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Awesome avatar awards: Week of 5/29

We're starting yet another feature here at XBLAFans that will showcase any newly announced Xbox Live Arcade-based avatar awards from are friends over at AvatarAwards. They're a great site that somehow gets news on avatar awards for all 360 games before they're released. Be sure to check them out if you're curious about any non-XBLA related avatar awards. For simplicity's sake and so that we don't leech from them, each of the links below will take you to their site. Remember, these are awards, so they're given out to the player by completing criteria in each game. For more detail hit up the Avatar Awards site. You can also follow them on Twitter at @AvatarAwards360.

We've got a big backlog to fill between the AvatarAwards and things that pre-date their site, so this one's a lot longer than usual. Hit the jump to see the list. Also, let us know if we missed one.

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Map packs and updates and double xp, oh my

We've got lots of news about Section 8: Prejudice that should make every fan smile. First the Overdrive map pack went live today, which you can download from Xbox Live Marketplace for 320MSP. What a lot of people didn't know the TimeGate Studios kinda just slipped in there is that from Friday at 1AM till Monday 1AM, it will be double XP time. So strap on your jet pack and get ready to drop into a experience filled weekend.
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Section 8: Prejudice gets Overdrive Map Pack

The great arcade shooter Section 8: Prejudice will be getting more awesome on June 1st with the release of its first downloadable content. The Overdrive Map Pack, as it is called, will include two new maps: crater-covered Abaddon and frozen military base Sky Dock. Both maps can be played on any game mode, online or off. The map pack will cost 320MSP. More information on the new DLC can be found on the official site.


April 2011 XBLA sales

With no NPD-style analysis of XBLA and Microsoft announcements of sales data few and far between, Gamasutra has made it a habit to do monthly analyses of leaderboard data to get some kind of grip on relative success and failure in the marketplace. April's deluge of new releases alongside a handful of sales for previously released titles meant that Gamasutra contributer Ryan Langley had a lot to parse. Read the rest of this entry »


Section 8 Prejudice Community Blowout winners

So this past weekend we had a blast playing Section 8 Prejudice with the XBLA community. We met a lot of awesome guys online and had a blast playing with TimeGate Studios. Huge thanks to Microsoft and TimeGate Studios for allowing us to participate in the event. We’ve submitted your questions, including a few we gleaned from the event itself to TimeGate.

As most of you know, we ran a contest leading up to the event and we were pleased with the responses we got, especially from our fans on Twitter. You guys kicked butt helping promote this event. Facebook fans, we hope you take this as a challenge to step it up next time!

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Contest: Section 8 Community Blowout

Join TimeGate Studios and XBLA Fans on Xbox Live as we play Section 8 Prejudice this Sunday, May 15th from 5-8PM. The developers will be online to teach you a thing or two about the game as well as answer any questions you may have. If you can’t get in on the game but have questions, don’t worry, as TimeGate Studios has graciously offered to answer questions from our readers on our site after the event. For more info on how to play with the Developers check out this post.

Not only do you have the opportunity to play online with the developers, but we will be giving away Five fantastic prize packages and four opportunities to win! We will pick our Winners Monday May 16th.

Each prize package includes the true essentials for any Section 8 Prejudice fan: a Section 8 Prejudice T-shirt, Section 8 Prejudice poster signed by the development team and a piece of framed Section 8 Prejudice concept art. A pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

Get Creative (Two Winners): We want you to show us why you are a huge Section 8 Prejudice fan. To win, do something to catch our attention. Make us truly believe you love Section 8. Draw your own art, write a cheesy poem, make a video that makes us laugh. The more creative you are the better. Email any entries to

Get Inquisitive (One Winner): We want to know what burning questions you have for TimeGate Studios. You can ask about the Section 8 Prejudice, XBLA Development, being an indie game studio or anything else you want. We will pick a random winner from the comments on this post to win and TimeGate will answer a selection of the questions.

Get Social (One Facebook Winner and One Twitter Winner): Spread the word about the game night and the contest. Make a post on facebook  or twitter tagging XBLA Fans with a link back to this post. We’re going to leave the wording up to you. Get your friends excited about Section 8 Prejudice! The only requirement is it must tag XBLA Fans (Facebook and/or Twitter) and must have a link to this post.

