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Double Fine Gets Trenched

While hosting the Game Developer’s Choice Awards tonight Tim Schafer, Double Fine’s fearless leader, debuted the first trailer for the studio’s third downloadable title known simply as Trenched. From what’s been gathered by watching the trailer, it looks to be a mech combat game in the vein of Chromehounds where a human faction called the Mobile Trench Brigade defends itself from the Monovision, mutated television monstrosities. There looks to be an ample amount of customization for the mechs, but not much else is known at the moment.

Sadly we do not have a copy of the trailer yet, but when it becomes available it will be inserted here in this post. Until then, head to the Trenched website where you can watch it on infinite loop. If you’re curious as to what the game looks like, check out the gallery below.

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XBLA port of Spelunky to have multiplayer

At Game Developers Conference 2011 panelist Andy Hull confirmed that the Xbox Live Arcade port of the PC indie hit Spelunky will have four player simultaneous gameplay.  “We’ll have more information about the multiplayer modes closer to release,” Hull said.  The game, created by Derek Yu, is set for release sometime this year.


New Skulls of the Shogun Trailer Released

Haunted Temple Studios has released a new trailed for Skulls of the Shogun. We had the opportunity to talk with their CEO Jake Kazdal a while back and he detailed their vision for the game. For the uninitiated, Skulls of the Shogun is a turn based strategy title. Players take on the role of a Samurai General who was betrayed by one of his closest allies and slain in the moment of his greatest victory. Awakened in the afterlife, he finds the same opponent has betrayed him again in death. As a result, he begins a rampage trashing the laws of the Samurai afterlife as he seeks revenge.


New Gameplay and Screens of Ms. Splosion Man.

Twisted Pixel just recently sent out some new screens and a video of the upcoming Ms. Splosion Man and it looks pretty “AWOOGA!” to quote the titular character. The game is currently being shown to press at Game Developers Conference and Twisted Pixel will also being showing Ms. Splosion Man and The Gunstringer at PAX East later this month. Catch the screens and gameplay video after the jump. See our previous coverage for more.

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New Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Screenshots

The team at Ska Studios posted some new screen shots for The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile. The sequel to The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, Vampire Smile will release later this year. Expect more gory, side scrolling combat. Stay tuned to XBLA Fans for more info one the game, as PAX East approaches.

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Achievements suggest new Lode Runner DLC

Over two years after the classic hit Lode Runner was released on XBLA it seems a new downloadable content pack entitled is coming.  Apparently entitled the Journey Expansion Pack, three new achievements have been added to the game’s overall gamerscore.  More as it develops.


See Ms. Splosion Man in action

GameSpot got an early hands-off demo from Twisted Pixel’s Michael Wilford today at GDC 2011.  Set for a tentative fall release the game features a new character, Ms. Splosion Man, accidentally created shortly after the original Splosion Man is captured.  Looks like a great followup to the original game.  Put this one on your watchlist, folks.

If you’re having trouble viewing the video, check out the link below.

Source: GameSpot via GamerBytes


Gamasutra on dynamically-generated Bastion

In a recent interview with Gamasutra, Supergiant Games’ Amir Rao discussed the background behind his company and the development of Bastion.  The team of 17 developers, consisting of former Electronic Arts employees have spent 17 months thus far working on the game. The interview is quite in-depth; so much so that to post a snippet here would not do it justice.  Head on over to Gamasutra to read more.  Bastion is slated for a summer release.  No price point has been set.

Source: Gamasutra


Fireburst coming to XBLA this summer

Today Zoo Entertainment announced their new on-and-off road racing game, Fireburst.  Utilizing Unreal Engine 3 technology the game features 15+ environments, 16+ vehicles including monster trucks and muscle cars, and vehicle customization.  Each vehicle is also equipped with a Fireboost ability, the likes of which range from leaving trails of flames which damage trailing vehicles, to an explosive blast which damages nearby ones.  The game features four player split screen functionality, and online play for up to eight players.  The is set to release this summer and is currently priced at 800MSP.  Trailer and screenshots are after the jump.

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Secret XBLA Sales: Toy Soldiers, Star Trek: D-A-C and more

There are a few sales on XBLA games right now that are barely being promoted by Microsoft. So we here at XBLAFans decided to point them out in case you had been waiting for a sale from these titles but didn’t notice them buried deep within the dashboard.

First there is Toy Soldiers being sold for 800MS points ($10) which is 33% off the original price of 1200MS points ($15). This sale can be found in the “Spotlight” tab of the dashboard after scrolling over to the right 4-5 times. Toy Soldiers is a wonderful game and a great value for only 800MS points.

Next would be the “Movie Games Madness” sale. You can locate this sale by making your way to the “Game Marketplace” section of the dashboard and scrolling to the right 5-6 times. In this sale you will be able to find 50% savings on both TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled and Star Trek: D-A-C.  Both games are usually 800MS points ($10), but are currently listed at 400MS points ($5). If you pick up Star Trek: D-A-C, remember that you can also pick up the Deluxe Edition DLC for free.

Nobody really knows when or if any of these sales will be ending. These could be short promotions. So if you have been waiting on a sale for any of these titles, my suggestion would be to act quickly. You never know when or if these games will be on sale again.


Two more sales of note: Prince of Persia Classic for 400MSP and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Arcade Game for 200MSP. Thanks to commenter BigMack for pointing those out!

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