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Section 8: Prejudice sale and contest

To celebrate the Section 8: Prejudice sale this week, we are partnering with TimeGate Studios to give away some T-Shirts and some DLC tokens to go with the game for all you new players out there. All you have to do to in order to be entered into the drawing for a T-Shirt is tweet this phrase:

Section 8: Prejudice is on sale for just 800MSP on #XBLA! RT & you could win prizes from @TimeGateStudios & @XBLAFans #S8PSALE

**We will track entries by the #S8PSALE hashtag, so be sure to include that.**

A few random tweets will be plucked from the pool of entries and we will be in contact with those winners through a DM on Twitter sometime next week. So make sure you are following us on Twitter in order to be eligible. Follow us here: @XBLAFans

If you already bought the game and you are hoping to win some DLC tokens, those will be given away on our Twitter feed this weekend. So that’s one more reason for you to follow us on Twitter, what are you waiting for?!

If you don’t know if Section 8: Prejudice is for you, why not check out our review and see what we thought of the game. And if you want some direction on how to take advantage of this sale, check out the links below:

Section 8: Prejudice – Was 1200MSP is now 800MSP

Frontier Colonies Map Pack – Was 320MSP is now 160MSP

Overdrive Map Pack – Was 320MSP is now 160MSP

Blitz Pack – Was 240MSP is now 120MSP


Extreme Friday XBLA sale

If you thought this week's XBLA sale was big, wait until you see the special one-day only offers that were teased earlier this week in Microsoft's dashboard promotion. In addition to the massive number of games already discounted, Microsoft has added four new titles, all of which are at least 50% off. Note that these titles may not be showing up in the dashboard promotion yet, but you can follow the links below to purchase them online.

We didn't mention this in our first post about the sale, but all of the Section 8: Prejudice DLC is on sale at 160 MSP a pop (with one at 120 MSP). Check it out here.

Thanks to @lifelower for the tip.


Massive XBLA sale

Good news for XBLA Fans, as it looks like we are currently in the middle of one of the biggest Xbox Live Arcade sales, ever! There are 19 different titles on sale, as well as some DLC.  No worries though, we have all the information you need right here to take advantage of this amazing sale. So grab your controller, fire up the Xbox and jump into a new XBLA title or two or ten, the choice is yours.

Thanks to @LifeLower for the Tip


Section 8: Prejudice skirmish mode out now

Today TimeGate Studios released the new Skirmish mode for Section 8: Prejudice. The free mode plays like a team deathmatch, pitting the 8th Armored Infantry against the Arm of Orion. Points are awarded for kills and completed DMCs, but control points cannot be captured or hacked. Skirmish is the fifth game mode in Section 8, and to celebrate TimeGate will host a Game with Devs night on July 31. We'll be there too, so check out this page for more information on the event and to enter some celebratory contests. More information on the new game mode can be found on the official site.


Contest: Section 8: Prejudice game with devs night

This Sunday the XBLAFans staff will be teaming up with the fine people over at TimeGate Studios for the Game with Devs night. So get your questions ready for the TimeGate developers or the XBLAFans staff. The event will start at 5PM EST and run through 8PM EST on Sunday, July 31. Make sure you send a friend request or game invite to one of the following gamertags in order to join in on the fun: Read the rest of this entry »


Section 8: Prejudice Frontier Colonies Map Pack

More downloadable goodness will be available for Section 8: Prejudice on on July 13, 2011. The Frontier Colonies Map Pack will feature two new maps: Desolation and Overseer. The first is a dry desert, covered in the remains of a failed civilization, while the latter is a military base overlooking a forest valley. Both maps can be played on any game mode, including a new Skirmish mode. This mode will play as a team death match, but Control Points cannot be captured or hacked. This mode will be released separately from the map pack later this summer. The Frontier Colonies Map Pack will be available for 320MSP, and the Skirmish game mode will be completely free. More information can be found on the official site.


Section 8: Prejudice InfoGraphic has some big numbers

Section 8: Prejudice has not been on Xbox Live Arcade long, but it is already a hit. This is increasingly apparent in the new infographic from GameSpy, tallying all of the deaths, deployments, free falls, and loadouts that have occurred since the games release. The numbers are amazing, so it's best if you just read it for yourself.


Tribes: Ascend gets new trailer, may miss the boat to XBLA

Tribes: Ascend is going free-to-play, but may be straying away from Xbox Live Arcade. The game is set for a fall release, but Hi-Rez Studios' Todd Harris told Joystiq that they're "focused on delivering Tribes: Ascend for PC only." When asked about the original plans to bring the game to XBLA he stated that "an eventual XBLA version, and even PSN version, is not out of the question but neither will be this year." Doesn't sound overly promising, but in the meantime we have the incredibly awesome Section 8: Prejudice which more than fulfills any large scale Sci-Fi shooter needs.


Section 8: Prejudice clan tournament almost here

Recently we told you that the guys over at TimeGate Studios announced they will be holding the first of many clan tournaments on Thursday June 23. The tournament will take place from 7pm-10pm CT, sign up is open now, until Tuesday June 21st. Teams will be 8v8 and best 2 out of 3, prizes will be awarded to the winners, no announcement yet as to what they will get though. You can sign up for the tournament over at the Section 8: Prejudice forums, all you have to do is simply post your clan name and the eight participating members. So hurry up and get signed up before it's to late and prove your clan is the best of the best.


What we are playing: Week of June 5th

This is a new piece we’re starting to let our readers know what we’ve been playing the past week. This will be coming out once a week from this point and should give a little insight into what we play just for fun. Please leave a comment letting us know what games have you hooked.

John Laster – Prep work for E3 is consuming my life this week, but I did find the time to finish L.A. Noire and play a little Snoopy Flying Ace.

Perry Jackson – Really haven't been playing too much, mostly older games like Mega Man 3 but I just got back my PS3 from repairs so I'm looking forward to Infamous 2 next week as "the game I'll play while watching all the crazy E3 stuff".

James Heiger – I'm thinking about playing some Super Street Fighter 4 in preparation for the arcade edition coming out. To keep the consistency, I will play the Street Fighter 2 tribute table on Pinball FX 2 as well.

Andrew Crews – I finished up Doritos Crash Course this week as my "not fun" game. To balance out my frustrations with Doritos Crash Course, I've been relaxing with a little Gin Rummy which is a solid title that not many people know about. Check it out, it's only 400MS points!

Justin Last – I am playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood lately, but as soon as I can connect to PSN I will be spending some time with my complimentary copy of Infamous in preparation for picking up the sequel. On XBLA Commanders: Attack of the Genos is an underrated gem that's been calling to me so I will play some of that in the mornings before work this week.

John Drawdy – I have been playing Section 8: Prejudice, which I can't seem to get away from. Another non surprise is I am still playing Halo: Reach, but at least now I am having some fun and trying my hand at some awesome HORSE maps.

Steve Melton – Broke down and picked up a PS2 and Gran Turismo 4. Yeah, I know, I should be playing Gran Turismo 5. But between buying a PS2 and GT4 in 1080i on a PS2 set me back 80 bucks. That's only 20 bucks more than GT5, I can run it in HD, and I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a PS3.

Nathan Bowring – Finally picked up the DLC for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also got back into Halo: Reach to practice firefight until my friend gets a copy. Then I can finally play with someone on my skill level!

Damon Fillman – Just finished up L.A. Noire and have recently moved on to Avatar Legends. What an incredible game!  Oh yeah, and there's this little thing called E3 happening next week that we'll be covering.  Ever hear of it?

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