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July Games with Gold titles announced


Just in from Major Nelson today is the list of games that Xbox Live Gold members can download for free during the month of July. For the Xbox One, these include Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (which was also available this month). For Xbox 360, games will be able to download Gotham City Impostors the first half of July, and Battleblock Theater toward the end of the month.

Guacamelee is an excellent platformer that is welcome on the Xbox platform — Playstation and PC gamers have already had it for some time — readers will be able to check out the XBLAFans review shortly after it goes live. XBLAFans thought Max: The Curse of Brotherhood was “one of the best XBLA-styled Xbox One games to date” when the review originally went live in December, so platforming fans are in for a treat next week when July rolls around. For 360 players, the focus is towards multiplayer action instead. When it released in 2012, the XBLAFans review of Gotham City Impostors is “one of the most downright fun shooters available today.” Similarly, BattleBlock Theater, with its focus on multiplayer, “is the one of the best multiplayer games to hit XBLA” according to the XBLAFans review.

One last reminder: if you’ve not yet downloaded Halo: Spartan Assault, you have only another four days to do it before that rotates off of the free list, so make sure you get it soon!


Xbox One controller now compatible with PC



Despite the PC being the domain of mouse and keyboard, controller gaming has its place on the platform, especially within certain genres.  And to this end, the Xbox 360 controller has been the go-to choice for gamers, becoming a mainstay for PC gaming over the years.  The fondness for this pairing is due in part to the comfortable, well-designed controller, but also to how easy it is to set-up.  Microsoft hopes the Xbox One controller, with its redesigned D-pad and other improved features, will be equally welcome for years to come within the PC gaming community.

To kick off this initiative, drivers giving Xbox One controllers PC compatibility have been released; they are currently available for download on Major Nelson’s blog.

Source: Xbox Wire


Xbox One maintains cumulative software sales lead in the U.S. *updated*


Last month was a big month for the Xbox One, as Microsoft reported that April’s NPD Group results showed the Xbox One continuing to sit on top in life-to-date software sales. Driving these sales was a game that was not available on any other next-gen console, Titanfall. Popular XBLA title Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition finished fourth.

As usual, Xbox One did not come out on top in console sales, trailing behind Sony’s PlayStation 4. However, life-to-date the Xbox One has more cumulative software units sold than any other eighth generation home console. In its first six months on the market, the Xbox One sold over 76 percent more units than the Xbox 360 did during its debut. Microsoft hopes that sales of the Xbox One will grow even faster with the release of the $399 Kinect-less version releasing on June 9. Continue reading for more highlights and statistics from the NPD Group report.

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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood now available for Xbox 360 and PC


Originally released for the Xbox One, Press Play’s Max: The Curse of Brotherhood has finally leaped onto the Xbox 360 and PC after a short delay. The game, a sequel to 2010’s Max & the Magic Marker, is a puzzle platformer that also utilizes the aforementioned magic marker drawing component. It received good marks on its initial release, and this expansion to other platforms is welcome news for fans of the series and genre.

It is available now for download on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC for $14.99.

Source: Polygon


World of Tanks update adds new maps, achievements and more


The 1.2 update to World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition fires in two new maps: Abbey and Fisherman’s Bay. It also adds a nighttime mode as well as snow and rain effects for select existing maps. Some vehicles have been tweaked with new and updated customization packages. The user interface has also improved: ribbons indicating point-scoring actions now appear along with a countdown timer for base capture. This should make it easier for newer players to learn which actions are most beneficial.

And for the achievement hunters out there, eight new toasts are waiting to be popped. When first installing this update, players will retroactively receive credit for past actions and unlock all applicable achievements.

The update is available now and ready to roll out.

Source: Xbox Wire and World of Tanks


Games for Gold titles in June for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One


The Games with Gold program will celebrate its first anniversary this June.  To celebrate, Microsoft is expanding the program to include the Xbox One. Additionally, Xbox Live Gold members will receive three Xbox 360 games this month instead of the usual two. Those titles will be Dark Souls, Charlie Murder, and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. Xbox One owners will receive Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Halo: Spartan Assault as the first two games to be part of the Games with Gold program.  These titles are a good mix of retail and downloadable titles — for the downloadable titles we reviewed, we thought very highly of both Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Charlie Murder, so be sure to check those out while they are free this coming month after reading our reviews.

Source: Xbox Wire


Valiant Hearts: The Great War Trailer and release date


The team at Ubisoft that created Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends is creating a sidescrolling adventure puzzle game. Valiant Hearts: The Great War tells the story of five characters and how they are brought together by the events of World War I.  Between Karl the German soldier, Anna the Belgian veterinarian, and a playable dog, players will experience the first World War from a variety of perspectives.

The trailer (below) is much more story-driven than one might expect from the Rayman developers. The art-style seems to point towards a stylized news-strip comic reminiscent of the period, and the haunting piano melody that bookends the trailer is both absolutely beautiful and at once memorable. This is one to watch as time draws ever closer to E3. Valiant Hearts: The Great War launches on June 25 for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source:  UbiBlog


Peggle 2 available now for Xbox 360


Peggle 2 has bounced its way onto the Xbox 360. Originally released as a timed exclusive shortly after the launch of the Xbox One, the colorful and addictive puzzle game is now available for a wider audience. 

The original Peggle delighted gamers of all dispositions across pretty much every current platform in existence. This sequel offers an additional 60 levels, 60 trials, 180 objectives, a multiplayer mode called Peg Party, as well as four new Peggle Masters to accompany the lovable unicorn Bjorn. New for the Xbox 360 release is another multiplayer mode, entitled Duel Mode, and a much welcomed colorblind option.

The game is priced at $11.99 and is available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.


YouTube update on Xbox One simplifies uploading


An update releasing today will make uploading gameplay clips to YouTube a seamless process. Content can now be captured with the Game DVR app, subsequently edited in Upload Studio, and once finalized, shared directly with a linked YouTube channel. This simplification now allows more users the wherewithal to reach a larger audience in an easier fashion.

In addition, the update brings with it the ability to view YouTube videos in Snap Mode. Aside from the countless strange juxtapositions possible, like Titanfall and keyboard cat for example, this feature can be useful in watching game walkthroughs while simultaneously playing that game. Finally, users can now pin favorite YouTube channels to the One Guide for easy access, making it quicker to get to subscribed content.

Source: Xbox Wire


The Xbox 360 gets an update

Xbox Dashboard

As many users have noticed, an update rolled out for the Xbox 360 earlier this week. It is a fairly small update without many obvious changes since it takes care of “mostly back end stuff,” according to a tweet from Major Nelson. The only noticeable change allows videos rented through the Xbox Video app on the Xbox 360 to be accessed and played on other devices such as a smartphone or laptop. Previously, movies rented through Xbox Video on the Xbox 360 could only be watched on the Xbox 360.

An update to the Xbox One should also release this month.


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