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Deal of the Week plus a Konami super sale

Deal of the Week is back! Ok, so it didn’t actually go anywhere but XBLA games have been curiously missing from the past few, so you’ll be pleased to hear that this week’s offer includes 4 XBLA games with a hack n slash theme. The following have 50% off the full price for gold members only:

Don’t go running off to spend your points just yet because there’s more. A special Konami sale this week also sees 50% off a whole heap of XBLA titles and includes some fairly recent releases to boot, plus this one’s for everyone:

Both offers run March 13 – 19. Happy spending folks!

Source: Major Nelson


Xbox Live Gold on sale at Amazon

Xbox Live Gold

If you've been holding out on renewing that Xbox Live Gold subscription, now might just be the time to strike, as  Gold cards are on sale at at Amazon. A year's worth of Gold will run you $35.96, or you can get three months for $18.76. Subscriptions normally go for $60 and $25 respectively, so buying now saves you a nice chunk of change – about $24 for a year (or 40 percent) and just over $6 for three months (or 25 percent).

While players can get online with a free Silver subscription, Gold membership is required to utilize most of the service's basic functions – online multiplayer, group chat, Netflix/Hulu streaming and even Facebook/Twitter apps require paid membership. So what are you waiting for? Go nab yourself a card and start playing!


ilomilo 50% off for Xbox Live Gold members

Puzzle fans rejoice, ilomilo is on sale exclusively for gold members for 400 MSP (reg. 800 MSP). The game is a puzzle platformer with gorgeous visuals and a charming soundtrack. The goal of each puzzle is to reunite Ilo and Milo. The two friends have been separated on either end of an intricate map and must work together to find the solution. Each level is littered with rewards and hidden surprises for players to find.

No end date is known for the sale, so it’s probably a good idea to jump on it quickly.  Check out our review for the title (hint: you should Buy It!).

Source: Xbox Marketplace


Xbox Live Gold on sale at Amazon and Newegg

Gamers can get their hands on one-year subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold for a reduced price right now over on Amazon and Newegg. Prices have been marked down by 40 percent from $59.99 to $35.99 USD. The barrier of entry for three-month membership has also fallen: Amazon has trimmed the price point for one-fourth of a year down to $19.16, while New Egg is asking for a scant bit more at $19.99. (Three-month cards normally retail for $24.99.)

As Joystiq points out, the one-year sale price on New Egg is limited to five cards per customer. That means that you can finally get your bum friends to play online with you, or set yourself up for the foreseeable future. Of course, that's only a route to be explored by those who like to live dangerously.

Source: Joystiq


Super Sonic sales on XBLA today

Day 9 of the 12 Days of Deals on Xbox Marketplace, sees a 60% off a whole stack of Sonic hits:

Sonic 4, Episode 1 – was 800 MSP now 320 MSP
Sonic Adventure – was 800 MSP now 320 MSP
Sonic Adventure Upgrade – was 400 MSP now 160 MSP
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – was 400 MSP now 160 MSP
Sonic the Hedgehog – was 400 MSP now 160 MSP
Sonic the Hedgehog 3 – was 400 MSP now 160 MSP

This is a one day only sale so get on them at super sonic speed.


Half price Street Fighter III on Xbox Live today only

Day 5 of Xbox's 12 Days of Deals promotion sees yet another XBLA fighter on offer. For one day only, Street Fighter III: Online Edition is down 50% from 1200 MSP to 600 MSP. Not sure if this one's for you? Then check out our review here. The 12 Days of Deals is set to run until January 2 with a different sale on each day.


Deadliest Warrior Legends + Joan of Arc DLC 50% off

Another daily sale from Xbox Live! Today you can pick up Deadliest Warrior: Legends for 400MSP and its Joan of Arc add-on for 120MSP, both of which are 50% off their original prices. If you enjoy a good fighter, be sure to pick this up before the end of the day or run the risk paying full price tomorrow. There's still eight more days of sales to go, so keep your eyes peeled for more great deals.

Source: Major Nelson


Ubisoft sneaks in some amazing deals

Without word of it happening or reason why they have done it, many of Ubisoft's XBLA offerings are on sale right now. We of course have no complaints about this and want to pass the savings on to you our readers. Here is the unofficial list of games on sale, as well as our reviews for several of them.

Beyond Good & Evil HD – was 800 MSP / now 400 MSP (50% off) our review
Bloody Good Time – was 800 MSP / now 400 MSP (50% OFF)
From Dust – was 1200 / now 800 MSP (33% off)our review
Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes – was 1200 MSP / now 600 MSP (50% off) our review
Outland – was 800 MSP / now 400 MSP (50% off) our review
Panzer General: Allied Assault – was 400 MSP / now 200 MSP (50% off)
VooDoo Dice – was 400 MSP / now 200 MSP (50% off)
Zeit² – was 800 MSP / now 400 MSP (50% off) our review

Source: Cheap Ass Gamer


Non XBLA PSA: Halo Anniversary for USD $30

Update: While the NewEgg deal says expired, it is still valid. Also, Amazon is offering a similar deal $40 for Halo Anniversary with $10 Amazon gift card.

It's not exactly XBLA news, but Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary will be out November 15. If you're willing to wait a few days for shipping has a preorder for USD $30 (normally $40). When you consider that the multiplayer map pack alone will likely be 1200 MSP when it gets released to everyone it's a great value. We also checked with GameStop. They'll be taking in trades on Anniversary for USD $18 initially, meaning that if you just wanted the map pack you'll have picked it up for roughly 960 MSP. It's quite the deal, and unlike so many console bundles, this deal isn't a wallet breaker. We highly suggest picking it up, especially if you've never played through the original Halo.


Half price Zombie Apocalypse and Castlevania HD

As part of a "Shocktober" promotion, Microsoft have reduced the price of Zombie Apocalypse and Castlevania HD by 50%. The Shoctober Savings is set to run from now until October 31 however it is not clear if both these spooky XBLA games will be on sale for the full duration of the promotion. Our advice is to be quick on these deals and read our reviews on Zombie Apocalypse and Castlevania HD if you dare…

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair  – was 1200 MSP, now 600MSP
Zombie Apocalypse – was 800 MSP, now 400MSP

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