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Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 review (Xbox One)

Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 was developed and published by Halfbrick Studios. It was released on March 17, 2015 for $14.99. A copy was provided by Halfbrick Studios for review purposes.

Fruit Ninja Kinect 2

Who knew fruit could be so fun? Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 is the follow-up to the popular Fruit Ninja Kinect on Xbox 360. As an avid Xbox 360 Kinect user experienced with games such as The Gunstringer and Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, I was used to the usage and limitations on the last-gen device. Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 was my first Xbox One Kinect-only game (Blue Estate being my first Xbox One Kinect-optional game), so I was eager to experience it.

The gameplay is very simple. Slice, dice, chop and cut up fruit to gain high scores. Along the way, different obstacles will attempt to impede your path to success. With the power of Kinect, players will feel like they are in the moment on screen and look good in the process. But can such a simple concept carry a second game in this franchise?

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What we are playing: March 4

What we are playing is a weekly column that appears each weekend. Various staff members let the world know what games had them hooked the past week and which ones they look forward to.

John Laster – I played [redacted] and saw [redacted]. It's going to be an incredible year
for XBLA Fans. Oh and Mutant Blobs Attack on Vita is amazing. I also had the awesome opportunity to see some of the amazing stuff Signal Studios has in the works, and I had a blast playing through the first half of Haunted Temple Studio's upcoming game Skulls of the Shogun.

Ross Adams – All SSX for me at the moment, got it on Thursday and have been playing it non stop. Controls excellently and all the RiderNet/Leaderboard implementation it amazing, makes it super addictive.

Shawn Saris – After playing a mind blowing amount of Final Fantasy XIII-2, I am now working on Binary Domain. Aside from that I am just keeping myself distracted with Forza Motorsport 4 and Battlefield 3 until Mass Effect 3 makes its way into my Xbox.

Todd Pantier – I made a mad dash through Mass Effect this week and am working on making a similar run through Mass Effect 2 in prep for Tuesday. Bet you can guess what my post is going to look like next week…

Christine Mitchell – I've been finishing up my final Mass Effect 2 run along with the Arrival DLC for the first time. I also played some Beyond Good & Evil HD while waiting on Mass Effect 3. I'm sort of enjoying it but having to battle with some terrible camera angles.

Ryan Reynolds – I spent most of my gaming time this week prepping for Mass Effect 3 with my Mass Effect 2 playthrough, but also enjoyed some Kinect Adventures and Fruit Ninja Kinect with my little sister. I've also been chipping away at The Gunstringer and got a few rounds of Gears of War 3 in as well.

Nick Santangelo – I started the week off by wrapping up Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning on Sunday. The ending was a bit weak, but I absolutely loved the game, possibly even more than Skyrim. Speaking of which, it was back to Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim after clearing Reckoning. It's only taken me about four months and 80 hours of gameplay, but I'm finally closing in on the end of the main quest. Hopefully I can get through it before Mass Effect 3 launches on Tuesday.

Craig Hart – I started the week off by finally trying out WWE '12. The gameplay mechanics are greatly improved, but the RTWM is still boring and repetitive. After a few days of WWE '12, I moved on to SSX. The beloved franchise returned after being dormant for almost five years. I enjoyed the solo World Tour mode, but the online competition is what makes the game incredibly addictive. Competing against your friends online and racking up credits is extremely satisfying. I only wish that EA included a split-screen mode.

Matt Liparota – Not too much gaming for me this week, I'm afraid. I did play a bit of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and I dusted off Brutal Legend for a bit, but I'm really just gearing up for Mass Effect 3. That game cannot get here soon enough.


Kinect with three games on sale now for $99 at Amazon

Everyone say it along with me: "Xbox, bundle Kinect with free games!" Look, it worked! Nice work, everyone. As seen in the link, Amazon is currently selling Microsoft's motion-sensing Kinect bundled with three games for $99 USD. Buyers will get a copy of Kinect Adventures along with redeemable codes for XBLA titles The Gunstringer and Fruit Ninja Kinect. Acquiring the hardware and software trio would regularly set gamers back around $145 USD.

No end date is listed for the sale, so it's probably a good idea to jump on it quickly if you're interested in essentially getting two games for free with a Kinect purchase.

Source: Amazon


The Gunstringer packs a Fruit Ninja

Twisted Pixel makes a great XBLA game, but The Gunstringer will be their first foray into retail. The title will be released September 13, 2011 for $40 USD. It will launched with a free DLC titled The Wavy Tube Man Chronicles, in which you fight the son of Wavy Tube Man as he uses a time machine to save his father from death. Pre-ordering the game from select retailers also gives you two tokens for a free avatar prop.

So, why are we posting this here? Simply put the game will be bundled with a code to download the Xbox Live Arcade game Fruit Ninja Kinect. Two great looking Kinect games, plus a handful of goodies, all for a budget-title price sounds like a great deal. We may have to quit playing XBLA to actually buy a retail game for once.

