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New screenshots show off Retro City Rampage

Ready for a glimpse at some retro insanity? Get ready, because a dozen new screenshots for Retro City Rampage dropped on Twitter late last week.

Developed by VBlank Entertainment, Retro City Rampage is a love-letter to 8-bit gaming, right down to the simplified graphics. It has a few things in common with the original Grand Theft Auto titles, including a top-down perspective and an open world for the player to explore, terrorize and complete missions in. Retro City Rampage will also pay homage to such classic as Super Mario Bros., Mega Man and The Legend of Zelda.

Retro City Rampage is scheduled to hit XLBA and other online marketplaces next month. Read the rest of this entry »


Retro City Rampage will cost 1200 MSP

It has been confirmed that the highly anticipated old-school game Retro City Rampage will release with a 1200 MSP price tag. Developer Brian Provinciano discussed why he chose that price; the market is pressured to release downloadable titles for cheap or free, thanks to the rise of iOS and Android. Despite the pressure he stands firm with his decision for a higher price, and we can't blame him. He worked on the game for eight years, and the game looks amazing to boot, so the price is very fair. Get ready to spend 1200 MSP and re-live the days of 8-bit when Retro City Rampage releases May 2012.

Source: The Verge


XBLA Fans Monthly Roundup (February 2012)

We totally missed January, but the Monthly Recap is back for February! Yaaay. There's an immense amount of news this month because for some reason February is XBLA month. There's roughly a million game announcements and DLC as well. I suggest hitting CTRL + F and searching for the copious news about your favorite game. Or games. Or just read all the news, because that's a good idea.

Beyond the "things that happened", there's also several Friday Top Fives and Most Wanted's this month as we continue to beef up our feature repertoire. Our chief feature, A Year In Review (2011) is definitely worth checking out for some insight into the fluctuations in XBLA cost versus review scores. Lastly, amongst the five podcasts is our Music Special which showcases some of the best XBLA soundtrack tunes since its inception.

Without further ado, welcome to February all over again! Read the rest of this entry »


XBLAFancast Music Special

To celebrate our recent milestone of 50 episodes, which also coincided with our one year anniversary, we decided to do something a little different. In this special episode of the XBLAFancast we focus on the music of XBLA, with some choice tracks from some of the best soundtracks XBLA has to offer. So please, sit back and enjoy the XBLAFancast music special.

Please subscribe, rate and review the podcast on iTunes. We appreciate it! Check us out on twitter (@XBLAFans) where you can win codes for games, give us feedback or just ask a question. We are also now on Stitcher, so you can stream the show on your smartphone, give it a go!


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Retro City Rampage soundtrack available for your 8-bit loving ears

Ever since the announcement of a May release, the wait for Retro City Rampage is getting harder and harder. Fortunately, you can check out the soundtrack right now on the official Bandcamp with a bunch of great contributors. You can also get an exclusive vinyl of the soundtrack but supplies are limited, so you can always settle for a digital copy for 7.99. If you want something akin to your favourite NES game, you'll find something here to love. Check out the 10 minute preview above for choice songs and some gameplay to make your hands jealous of not playing it. Catch the title May 2012 at an undisclosed price.


Retro City Rampage causing chaos this May

A game we've been reporting on for a good year without a solid release date, Retro City Rampage is finally settling its rampage down. Creator Brian Provinciano told Joystiq that it'll be releasing on digital shelves this May at an undisclosed price. However, the PC version is currently for pre-order at $14.99, suggesting the game will most likely be 1200 MSP. After working on this game for so long, Brian had this to say about what's next for Vblank Entertainment:

I've got many ideas and definitely want to do more open-world games, but right after RCR I will take a breather and work on something small and different. Hopefully something that takes maybe 8 weeks instead of 8 years."

This game still looks like the open-world love letter to retro gaming and nostalgic destruction, we can't wait until May when it's released.


Retro City Rampage teaser has big news coming in February

As the new year begun, we're expecting Retro City Rampage to grace XBLA very shortly in the new year after previous ratings shot out. A new teaser was released today, showing off new sprite animation and crazy destruction but saved the biggest news for last. At the end, Vblank Entertainment says big news is coming on February 20 2012. A possible release date will be announced? XBLA Fans will keep up to date on Brian Provinciano's retro kaleidoscope of rampage.


XBLAFans anticipated 2012 game release master list

Huge thanks to the entire team of writers who worked on this article: Christine Mitchell, Nathan Bowring, Perry Jackson, Ryan Reynolds and Todd Schlickbernd.

We’ve spent the past week searching the internet and hounding our industry contacts in an effort to compile the ultimate 2012 XBLA Game Release List. We anticipated one heck of a year for Xbox Live Arcade. So epic we couldn’t even fit everything on one page. So without further ado, check out the list:

For detailed descriptions of each of the games and videos check the links below.

XBLAFans Anticipated 2012 Releases A-B
Alan Wake’s American Nightmare
Alien Spidy
Anomaly Warzone Earth
Babel Rising
Bang Bang Racing
Battleblock Theater
Black Knight Sword
Blade Kitten: Episode 2

XBLAFans Anticipated 2012 Releases C-F
Charlie Murder
Choplifter HD
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Deep Black Episode 1 & 2
Defenders of Ardania
Diabolical Pitch
Dust: An Elysian Tail
Dungeon Fighter Live (unannounced title)

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XBLAFans Anticipated 2012 XBLA Game Releases: P-R

We’ve spent the past week searching the internet and hounding our industry contacts in an effort to compile the ultimate 2012 XBLA Game Release List. We anticipated on heck of a year for Xbox Live Arcade. So epic we couldn’t even fit everything on one page. So without further ado, check out the list:

XBLAFans Anticipated 2012 Releases A-B
XBLAFans Anticipated 2012 Releases C-F
XBLAFans Anticipated 2012 Releases G-L
XBLAFans Anticipated 2012 Releases M-O
XBLAFans Anticipated 2012 Releases P-R
XBLAFans Anticipated XBLA Game Releases S
XBLAFans Anticipated XBLA Game Releases T-Z
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XBLAFans Monthly Roundup (November 2011)

Hey guys, we're bringing you a new feature that's simple and helpful in nature, the XBLAFans Monthly Roundup! This as well as other features will be seen a lot more should all things go accordingly, and we'll even have some new ones on the way, so stay tuned because there's a lot of awesome in the works here at XBLAFans.

If it wasn't obvious by the title, this post will be your one-stop-shop to anything that happened this month with links to all our posts and excerpts where applicable. That means news, reviews, guides, features, interviews, podcasts, and even a recount of releases and sales data. Hit the jump for so many links you'll never not know something about XBLA current events again! Read the rest of this entry »

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