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Trials Fusion released its 4th DLC Fire in the Deep and now has multiplayer

Trials Fusion Fire in the Deep

Greetings everyone. Big Trials Fusion fans may already know this but for the people who might not have played recently or might have bought Trials Fusion during the sale in December and haven't started it yet, Trials Fusion has added multiplayer support to its game. Not only that, the 4th DLC, Fire in the Deep, is now available for season pass holders or individual purchase. Six DLCs have been planned for the season pass which will culminate by March 2015. Fire in the Deep marks the 4th content that has been released.

Multiplayer detail:

* Online X-Supercross mode: Up to eight players on Xbox One and four players on Xbox 360 compete on three random tracks with the winner being the one with the highest score.
* Private games: Players can choose which track to race on and choose different alternate settings such as gravity, bike speed and bike control.
* Spectator mode: Players can be invited in to watch the action unfold.
* Leaderboards: Global leaderboards will keep track of Online X-Supercross times earned from its players.

Details are heating up, check out the details for Fire in the Deep after the jump.
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Trials Fusion: Empire of the Sky DLC releases today


Today marks the launch of Empire of the Sky, the second of six DLC packs for Trials Fusion. This DLC pack is free for players that own the season pass but for those that don't the season pass the pack can be bought for $4.99. Empire of the Sky brings with it nine new tracks, 18 new challenges, secret features, new track editor objects, and five new achievements. The nine new tracks feature six classic tracks, one skill game, one FMX, and one Supercross track. The new track editor objects keep with the theme of a city in the sky with new objects like floating platforms and anti-gravity technology. With how different the two DLC packs have been so far we look forward to seeing what RedLynx has in store for us with the remaining four packs.

Source: Here is the City


First Trials Fusion DLC coming July 29


On July 29th the first Trials Fusion DLC, Riders of the Rustlands, will be released for the $4.99 or will be free for those with the season pass, which costs $20. There will be six DLC packs by May 2015 so if you plan on playing Trials Fusion for some time in the future then the season pass is the way to go. Riders of the Rustlands will add five new achievements, 10 new tracks, 18 new track challenges, and dozens of new editor objects. A more complete list of what is featured can be seen below. The second DLC pack, Empire of the Sky, was also briefly mentioned but all that is known is that it will release sometime this summer.

There was also an interview done with RedLynx co-founder, Antti Ilvessuo, that revealed some new insight into both the DLC and the future of Trial Fusion. The future sounds quite promising for fans especially the way Antti Ilvessuo described it, "There are many other free features after those too – things we haven’t talked about but are on the roadmap. We are dedicated to the model of continuously expanding and improving the game with new features that will make the game even greater. This is the long-term plan." There were also hints about future DLC packs, "Yes, we are planning to take the world of Trials Fusion to places that no Trials game has gone before – into the clouds, under the sea and even deep underground."

Source: Ubiblog

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Trials Fusion requires day one patch on Xbox One


Time to rev up your engines and prepare for a challenge: Trials Fusion released today on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Anyone who picks up the Xbox One version will also be required to download a day one patch. The fix is aimed at improving the game's resolution; pre-patch the game runs at 800p at 60 frames per second, and after the download the resolution will be upgraded to 900p. If stunt jumps and crash landings are your thing, you can pick up Trials Fusion now for $19.99 on the console of your choosing.

Source: Eurogamer


Officer Ray disaproves of this new Trials Fusion trailer

The much-anticipated Trials Fusion is set to launch in less than two weeks and as such Ubisoft have released a brand new promotional trailer featuring a disapproving Officer Ray played by Erik Estrada. The follow up to the hugely successful Trials and Trials: Evolution will release on April 16 on both Xbox One and XBLA. It’s the first of the series to reach next-gen platforms, but Trials Fusion promises to build on and enhance the vital features from the best-selling games with new tricks in a brand new Trials world with unique new social features.


