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Portal Pinball coming to Pinball FX 2 for science


The Enrichment Center would like to inform you that Zen Studios is teaming up with Valve to deliver a brand new pinball testing initiative. Portal Pinball will take you through Aperture Laboratories as you guide Chell and Wheatley through a series of test chambers. Help the duo escape the facility by infiltrating the Turret Factory, teaming up with Atlas and P-Body, and battling GLaD0S. Portal Pinball will quantum tunnel its way to Pinball FX 2 the week of May 25. Check out screenshots of the table after the jump.

Source: Zen Studios Blog

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Head of Xbox division doesn't view Valve 'Steam Box' as a console competitor

Valve Moves into the Living Room

Seemingly everyone's favorite PC developer-publisher hybrid, Valve, is planning to ship out prototypes of its so-called "Steam Box" micro gaming PCs within four months' time. The Steam Box — of which there will be many varieties produced by different manufacturers, including one from Valve itself — aims to transplant the PC gaming experience into a living room near you.

Dedicated game consoles have dominated that space ever since the Nintendo Entertainment System brought the industry back from the precipice of what many prognosticators of the time thought was a no-continue bottomless pit the home console business had fallen into in 1985. Microsoft entered the console business in 2001 and has been anything but shy about its designs on owning the living room. Its next console, believed to be launching this holiday season, is no doubt being discussed by some individuals in Redmond this very moment. In addition to the usual competition from Nintendo and Sony, Microsoft's next-gen Xbox will have to deal with Valve's boxes attaching themselves to the back of consumers' televisions like some sort of hidden bloodsucking leach.

Microsoft isn't worried.

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XBLA sets new revenue record, doubles last year's figures


While physical retail software sales appear to have trailed off at this stage in the  Xbox 360's life cycle, XBLA has reportedly experienced its strongest year yet in 2012. According to the Research and Analysis division of Forecasting & Analyzing Digital Entertainment, LLC (FADE), the XBLA marketplace saw revenues of $290 million, doubling its reported revenue from the previous year.

Three games in particular were clearly behind this strong performance. It's perhaps no surprise that Minecraft leads the pack, agonizingly close to the 5 million sales mark with 4,997,000 unit sales, translating to a gross revenue of $97,388,000.

In second place, Trials Evolution shifted 1,002,000 units for a gross revenue of $14,298,000. Similarly, the XBLA version of Telltale's The Walking Dead generated $10,277,000 in gross revenue from 2,615,000 unit sales.

The remaining seven games in FADE's top 10 don't quite reach the lofty heights of the aforementioned, all of them posting between 300,000 and 200,000 unit sales. It's interesting to note, however, older games like 2008's Castle Crashers and 2009's Trials HD continue to enjoy relatively strong sales.

FADE's top 10 XBLA titles in 2012 are as follows, ordered by gross revenues:

  1. Minecraft (4J Studios) – 4,997,000 units/$97,388,000
  2. Trials Evolution (RedLynx, LTD) – 1,002,000 units/$14,298,000
  3. The Walking Dead (Telltale Games) – 2,615,000 units/$10,277,000
  4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Valve) – 273,000/$3,973,000
  5. Castle Crashers (The Behemoth) – 252,000 units/$3,778,000
  6. Gotham City Impostors (Monolith Productions) – 258,000 units/$3,698,000
  7. I Am Alive (Ubisoft) – 245,000 units/$3,609,000
  8. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD (Robomodo) – 226,000 units/$3,261,000
  9. Alan Wake's American Nightmare (Remedy Entertainment) – 206,000 units/$2,903,000
  10. Trials HD (RedLynx, LTD) – 203,000/$2,799,000

XBLA Wednesday: August 22

We're now back to our regular scheduled programming after our Summer of Arcade promotion with two new games coming out today. First up, the long-awaited classic PC shooter is back with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. With some classic maps returning and an arsenal of 45 weapons, it's a best blend of the old and new with some new game modes and new visuals to compliment its nostalgia for the modern era. It'll set you back 1200 MSP.

Lastly, we have a cult-hit fighting game with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD version. This HD upscaling of the weird fighter that has some strange psychic elements to the fighting. Based off a manga and anime, this new HD version had online play, spectator mode and leaderboards for you fighting nuts, it'll set you back 1600 MSP. Watch Todd fight through weird psychic powers and first-person shooting prowess through this week's video while showing you what's going on in the Sales and Specials app available to US and UK customers.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive videos brings joy to fans, old and new

Let us take you back in time. The year? 2001. When it comes to multiplayer gaming, the PC platform is king. Even up to present day, PC fans will still argue that it is the superior platform. They plea their cases, arguing that playing with a mouse and keyboard will allow you to have better gameplay and graphics are superior. While all of this can be true, there is one thing that you had to combat when you played on a PC: Hackers.  Does the terms "Aimbots", "White wallers", "Speedhacks" ring a bell?

