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Contrast's new trailer is easy on the eyes and ears

Contrast -- Dawn and Didi

Compulsion Games' most recent trailer for its forthcoming download-only game, Contrast, highlights a new song from the game's original soundtrack. The new jazzy single is titled House on Fire; lyrics are by Compulsion with music by WaveGeneration Audio, while jazz singer Laura Ellis provides the sultry vocals.

Contrast tells the story of Didi and her friend Dawn — an imaginary friend capable of shifting into the shadow dimension. With Dawn's power, players will navigate the puzzle/platform world of Contrast while uncovering the mystery of what happened to Didi's parents. With its noir-esque visuals and atmosphere and a soundtrack that's shaping up nicely, Compulsion's new game looks very promising. Check out our hands-on preview from E3 2013 here.

Contrast hits the Xbox Games Store November 15, 2013 for $14.99. Watch the new music trailer after the break.

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New "Meet Pablo" LocoCycle trailer has arrived

Twisted Pixel's newest trailer for their forthcoming game LocoCycle introduces gamers to Pablo, the man behind the sentient motorcycle I.S.I.S.–literally. In "Meet Pablo," Twisted Pixel reveals actor Freddy Rodriguez as the voice of the Mexican mechanic turned reluctant hero. For readers unfamiliar with the game, LocoCycle tells the story of a weaponized motorcycle on the run from her creators and the man who finds himself stuck to said motorcycle. Think Short Circuit meets Road Rash meets the special kind of crazy that only the developers of The Maw'Splosion Man, and The Gunstringer can provide. Currently LocoCycle has no release date but is due out this year exclusively for XBLA.


Dust: An Elysian Tail launch trailer revealed

A new launch trailer has been released for Dust: An Elysian Tail. The game, which marks the end of this year's Summer of Arcade promotion, comes from the one man operation Humble Hearts. The 2D side scrolling RPG features a stunningly beautiful hand-painted world and is certainly one our most highly anticipated XBLA releases of the summer. Expect a review from us in the coming days, but in the meantime check out our hands on preview from this year's PAX East. Dust: An Elysian Tail will be available for download from XBLA August 15 for 1200 MSP.


Alien Spidy spins up a new trailer

Publishers Kalypso Media have released a new video that proves that alien spiders are cuter than your average bathtub beastie. The latest trailer for upcoming physics based platformer Alien Spidy, shows off a visually stunning 2D/3D world for you to swing through. The story will focus on the adventures of Spidy, who has crashed his UFO on Earth whilst trying to rescue his friend Virgi who disappeared during an exploration mission.

The game promises to combine fast paced platforming with challenging puzzles, while you collect parts for your UFO and battle bosses over 3 unique environments and 70 diverse levels. It's being developed by Madrid based developers Enigma Software and is scheduled to release sometime Summer 2012.


Skullgirls story trailer hints at eighth character

Really, this story trailer speaks for itself. Look at it! Watch it! It's so cool!

Alright yeah there's more to this story. Many have been expecting Umbrella to be the eighth character in Skullgirls, but this trailer hints at Umbrella being a recurring story character rather than being playable (at least initially). If she is indeed Parasoul's younger sister and Parasoul is the previous Skullgirl, that would make Umbrella pretty important as well. Now there's no confirmation here, all speculation indeed, but the silhouetted figure at the end of the trailer is more likely the eighth character. Hopefully she's not some overpowered v-13 (Blazblue) character or something to that extent. Either way, the story mode format seems to follow a traditional fighting style fight-by-fight mechanic with dialogue-based character interaction between fights. Who knows if it's voiced over, would be nice though.

Source: PlayStation Blog 


World Gone Sour: gameplay, details and pricing

Ever dreamed of being a tiny little Sour Patch Kid or better yet, taking a journey in which the ultimate destination was a human stomach? No, us either, but apparently someone at Capcom did and they are bringing that idea to life. This new action platformer takes you on a wild adventure across tons of giant environments, rescuing other lost Sour Patch Kids while battling crazy candy enemies. The new gameplay trailer is slap full of tasty tidbits, showing off what looks like a well made game. This sweet treat will be rolling out the package this spring for 400 MSP. But if you can't wait, you can pick it up on PC now, for the low low price of $4.99.

Thanks to @lifelower for the video link.


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?: Special Editions first look at in game footage

Following the announcement of a November 23 release date for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Special Editions, DoubleSix have now released a trailer showing the game in action. The popular quiz is set to be supported on XBLA with a series of DLC question packs and two have already been announced for day one release; a movie question pack add-on and a South Park themed question pack featuring the characters from the show. No pricing structure has been revealed as yet.


Orcs Must Die! New launch trailer and live gameplay broadcast

To celebrate the release of Orcs Must Die! on October 5, Robot Entertainment have released a new launch trailer set to the tune of "Hall of the Mountain King" by Apocalyptica. But if you're real quick, you can catch a live gameplay stream over here starting any second now!

Orcs Must Die! is an action tower defence game that challenges players to defend fortresses under siege with a wide variety of traps and weapons. It is available now on Xbox Live Marketplace for 1200 MSP.

Source: Twitter


Clunk shows his stuff in new Awesomenauts trailer

Ronimo Games has released a new Awesomenauts trailer showcasing Clunk, the latest character to join the cast of their upcoming side-scrolling MOBA title. Clunk is a hefty robot who enjoys spending his time shooting missiles, biting people, causing explosions and taking long walks through enemy territory. You can observe Clunk at work for yourself by watching the video above. If you're interested in seeing some of Awesomenauts' other characters in action, just click here to get a look at some of our previous Awesomenauts coverage.

Awesomenauts is scheduled to launch this year but a solid release date and pricing information have yet to be revealed. Stay tuned to XBLAFans for that news and more as it breaks!


New Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection trailer released

A new trailer for Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection has been uploaded for your enjoyment. The kollection bundles all 3 of the classic arcade games: Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat 2, and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. While Ultimate MKIII has been on XBLA before, this is the first time for the original and its sequel. You can download the package from tomorrow August 31 on XBLA for just 800 MS points.

Sources: IGN via Joystiq

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