Source: Joystiq


The Gunstringer goes retail; here's why

Very recently news broke on The Gunstringer's shift to retail distribution and little was known why Twisted Pixel suddenly changed their focus. A recent blog post on their home site explains what happened and what fans of Twisted Pixel, Kinect, or even just The Gunstringer can expect to be provided with the beefier release. Apparently the beloved development studio was approached by Microsoft with a proposition: go retail and get more time for polish and content. If Comic Jumper was any indicator, Twisted Pixel loves to stuff their game with references and art and other interesting tidbits for their followers and everyone else that plays their games. The team had this to say about their goals regarding the switch to retail:

  • – We have more time to make the game super awesome and amazingly polished!
  • – We have way more space on the disc to cram with unlockables and extra content. Our development servers have already been straining to keep the massive influx of content in one place!
  • – You can pre-order it and have it delievered to your house or work desk, which may even be quicker than you downloading gigabytes of game once you get home!
  • – You can use the money in your Xbox wallet to buy Ms. Splosion Man!

So there's plenty to look forward with The Gunstringer going retail, though we'll miss its XBLA-goodness. However, the team mentions that "for most of this time, we haven’t been making a “Kinect” game or a “XBLA” game, we’ve just been making the most awesome game that we could in the time we had", so perhaps retail was in the back of their minds all along. Either way, we've still go Ms. Splosionman to look forward to and we'll wish The Gunstringer well as it rides off into the sunset of retail.


Breaking news: The Gunstringer shifts from XBLA to retail

In a surprise move Twisted Pixel Games has decided to take The Gunstringer to stores. No word yet as to why the switch happened, but if we had to speculate we'd say it's because it's a Kinect title that actually looks fun, thus Microsoft want it at the storefr – err, forefront. Let's face it, as much as we love Xbox Live Arcade there are still lots of folks who don't, the majority of gamers aren't hardcore. Many are casual gamers who have their 360's in the living room for family gaming. And even though we're saddened by the news we can't say we blame Microsoft or Twisted Pixel in any way. Odds are the game will do much better at retail where your everyday consumer will see it on a shelf.

Source: Destructoid


The Gunstringer to offer MST3K-esque commentary

The list of games with audio commentary is quite a short one, mostly filled with Valve titles and games whose development processes were particularly public. Twisted Pixel is looking to contribute to that list with their upcoming game The Gunstringer, promising something a little different than the conventional method. They took inspiration from both Mystery Science Theater 3000 and an online playthrough of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) with an admittedly colorful commentary.

Delivered through purchase with in-game currency, The Gunstringer will offer developer commentary as well as contributions by "special friends" much like the best Rifftrax. Twisted Pixel isn't making any particular promises as to who these guests might be yet, but their penchant for creating humorous games makes a strong enough suggestion on its own.

Source: Twisted Pixel via Joystiq


Kinect sells 2.4m in Q3 of Microsoft's fiscal year

Kinect seems to be a hit. In the past three months 2.4 million units have been sold, bringing the total above 10 million. This may yet prove that the hands-free (or is it hands on?) gaming device is more than just a fad, unlike poor R.O.B., who is nothing more than a collector's item. Although Kinect's launch titles left something to be desired for more avid gamers (Kinectimals anyone?) new and innovative titles such as Twisted Pixel's The Gunstringer are sure to expand the possibilities of what it can do.

Source: Microsoft via Joystiq (2) – image from Technet


Newsbits: May 4

Simply put, newsbits are things that might be important to know but that don't necessarily have a lot to write about. We still think these things are newsworthy, whether they're news, facts, or just fun articles.

  • According to individuals over at the Cheap Ass Gamer forums the GameStop codes for Marble Blast Ultra still work in regards to purchasing the game. This is likely due to the fact that GameStop already purchased these codes from Microsoft and are reselling them to consumers. Take it with a grain of salt. We're still not guaranteeing that the code will work.
  • Lloyd Kaufman, President of Troma Entertainment, joins Alex Navarro of Screened as one of multiple critics who critique the different acts of Twisted Pixel's The Gunstringer. Critics will judge the player's performance similar to how they would critique a live action play, which The Gunstringer is set around.
  • Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester recently teased to Kotaku that Magicka may be coming to Xbox Live Arcade. "I would imagine if I could look into a crystal ball early 2012, but I wouldn't put it in stone."

MetaPreview: The Gunstringer

Twisted Pixel Games' latest title, The Gunstringer, is a wild west Kinect title starring an what can only be described as an undead marionette cowboy.  It's the first real chance players have had to see what XBLA games can do for Kinect, and since its announcement back at the beginning of this month it's been wowing the press.  But with so much coverage how can anyone keep up with what's going on?  Well, fret not.  We've got the best of all the previews after the jump.

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