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Alien Hominid HD on sale this week for 400 MSP

Fans of Castle Crashers may not be too familiar with The Behemoth’s first console outing Alien Hominid HD, but now is as good a chance as any, for it’s on sale for a mere 400 MSP from today for one week only. The game follows the adventures of an alien who crash-lands on Earth. When secret agent earthlings steal his ship, the alien goes on a grand adventure to find his ship and off this planet. Players fight off secret agents, fly UFOs, chomp down on enemies’ heads or play one of the numerous mini-games such as PDA games or Super Soviet Missile Mastar. This sale will be just in time for a temporary reactivation of leaderboard trophies. For the month of June only, The Behemoth will be awarding limited edition trophies to the top scorers of Alien Hominid HD and two of its mini-games. To win one, just be the top online leaderboard scorer in the following categories:

  • Alien Hominid HD – Main Game – Medium Difficulty – Weekly Leaderboard – (highest score)
  • PDA Games – Ranked Match – Monthly Leaderboard – (highest score)
  • Super Soviet Missile Mastar – Monthly Leaderboard – (most KM traveled)

High scores for Alien Hominid HD are verified on Mondays between 12:00pm to 2:00pm PST. For full terms and conditions head over to The Behemoth’s blog.


Deal of the Week: June 5 – June 11

It may be E3 week but here at XBLA Fan’s we’ve not forgotten about the regular stuff like Deal of the Week. This week doesn’t appear to have any sort of theme going on but does include 3 XBLA games. Firstly we have Sega Bass Fishing which has been reduced from 800 MSP to 400 MSP. Next up is Boulder Dash XL which also gets reduced to 400 MSP from 800 MSP. Lastly, Double Fine’s Kinect only Happy Action Theatre is reduced 50% from 800 MSP to 400 MSP. As always Deal of the Week is for Gold Members only.


Deal of the Week: PopCap Hits

Deal of the Week for May 29 until June 4 has been revealed and XBLA fans will be please to hear it contains a whole heap of XBLA releases from PopCap. The XBLA veterans have more than a few hits to choose from, so delve in while you have the chance at these discounted rates:

  • Plants vs. Zombies – was 1200 MSP, now 600 MSP
  • Peggle– was 800 MSP, now 400 MSP
  • Peggle Nights Content Pack (add-on)- was 400 MSP, now 200 MSP
  • Heavy Weapon – was 800 MSP, now 400 MSP
  • Feeding Frenzy – was 400 MSP, now 200 MSP
  • Feeding Frenzy 2 – was 800 MSP, now 400 MSP
  • Bejeweled Blitz LIVE – was 400 MSP, now 200 MSP
  • Bejeweled 3 – was 1200 MSP, now 600 MSP
  • Astropop – was 800 MSP, now 400 MSP
  • Zuma – was 400 MSP, now 200 MSP

As always deal of the week is for those with a Gold Membership only.


Anomaly Warzone Earth on sale

Anomaly Warzone Earth320MSP (was 800)

Anomaly is, in our humble opinion one of the finest games to be released on XBLA in recent memory. It is a fascinating twist on the tower defense genre where you take control of the attackers who must defeat the towers. Those who are yet to pick it up have a great opportunity because it is on sale for a mere 320MSP right now. We don't know why it is on sale or for how long so pick it up while you have a chance.

Source: XBL Marketplace



Deal of the Week: Ubisoft publisher special

Deal of the Week for May 22 to May 28 sees 3 top XBLA games from publisher Ubisoft discounted. First up we have the stylish Outland going for 400 MSP, which is down from 800 MSP. Next we have Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, the colourful puzzle-RPG which is also down by 50% to 600 MSP. Finally the classic action adventure game Beyond Good & Evil is down to 400 MSP from 800 MSP. As always these offers are for those with a Gold membership only.


More XBLA deals with Microsoft Publisher Sale

Now that the Arcade Next promotion is over, and Minecraft and Trials Evolution are breaking records all over the place, Microsoft seem to celebrating with a huge sale. If Deal of the Week this week looked a bit too energetic for your tastes, what with all that Kinect madness, then you might want to check out these bad boys:

The offers are part of a Microsoft Publisher sale which also includes addons and other extras for many retail games. For the full run down click the link here. The sale is expected to run from today until May 21 and is open to all.


Minecraft on sale for $15 USD today at Best Buy *EDIT* Expired

Minecraft 360

Is 1600 MSP too much for you? Residents of the United States can pick up Minecraft today for $15, the equivalent of 1200 MSP. Head on over to to procure a copy. Still unsure? Check out our review to see what we thought. Thanks to Paul for the tip.


Looks like either 1) Best Buy caught on to their mispricing of the game or 2) they are done with the sale. Hope you all got lucky enough to grab it on the cheap!


Deal of the Week: Cave Developer Special plus more

A number of XBLA games have gone on sale this week that you may not be aware of. It slipped by us yesterday, but Deal of the Week this week actually features 3 XBLA games from Japanese developers CAVE and sees 50% off their regular price. NIN2-JUMP is reduced to 200 MSP, Guwange to 400 MSP and Virtual-On OT is now 600 MSP from May 1 to May 7. Another discount to take note of is that the highly enjoyable Kinect release Haunt, has been reduced by 50% from 800 MSP down to 400 MSP. This one is not listed as a Deal of the Week but it is still a gold exclusive sale.

Finally, Hasbro Family Game Night has had each of it’s add-on games, including family favourites such as Battleships, Boggle and Connect 4 reduced by 50%. This discount is available to everyone and it’s not clear whether it’s a permanent reduction or just a temporary sale. However before you drop any points on this, bear in mind that EA recently switched off the online servers for Family Game Night, so gameplay is strictly an offline affair now.


More price drops on select XBLA titles

Today the Recently Reduced section on the dashboard was updated to add a few more permanent price reductions on a few XBLA games. Here's a list of the games that saw price drops and how much money you will be saving:

Choplifter HD – Was 1200MSP is now 800MSP / Click here for our review

Star Raiders – Was 800MSP is now 400MSP / Click here for our review

Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime – Was 800MSP is now 400MSP / Click here for our review

Blade Kitten – Was 800MSP is now 400MSP

The Undergarden – Was 400MSP is now 240MSP

The Undergarden is not listed as part of the Recently Reduced sale so no word yet on if that is a permanent price reduction. So if you were thinking of picking that game up, you might want to act quickly on that urge. Other than that, please check our available reviews before making any of these purchases as these do tend to be games for an acquired taste.


EU Easter Eggstravaganza Sale

Gamers in the EU region are being treated to a special Easter Sale just now. Some top XBLA games are featured and see a whopping 50% off the RPR:

It's not clear how long the sale will last so be quick if you want in, though we'd expect it run until Easter Monday at least. No word yet on whether other regions will be seeing similar sales this weekend but keep an eye on XBLA Fans and we'll let you know as soon as one is spotted.

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