based on the license since that first Atari release.

We now have Yar's Revenge on XBLA, and that apostrophe wasn't accidentally misplaced. While the original game referred to a race this games title refers to a single Yar, the character players control. Although to confuse matters further she is often referred to as Yar. The game is no longer a single screen shooter but has been transformed into an on-rails affair akin to Sin & Punishment or Rez.

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XBLA Wednesday: Yar's Revenge, Clash of Heroes and Raskulls & Lode Runner DLC

Today two new titles were added to the XBLA library. First there is Yar's Revenge which is an action/rail shooter where you attempt to exact revenge on Qotile race and save your kind from extinction. The game sells for 800MS points and contains local co-op. Also releasing today is Might & Magic Clash of Heroes which is a puzzle game with RPG elements. Online and local battle modes for up to 4 players have been included along with a 20 hour campaign. Might & Magic Clash of Heroes sells for 1200MS points. Aside from new releases, 2 DLC packs were also released today for some older XBLA titles. First is the Raskulls Reinforcements pt. 2 DLC pack. Included are 4 new multiplayer characters, 1 new grand prix and 3 new achievements. The Reinforcements pt. 2 pack sells for 160MS points. Last is  the final DLC installment for Lode Runner called the Journey Expansion pack. The DLC pack includes new single player and co-op campaigns each adding 40 levels to the mix. The Journey Expansion pack sells for 240MS points.


This week's upcoming XBLA releases

This week brings two Wednesday releases. First up is Yar's Revenge, the reimagination of the Atari 2600 of the same name. Secondly Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes will bring a strategy RPG for fans of the genre. GamerBytes reports that Yar's Revenge will cost 800MSP while Might & Magic will be 1200MSP.

Source: Atari, Twitter, Adrenaline Vault


Weapons and Bugs of Yar's video released

Atari released a short video previewing the background and weaponry of their upcoming title Yar's Revenge. The game is a reimagined remake of the original Atari 2600 game.  The game itself is an on rails shoot em' up, and thus far it looks really promising.  It's currently in development over at Killspace Entertainment and is scheduled for a Spring release.


Yar's Revenge: First look

Big Download got an exclusive first look at Yar's Revenge, the reimagination of the Atari 2600 title.  The trailer below details a bit of the game's backstory, shows some of the game's art, and even bits of gameplay.   Head on over to Big Download's coverage to find out more.


XBLA Fans Anticipated 2011 XBLA Game Release Master List

Huge thanks to the entire team of writers who worked on this article: Andrew Crews, Cameron Titus, John Carson, Todd Schlickbernd, Tyler Cameron and Xeserox

We’ve spent the past week searching the internet and hounding our industry contacts in an effort to compile the ultimate 2011 XBLA Game Release List. We anticipated one heck of a year for Xbox Live Arcade. So epic we couldn’t even fit everything on one page. So without further ado, check out the list:

For detailed descriptions of each of the games and videos check the links below.
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