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Avatar Awards: Week of 2/19

Alan Wake's American Nightmare will be the next game to feature avatar awards. To see more XBLA-based Avatar awards, check out this link. If you want the latest Avatar Award related news as it hits the scene, be sure to follow @AvatarAwards360 on Twitter.

Upcoming games: **Awards are the same for male and female unless specified


5th Cell unveils new Hybrid details with accompanying trailer

5th Cell has come clean with new details on Hybrid, the third-person shooter which they promise will forever change the multiplayer gaming scene. After its initial unveiling last year, Hybrid immediately started turning heads with its unique control scheme, and promise to deliver an on-going real-time world war over Xbox Live in which players fight for control of territory for their faction. Since then, the game has undergone many changes, including a prominent move toward flight based movement and combat which distinguishes Hybrid from the crowd even further. The game has also undergone a major graphic overhaul, is running locked at 60 frames per second, and offers several layers of customization to players on the fly. Bear witness to the brand new trailer for the game above and get ready to engage in all out online warfare this summer when Hybrid releases.


All Zombies Must Die! review (XBLA)

All Zombies Must Die! was developed Doublesix and published by Square Enix. It was released on December 28, 2011 for 800 MSP. A copy was provided for review purposes.

Zombies, zombies, zombies. Much like orcs, robots, and other generic villains they need to die. Many a game has tossed some weapons to many a player and let them loose into the zombie apocalypse, and All Zombies Must Die! sets up in just such a fashion. While RPG elements have found their way into undead-ocide before, what about in a top down twin stick shooter? Probably happened before, actually. Looks like this game has much to prove if it intends to stand out from the rotting, vomiting, mindless crowd of lookalikes.

All Zombies Must Die! controls like most twin stick shooters and gives players a choice of four different characters to play with. Co-op partners (of which there can be up to three total locally) can pick from any remaining unlocked characters as they progress through the story, or use a basic soldier character until the characters are unlocked. Each character has a special ability which applies an effect to most unaffected zombies, a main weapon which can be upgraded via the in-game crafting system, and a secondary weapon which changes as weapons are picked up in the field. This arena style zombie shooter also incorporates RPG mechanics including leveling up stats and a simple (almost invisible) preferred weapon system. A main story arch holds the game together along with side quests and mini-quests, adding up to a decent amount of game to experience.

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Sweepstakes details reveals the value and a possible date for Shoot Many Robots

While Shoot Many Robots doesn't currently have a release date or price set, there is a sweepstakes to win the game running on their official Facebook fan page. Contest began on January 10 with participants having a chance to enter until January 24. With the next day after the contest ends being a Wednesday, will it be releasing then? Another tidbit came from inside the contest rules unveiling the unit value of the prize at 14.99 EUR which translates to 1200 MSP. Could this be a possible price? We'll update you with any news on this promising run and gun from Demiurge Studios.


Alan Wake's American Nightmare footage includes an observatory gone wrong

As the first title leading the House Party this year, Alan Wake's American Nightmare looks like a promising adventure with darkness, nail-guns and flannel. During CES coverage on SpikeTV with Geoff Keighly, Remedy showed a new level set in a observatory. We see Alan shoot nails at the Taken, avoid a car being thrown by one of the new enemy types and if you're an Alan Wake fan, the metal music near the end sounds very familiar to the Old Gods of Asgard. We also get a great interview with Remedy on the game's length and other info on the developer. Pack up on some batteries when this game hits on February 15.

Source: Gametrailers


Shoot Many Robots shows many renders in this new video

Demiurge Studios is hard at work on the upcoming run and gun side-scroller Shoot Many Robots for release later this year. That doesn't mean we won't know what went into the development process because they made a video showing off some cool tools. Check out the video above to see all the different renders the game went through in the development process. We'll keep you updated on its release as it's likely we'll be shooting a lot of robots sometime later this year.


XBLA Wednesday: December 28

Hope everyone had some great holidays over the past week but we only have one new title to talk about today. All Zombies Must Die! which looks like a great action game with plenty of zombies to kill will set you back 800 MSP. But no fear, make sure to catch our site for any of the Daily Deals and this week's Deal of the Week. There's a lot of XBLA playing to be had before the year ends.


Renegade Ops getting frosty with new Coldstrike campaign and Vehicle DLC

We posted a rumor that Renegade Ops would be seeing some DLC in the near future and it looks like that turned out to be true. Sega announced today that we'll be seeing two new DLC packs on December 21 with one for campaign and new vehicles for the other one. In the new Coldstrike campaign, you'll be facing off against a new villain with three new levels and new enemy types to destroy. It'll set you back 400 MSP on its release. The new Vehicle Pack DLC will add two new heroes with Crystal using a large-force field and custom armor while Blazemo has an off-road terrain vehicle that's great against multiple terrains so nothing stands in your path to destruction. It'll set you back 240 MSP for both heroes and catch some new screenshots after the break of the arctic explosions.
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Fight Till Dawn in this new developer diary for Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Just when you think all of the news has emerged from the darkness about Alan Wake's American Nightmare but then Remedy gives us more and who are we to say no to that? IGN just put up a developer diary where CEO Matias Myllyrinne talks us through a playthrough of the new "Fight Till Dawn" Arcade mode. They show off some new weapons such as the devastating nail gun and new enemies like the Splitter that splits into multiple enemies when you shine light on them. But you can luckily catch a breather with the safe havens and collect manuscripts in order to unlock new weapons throughout the Arcade mode. You'll want to keep a flashlight handy when you're fighting until dawn with this game sometime in mid Q1 2012.


Alan Wake shares more details on his American Nightmare

The news train doesn't stop rolling on Alan Wake's American Nightmare as Xbox World Magazine had an eight-page feature on the upcoming XBLA game launching sometime in the first quarter of 2012.

The game will have an open-world structure, similar to what the original Alan Wake was going to feel like as you return to locations throughout the story. We also know the game takes place two years after the original where Alan has confined himself to the Dark Place beneath Cauldron Lake. But a new legend arrives where it's said that after Alan vanished into the woods, he became Mr. Scratch, the antagonist of the game. It's up to Alan to stop Mr. Scratch before it manifests and kills his wife, Alice. You'll also learn about the events to some of the other characters via new manuscripts, TVs and radios. The combat has also seen improvement with smarter enemy A.I. that will react to your flashlight movements. But Alan has new weapons like uzis and nailguns in order to take down the enemies. We can't wait to get our hands on a nailgun for this when it hits digital shelves next year.

Source: Xbox World via CVG

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