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Xbox Live Arcade Awards Voting is Open

Today the voting for Xbox Live Arcade Awards has officially opened. All you need to do in order to vote is visit the “Spotlight” section of the dashboard and select the advertisement pictured above. You can vote for 8 different awards and apparently you can cast a new set of votes everyday until the polls close. The nominees are: Read the rest of this entry »


Super Meat Boy Masochists Rejoice: Two New Chapters of Levels Hit XBLA

Team Meat has announced that the two newest chapters of levels have hit “the internets” on Super Meat Boy for XBLA. Contained is the highly anticipated dreaded expert remix by Team Meat and Cramps by NovaSilisko (the first set of user created levels). Expert remix promises to frustrate challenge even the most ardent of Meat Boy Players. And Cramps is explained by its creator in detail here.

For those of you counting, that is 80 free levels given as DLC for Super Meat Boy fans. Way to go Team Meat!

Check out just a taste of the new levels below:


Rewind Review: Poker Smash (XBLA)

A little over 3 years ago, Poker Smash was released on Xbox Live Arcade. At first glance, one might write it off as just another generic match-three game. Sure, the game can be played by simply matching 3-of-a-kind, but the depth that Poker Smash brings to the action/puzzle genre is unlike any other game on the marketplace.  Inspired by the SNES cult hit; Tetris Attack, Poker Smash is truly one of the hardest puzzle games to master.  But the true beauty of the game is that any gamer of any skill level can find an enjoyable experience in Poker Smash. Read the rest of this entry »


Rumor: Batman game in development for XBLA

A trusted industry source has revealed to XBLAFans that Warner Bros is currently working on a Batman game for Xbox Live Arcade. The game, which previously showed up on several UK retail sites under the name ‘Gotham City Imposters‘ is said to now be in development for XBLA. Nothing has been heard of the game since those listings although it had been speculated the name could refer to Batman: Impostors, a comic miniseries.

There is very little information to go on at this time, so we can treat this as nothing more than a rumor. However with the Caped Crusader so popular these days there is merit to the idea that Warner Bros would be looking to extend his reach to the download space. We have contacted Warner Bros for comment but have yet to receive any word.


Stacking Review (XBLA)

Stacking was developed by Double Fine and published by THQ. It was released on XBLA on February 9th for 1200MS points.

Stacking is an adventure/puzzle game that places you in control of Charlie Blackmore, who is the smallest member in a family of Russian stacking dolls. The Blackmore family is being forced to work for a rich industrialists know as “The Baron” and it is up to Charlie to free them. Charlie must stack inside other dolls and use their special abilities in order to make his way through 4 areas and defeat the evil Baron.

Riding high on their October release of Costume Quest, Double Fine has found room for success on the XBLA platform. With that said, expectations for Stacking were extremely high considering it was from the minds of Tim Schafer and the team of hit-makers at Double Fine.  Luckily, Stacking surpassed most expectations and stands out as an early favorite for 2011 XBLA Game of the Year. Read the rest of this entry »


Try to count the missiles in this Bangai-HD screenshot

Where there’s Treasure, gunfire is never far off, Or in this case: missile fire. Watch as thousands of rockets are launched in this trailer for a madman’s bullet hell dream known as Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury. It looks as if this mind blowing shooter will launch sometime in the spring. Until then watch the trailer below, scope out the new screens, and consider picking up a copy of Bangai-O Spirits on DS.

Read the rest of this entry »


UK retailer GAME selling XBLA games

UK video games retailer GAME have started selling XBLA game and DLC codes. As part of a 6 month trial 40 shops across the UK will sell the content on cards similar to Gamestop in the US. The pricing of the games reflects that of Microsoft Points, the full range of content and pricing is below.

This represents an interesting experiment from the biggest games retailer in the UK and presents those who are wary of buying points with a solution. It also means customers can use credit from trade-ins or their GAME rewards cards to pay for the content.

Source – Eurogamer Read the rest of this entry »

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XBLA Wednesday: TNT Racers, Stacking and Castlevania DLC

This week on XBLA Wednesday the marketplace has a lot of variety. In Stacking (1200MP) from Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions you take control of Russian stacking dolls, also known as Matryoshka dolls, in this delightful adventure puzzler. TNT Racers (800MP) shifts to top down view in this simple arcade racer boasting a wide variety of cars, modes, maps and powerups as well as online and on-couch multiplayer. On the DLC front there’s an extra stage for Castlevania Harmony of Despair titled “The Legend of Fuma” (240MP), a retro throwback to Getsu Fuma Den, and a character pack to match it (160MP). Three completely different XBLA experiences, all in one day! Read the rest of this entry »


Battle alien (or geometric) scum with next weeks XBLA deals

Next week brings another themed set of XBLA deals, this time it’s all about killing aliens! With the exception of Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 which isn’t strictly about aliens.But who can argue when the deals are this good?

Check out the deals below, which will be running from February 7th til the 13th.

Duke Nukem Manhattan Project, 400 Microsoft Points (50 percent off)

Space Invaders Infinity Gene, 400 Microsoft Points (50 percent off)

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2, 400 Microsoft Points (50 percent off)

Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, 400 Microsoft Points (67 percent off)

Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter, 400 Microsoft Points

Galaga Legions, 400 Microsoft Points (50 percent off)

Source – Major Nelson via Joystiq


Pretty in Pink, new Castle Crasher on the way

Castle Crashers developer The Behemoth is about to release some new DLC in the form of a new character for PSN.  Fret not XBLA fans for the content will be coming to Xbox 360 at sometime in the future and it sounds like it will be in the form of a title update rather than paid DLC.

The new character is in the form of the Pink Knight, apparently the most requested new character ever. On PSN the Pink Knight comes with a Lollipop and four other weapons, whether these will also come to Xbox is unclear.   The Behemoth will be announcing more info on the future update and what it will contain, so keep an eye out!

Source – The Behemoth

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