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New look at The Walking Dead focuses on story and choice

TellTale Games has released the second episode of "Playing Dead", the web series that takes a look at the development of the upcoming game based on Robert Kirkman's wildly popular comic book and television series, The Walking Dead. This episode focuses on the game's story which TellTale states will actually be the driving force of this episodic release. The feature also details empowering the player with choice, which fans of the series will certainly be excited to hear. Some of the decisions characters have to make in The Walking Dead source material are certainly not to be taken lightly. Facing these types of decisions as players of the game will certainly be entertaining, brutal and down right cringe worthy. It's also worth noting that throughout the video, you'll be treated to new screenshots from the game, which is due to release this spring. If you missed the first episode of Playing Dead, or if you're seeking more information on the game, simply click here.

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Telltale's The Walking Dead adaptation shambles onto Xbox Live Arcade this spring

Telltale Games is finally spreading the infectious details of their episodic horror/adventure series based on the popular comic book and television show, The Walking Dead. In episode one of the game, players will step into the shoes of a character new to the franchise during the initial outbreak and the fall of Atlanta. While Telltale has been shy thus far to discuss gameplay details, the developers are not shy in letting it be known that story will take the center stage. The development team is aiming to force players to feel the emotion of what's going on around them, and to connect to what the characters are going through. Anyone who reads The Walking Dead comics knows that this is no normal zombie fair. Speaking of the comics, fans of The Walking Dead comics and/or television show will be happy to know that several familiar faces will be making appearances in the game. Perhaps even more exciting is the fact that series creator Robert Kirkman is guiding Telltale in the development of the game, which is also being penned by Book of Eli writer Gary Whitta.

Those seeking more gritty details should check out the thirteen minute "Playing Dead" clip above. In addition to video, Telltale has also released the first three in-game screenshots of The Walking Dead in action. To view the screens, simply click the link below. While you can certainly count on plenty more coverage of the game in the near future, start making your plans for the zombie apocalypse now; The first episode of The Walking Dead is scheduled to hit Xbox Live Arcade this spring.

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Skullgirls story trailer hints at eighth character

Really, this story trailer speaks for itself. Look at it! Watch it! It's so cool!

Alright yeah there's more to this story. Many have been expecting Umbrella to be the eighth character in Skullgirls, but this trailer hints at Umbrella being a recurring story character rather than being playable (at least initially). If she is indeed Parasoul's younger sister and Parasoul is the previous Skullgirl, that would make Umbrella pretty important as well. Now there's no confirmation here, all speculation indeed, but the silhouetted figure at the end of the trailer is more likely the eighth character. Hopefully she's not some overpowered v-13 (Blazblue) character or something to that extent. Either way, the story mode format seems to follow a traditional fighting style fight-by-fight mechanic with dialogue-based character interaction between fights. Who knows if it's voiced over, would be nice though.

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DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue Story Trailer Revealed

As you may be aware, another hilarious Deathspank is coming to XBLA later this month. This sequel, known as 'DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue,' looks to promise and ensue the humor and adventure it's predecessor accomplished. If you're like me, you are on the verge of an anxiety attack caused by the excitement and anticipation. Fortunately for you and I, this newly released trailer may help pass the time OR it might actually make everything worse… in a good way. Does that make sense?

Video Transcript:

"A master craftsman created six symbols of virtue and gave them to the purist of humans. Six noble thongs to stand against evil and remake the world as it once was. The Thong of Courage, Compassion, Peace, Generosity, Cuisine, and finally the most powerful thong of them all… the Thong of Justice. Together, these men and women were known as 'The Order of the Thong.' But the thongs corrupted those who wore them turning virtues in to vices. Turning the power of the thongs against us all."

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue is set to hit the Marketplace on September 22nd for 1200 MS Points.

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