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Rumor: Sonic Adventure 2 shows up on the Marketplace listing

It’s been heavily rumored and after the lackluster showing of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2, things seem to be on the rocks for Sonic. But luckily someone on NeoGAF found a Marketplace listing for an HD remaster of Sonic Adventure 2. If you remember the game correctly, it stars Sonic’s rival Shadow and completely throws away the adventuring part of the original in favour of a more classic level structure. The listing points to an October 3 release date but who’s to say if that’ll come out. That being said, Sega is looking a lot towards the digital download sphere with the HD remaster of Jet Set Radio and original games like Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit so this is looking pretty confirmed. We’ll keep you up to date on its hopefully pending release and let’s hope that Chao Garden is there.

Source: NeoGAF via Gematsu


Best of XBLA at E3 2012

Every year, E3 seems more hectic than the last. We spent five hectic days getting our eyes and hands on every XBLA game possible and we’ve picked out eighteen games that stood out from the crowd. Here is the run-down on the very best XBLA titles from E3 2012. Read the rest of this entry »


Deal of the Week: Sonic Anniversary Sale

Sonic the Hedgehog turns 21 this week and whilst he’s off down the discotheque with Tails (presumably) Microsoft are celebrating with a dedicated Deal of the Week sale on a few select XBLA games:

Sonic 4 Episode 1 – was 800 MSP, now 400 MSP
Sonic Adventure – was 800 MSP, now 400 MSP
Sonic Adventure DX Upgrade – was 400 MSP, now 200 MSP
Sonic CD – was 400 MSP, now 200 MSP

There are also a few avatar items in the sale which you can check out here. These prices are valid for Gold Members only and will be valid from today until June 25.


E3 Preview: So seven strangers walk into The Cave…

The “point and click” adventure game genre simply refuses to die. Ron Gilbert, creative mastermind behind Monkey Island, leads Double Fine‘s upcoming console-bound return to adventure games, The Cave. Gilbert isn’t redesigning the wheel here (though I wouldn’t put it past him) but The Cave definitely has everything for the contemporary adventure game fan.

The Cave is an adventure game of the 2D platform and puzzle variety wherein you guide three characters along a journey through a mysterious, question-answering cave. Seven characters — amongst them a Hillbilly, Knight, Scientist, Monk, Time Traveler, Adventurer and a set of creepy Twin children — each find themselves with a deep desire which they believe the cave can satisfy. Though they have an overt motive for venturing into the cave, Gilbert says there’s something deeper going on in The Cave. Read the rest of this entry »


E3 Hands-on: Dancing the day away with a bear and a hare in Hell Yeah!

Once upon a time, the opportunity to play it was passed over in favor of speaking at length to the man behind it. A tough decision for sure, but one for which there are no regrets. But this is E3, with all its glitz and gaudiness, its bass and babes, its bombshells and busts — both on the babes and on the press conference stages. This is the show, and Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit might just be the game coming to Xbox Live Arcade. Abstaining from experiencing firsthand at The Big Show, one of the most promising upcoming games for XBLA, simply wouldn’t do. Even waiting just a wink longer until XBLA Fans’ scheduled time with the game later in the week arrived just wouldn’t do. Read the rest of this entry »


Jet Set Radio’s full soundtrack revealed

One of the most important parts of the original Jet Set Radio was its soundtrack, and thankfully Sega has chosen to keep all of the original music completely intact. As if that wasn’t enough, the game will include the worldwide soundtrack, including every song from the original North American, European, and Japanese soundtracks. If you want to see the list of all the songs, follow the jump, and treat your ears to the musical samplings in the newest trailer.

Jet Set Radio is the highly anticipated HD remake of the Dreamcast classic. The goal of the game is to skate through every level, graffiting your tag in certain areas. Things get serious when the police come in, and will do anything in their power to stop you. The game will release in all its cell-shaded glory this summer.

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New Hell Yeah! trailer has monsters dying from trucks and dinosaurs

When one sees this new trailer for Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, you might have to double-check that you didn’t blink, in case you missed any second of the insanity. Arkedo Studios has shown the game before at PAX East but in this new trailer, we see some new environments including a wrestling arena and dinosaurs which need we say more? There’s also 18-Wheeler trucks so we’ll stop there while you enjoy. The game is looking to hit digital shelves sometime this summer.


Minecraft second most-played Xbox 360 game last week

Major Nelson has released the weekly most-played titles lists for both XBLA, XBLIG and Xbox 360 in general for the week ending May 14, and, unsurprisingly, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition continued its run of dominance. Microsoft and 4J Studios’ port of Mojang’s world-building title took the 360 charts by storm, wedging between Activision’s pet 800-pound gorillas, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops. That’s good enough for number two on the overall list, marking the first time an Arcade game has ranked so highly. Trials Evolution didn’t quite inspire as many gamers to sink time into it, but it was still popular enough to hold down the 14th spot on the list.

Minecraft of course topped the XBLA list, followed by Trials and The Walking Dead. That’s Trials Evolution, of course, but RedLynx can proudly boast of having not one but two of its games in the top ten. Trials: HD came in at number six. Recently released Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II made it into the top five at number four.

Source: Major Nelson


Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 review (XBLA)

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II was developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega. It was released May 16, 2012 for 1200 MSP. A copy was provided for review purposes.

Sonic has had a bit of a hit and miss record lately. Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I wasn’t quite as beloved as Sega hoped, yet Sonic Generations brought back that classic Sonic feeling. Episode II promises fixed physics, the addition of Tails and more Metal Sonic, all promising the potential for a return-to-form. Now it’s finally upon us, Episode II fixes some of the problems of its predecessor but not without introducing some new slogging problems along the way.
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Double Fine’s Ron Gilbert and Sega bringing The Cave to XBLA

You might have thought Double Fine had forgotten about XBLA, with their Kickstarter fame all we’ve heard XBLA-wise is rumblings of new Iron Brigade content. Now Sega is publishing their brand new game entitled The Cave, conceived by Maniac Mansion creator Ron Gilbert. It’s an adventure game with puzzle and platforming elements but not in a traditional sense and more Metroidvania-style exploration. You’ll assemble a crack team of spelunkers each with different abilities and personalities. You can switch between any of the three characters on the fly or use 3-player local co-op. The characters include a scientist, a knight and a hillbilly…because why not? Ron Gilbert had this to say about The Cave:

“The concept of The Cave has been bouncing around in my head for many, many years, and then the little voices that tell me to do things said it was time to make the game,” added Ron Gilbert. “I’m thrilled to be working with amazingly talented folks at Double Fine and ecstatic that the team at SEGA believes in adventure games and quirky ideas.

Catch some screenshots after the jump, the game will be out some time in 2013.
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