Nothing was more frustrating as an up-and-coming gamer to enter a server and see that fellow players were running through the maps at high speeds and getting headshots with a pistol from the entire length of the map away. One of the worst culprits with hacking was in Valve’s Half-Life Counterstrike. Even after Valve’s VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) was released, it felt like you could not find one server that did not have at least one hacker in it.

Where is all of this going in terms of XBLA? Well, the folks over at Valve and Hidden Path Entertainmnent are looking to revive our love for the game by releasing: Counter-Strike Global Offensive, for the XBLA, PSN, and Steam network. The developers are tickling our nostalgia bone by offering updated versions of the eight classic maps (De_Dust, Aztec to name a few), as well as adding eight more maps. As seen in the videos after the break, the game has made significant advancements, and at 1200MSP is a steal for old and new fans of the Counter-Strike series.

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Get Left 4 Dead in a Mine(craft)

Valve has announced that Minecraft will be getting a pack of skins inspired by Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 next month. All eight human survivors from the popular co-op zombie-slaying games will get a skin in 4J Studios' port of Mojang's world-building sim. An exact release date wasn't issued, but Minecraft players will be running around as Bill, Zoey, Francis, Louis, Ellis, Coach, Rochelle and Nick sometime next month. The Left 4 Dead skin pack announcement follows in the footsteps of a number of other skin packs.

Not to be outdone, Minecraft has spilled back over into the Left 4 Dead franchise, albeit it in a less official crossover. Valve is featuring a community campaign for the PC version of the its first zombie game called Deathcraft II. It's a campaign map based, unsurprisingly, on the 8-bit world of Minecraft. Have at it.

Source: Valve


Counter-Strike: GO release date and price revealed

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can be in your hands as soon as this summer. Developed by Valve in coordination with Hidden Path Entertainment, the newest installment in the Counter-Strike series will have a lot to offer for fans, such as remakes of classic maps like de_dust and plenty of fine-tuned guns, but will include plenty of new guns, maps, and game modes to keep things fresh. Now for the moment you've been waiting for: CS:GO will be releasing August 22, 2012 for 1200MSP, assuming Valve Time doesn't interfere.


Friday Top Five: Top five XBLA end game songs

Last week we took a look at the top five XBLA in-game songs that help establish a mood while you venture through five various games. But for this week let’s take a look at the top five XBLA end game songs that make the payoff for making your way through a campaign that much more sweet. These are the songs that mark an epic ending to a great adventure. The kind of song so good, it’s almost worth paying through the game a second time just to hear it again. But luckily we have YouTube for those of us who want listen over and over again. And with that said, let's take a look at our list:

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Inside Xbox gives us a look at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The latest edition of Inside Xbox gives us a sneak peak at Valve's addictive and uber-competitive shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The video (which can be viewed above) shows off over three minutes of gameplay footage, while Valve's very own Chet Faliszek talks about what's new in Global Offensive and what makes it different from the rest of today's shooter market. Among the topics discussed are the game's new Demolition Mod, its skilled based matchmaking system which promises to open the game up to newcomers like never before.

The original version of Counter-Strike launched in the year 2000, instantly pulling in millions of players with its fast, frantic skill based gameplay and high levels of competition. The game has received continuous support from Valve since its launch with frequent updates still being released twelve years later. Global Offensive is the latest version of the game, and represents the first time that the Counter-Strike franchise has been brought to consoles since the takeoff of online gaming services like Xbox Live. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is currently slated to bring a new level of competitiveness to XBLA this summer.


Counter Strike: GO new game-mode footage

Hot on the heels of yesterday's announcement that Counter Strike: Global Offensive will [probably] launch this summer, Gamespot has bagged footage of fresh game-type Arsenal Mode: Demolition. Valve's Chet Faliszek narrates over footage of terrorists and counter-terrorists clashing on new map Lake, showcasing the mode's idiosyncrasies (primarily a "self-balancing" system that sees players that dominate outfitted with weapons that are harder to master in place of the classic monetary system).

"We have the regular Counter Strike that you can jump in and play. It's got the buying-beforehand and all the things you're used to in Counter Strike. The gun-game mode is fun because it throws you into the action, it eliminates a lot of the complexities of 'what should I buy?', 'should I hold off my money?', 'what should I be doing?' and it just throws you right into the action and self-balances itself."

Faliszek also discusses ranked matchmaking, the game's social and competitive modes, how the competitive community has influenced the makeup of the final game and the frankly ludicrous levels of feedback Valve have stockpiled throughout the PC beta.

Source: Gamespot

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