Examples: Facebook; Twitter



Section 8 Prejudice Community Night Blowout

Drop in on Section 8 Prejudice with the developers who made the game and the XBLA Fans Staff this Sunday from 5pm to 8pm EST. You can expect to have an awesome time mingling with both the team from TimeGate Studios and XBLA Fans. Plus, the new Assault Mode has just been unlocked.  In order to join in on the festivities, you will need to have an Xbox Live Gold Account.

TimeGate Studios:


XBLA Fans:


If you receive a game invite, get ready to Game with Developers and XBLAFans!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the team at TimeGate Studios has provided us a plethora of prizes that we will be passing along to our readers as well as an opportunity to submit your burning questions to be answered by TimeGate Studios. If you want to know how to win, you’ll need to check back tomorrow for all the juicy details.


Help unlock new mode in Section 8: Prejudice

Section 8: Prejudice developer TimeGate Studios is looking for the community's help in unlocking a new game mode. When the total number of online kills for both PC and XBLA reaches ten million, the new Assault mode will be unlocked. Once unlocked it will be available as free DLC. The new mode will feature team-versus-team gameplay where each team attempts to capture all the command points in the fastest time.  The attack round, players work together to get command points, while those on the defense round defend these bases as long as possible. The game has been receiving much critical acclaim, including a great review by our staff. For more information on the game and a look at the current death count visit the official site.


What we are playing: Week of May 1st

This is a new piece we’re starting to let our readers know what we have been playing for fun over the past week.

John Laster – I'm playing Outland, or at least I will be once I can stop staring at how pretty it is. Also big thanks to all you guys who came out and played Hydro Thunder Hurricane with us yesterday!

Steve Melton – Just finished The Da Vinci Disappearance DLC for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. Going to get back into Crazy Taxi and Rock Band 3 for a while until I can get Portal 2 on sale.

Tyler Cameron Since I'm too poor for anything good in retail right now (*sigh* one day, Mortal Kombat and Portal 2) and I'm still waiting for my wife to decide she wants to play the Gears of War 3 BETA with me, it's been all XBLA for me. I'm still enjoying Section 8: Prejudice very much, but I got back in to playing Battlefield 1943 and Hydro Thunder Hurricane. I also picked up Banjo Kazooie on sale this week, rekindling my love for old Rare games. Afting that, I plan on digging in to the beautiful looking Outland.

Kaitlyn Chantry – I'm taking a break from Dragon Age 2 to play Another World on a DOS emulator. I'm gearing up for this summer's release of From Dust by playing Chahi's 1991 masterpiece. So excellent!

Andrew Crews – This week I finally finished up the Lode Runner DLC and it was literally the worst thing I have played on the Xbox 360. I also took a few hours and played through Nin2-Jump which is a fun little game that supports a great cause. At only 400MS points, everyone should buy this game.

Ross Adams – Finished Bulletstorm and Portal 2, one was substantially better than the other. Still playing lots of Mortal Kombat but my weekend will also be filled with Outland and Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, which I finally got round to buying.

Jonathan Cole – Almost finished plowing through Section 8: Prejudice campaign mode while also spending a bit of time with the great multiplayer. Rented Mortal Kombat for the weekend and having a blast with it, despite my total worthlessness with fighting games. Finally, continuing my Dwarf Noble playthrough of Dragon Age.

Damon Filman – I've spent this week finishing up Portal 2; I'm really close to the end now and have loved everything so far. I will be ditching the Xbox briefly this weekend to play the next episode of the Back to the Future game.

James Heiger – I have been playing Catan with my friends.  Its a great way to make them not my friends anymore

John Drawdy – This week has been completely taken up by the Gears of War 3 BETA which I am loving oh so very much. I also have found a few minutes here and there for the campaign in Section 8: Prejudice, not to bad so far.


Section 8: Prejudice gets its first title update

The stellar Xbox Live Arcade shooter Section 8: Prejudice is getting its first title update. The patch addresses stability issues as well as some server-based issues. A full list can be seen after the jump. Coinciding with the update are a handful of hotfixes for the game. Ranked Swarm matches can now be played with two players, and servers will be more likely to try to keep friends of party members together when auto-balancing a game. If you haven't checked out Prejudice yet, take a look at our review of the game, then give it a spin. You won't be disappointed.

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