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XBLA Fans Monthly Calendar Update: September 2012


It’s hard to keep track of all those XBLA release dates, they often seem to spring upon you, seemingly out of nowhere, at the last minute not to mention those promised games you were looking forward to that just seem to disappear into the ether without explanation. Now with XBLA Fans new monthly update keeping track, you can start organising your MSP more effectively and schedule in some serious controller time and sick days well in advance.

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DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue Story Trailer Revealed

As you may be aware, another hilarious Deathspank is coming to XBLA later this month. This sequel, known as 'DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue,' looks to promise and ensue the humor and adventure it's predecessor accomplished. If you're like me, you are on the verge of an anxiety attack caused by the excitement and anticipation. Fortunately for you and I, this newly released trailer may help pass the time OR it might actually make everything worse… in a good way. Does that make sense?

Video Transcript:

"A master craftsman created six symbols of virtue and gave them to the purist of humans. Six noble thongs to stand against evil and remake the world as it once was. The Thong of Courage, Compassion, Peace, Generosity, Cuisine, and finally the most powerful thong of them all… the Thong of Justice. Together, these men and women were known as 'The Order of the Thong.' But the thongs corrupted those who wore them turning virtues in to vices. Turning the power of the thongs against us all."

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue is set to hit the Marketplace on September 22nd for 1200 MS Points.


XBLA Deal(s) of the Week – September 13th

Coming the week of September 13th, Xbox Live will play host to another round of XBLA discounted titles.  Here's what we have to look forward to:

BUST-A-MOVE Live! (400 MS Points)-

Classic gameplay: Fire bubbles at the bubble clusters on each stage to destroy them. It's easy to play, challenging, and fun.
Multiple game modes: Clear 135 stages in Single Player mode, play against 8 colorful opponents in CPU Battle mode, or take on the Infinity mode featuring a never-ending cluster of bubbles to destroy.
Online gameplay: Multiplayer mode offers frenetic competitive play that can be enjoyed at home or over Xbox LIVE, with or without Voice Chat.
Even more stages: Extra Packs 1 and 2 will offer an additional 270 stages for download.

Gyromancer (800 MS Points)-

Battle system: Gyromancer has a new battle system based on Bejeweled Twist. Command unique beasts to battle your foes.
Hidden treasures: Search the map for items, coins, and new beasts to fight at your side. Gain levels in battle and acquire powerful new beasts!
Deadly mage: Assume the role of Rivel, a deadly mage, as he rids Aldemona Wood of a brooding darkness!

Tower Bloxx Deluxe (400 MS Points)-

Numerous game modes including multiplayer: Play six unique and innovative game modes with three multiplayer modes, including battle and co-op play.
A builder's dream: Build out your metropolis in Grand Build City Mode and choose from powerups, tower upgrades, and more to create your masterpiece.
Avatar support: See yourself and your friends, and beat your friends on the Social Ladder that visualizes the battle for Leaderboard dominance.

Puzzle Chronicles (400 MS Points)-

Puzzle combat RPG: An active puzzle combat mechanic blends the fun and skill of puzzle games with the strategy and adventure of RPGs for a truly epic gaming experience.
Dungeon exploring: Seek out hidden treasures and equipment that only true heroes should have by battling your way through dungeons throughout the Empire.
Versus Mode battles: Challenge your friends locally or online to a puzzle battle to see who will reign supreme as the ultimate champion of the Empire.
Five mini-games: Test your puzzle skills in five mini-games to unlock items and provide even more enhanced abilities.
Persistent hero: No matter what mode you play in, Single Player, Versus, Quick Battle, or Mini-Games, your hero continues to acquire skills and experience, unleashing new ways to enjoy the game.
Loot and battle skills: Customize your hero's puzzle combat style by using mighty weapons, enchanted armor, special battle skills, and more.

So, with a good line of cheap XBLA games hitting the Marketplace in two weeks… which will you be buying?

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