New Trials Fusion gameplay trailer with release date and price; season pass spotted

Today, Ubisoft released a new gameplay trailer for their highly anticipated Trials Fusion from developer RedLynx. The "Ride On" gameplay trailer details the stunningly gorgeous new vistas you'll power through, from futuristic utopias to clouded canyons to tropical paradises. At the end of the trailer, the release date was announced for April 16, 2014, with a price of $19.99 across all platforms, including Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, and PS4.

Trials Fusion is the next entry into RedLynx's highly successful Trials franchise, following Trials HD and Trials Evolution. The game tasks its player to navigate a dirtbiker through a series of obstacles on a two-dimensional plane based on a highly focused and technical physics engine. This sequel promises even bigger thrills than its predecessors with the addition of tricks. Trials Fusion made our top games of 2014 to look out for and is fellow staffer Marshall Britt's most anticipated game of the year.

Additionally, fellow XBLA watchdog @lifelower discovered that a retail version of Trials Fusion for Xbox One and PS4 has hit the Amazon marketplace for preorder. The retail edition is priced at $39.99, but includes a season pass, consisting of "six downloadable content packs, and each of the six DLC packs includes a new Career Mode Event and Tracks and new items for the Track Editor." It is assumed that the season pass will be $20 on the Xbox Games Store.


XBLA Fans' most anticipated games of 2014


Last week, you may have caught our five-part feature looking ahead at as many XBLA games and their Xbox One brethren as we could possibly cram into one week's worth of articles. If you missed it, go ahead and check it out right now. Start here.

All done with that? Great. Now you know what's coming. What you may not know, however, is which of those games you should be looking forward to the most. Don't worry — XBLA Fans has you covered. Read on to find out what upcoming XBLA and Xbox One games select members of our team are most looking forward to getting their hands on. Once you're done, let us know which ones you're most excited for in the comments section. We're asking you to read through our many thoughts on the big releases ahead, so we figure the least we can do in return is to read yours as well.



Strider XBLA

Ryan Thompson, Contributor — When Capcom first announced that it was releasing a modern Strider title, my first thought was to listen to a track by game composer Jake Kaufman entitled “Dracula Man X2 Alpha Turbo.” Kaufman was clearly having fun when he created the track, giving one potential answer to what the Castlevania franchise’s music would sound like if Capcom had developed it instead of Konami. With the imminent release of Strider on the 18th of February, Capcom is poised to give something of an official answer to the same question Kaufman must have asked himself — what would Castlevania be like if Capcom released it instead?

First of all, it would have the same level of polish as the best of Capcom’s 2D games, with controls that never fail, leaving players without excuses for failure in the tradition of both the original Strider for NES and the more famous Mega Man games. Second, it appears that, judging by the trailer, there would be more emphasis on combat and slightly less on exploration, though that might be just the frantic flow of activity in a short video speaking. Finally, as Kaufman hints in his tribute, this game would come with a soundtrack worthy of the rest of Capcom’s 2D oeuvre.

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The Xbox games of 2014: Part V


We're late, and it seems that's become somewhat of a trend for us lately. Our Game of the Year awards weren't doled out until January, and now our look forward at the XBLA and Xbox One XBLA-type games of 2014 is just making its way to you now in February. You were on your own when it came to planning out January's releases, but now it's time for our annual look ahead at the top downloadable games likely to arrive on an Xbox platform during the (remainder of) the year ahead. Read on to find out what you can expect out of Xbox over the next (not quite) 365.

Trials Fusion

Developer: RedLynx

First announced by Ubisoft at E3 2013 and heading to Xbox One and XBLA at an unannounced future date, Trials Fusion is the next game in RedLynx's physics-based motorcycle racing series that found no small measure of success on Xbox Live Arcade. The first XBLA take on the series, Trials HD was extremely popular due to the fierce competition it inspired among players to hit the best runs on each of its 50 courses. That was nothing. RedLynx followed it up with Trials Evolution, which added an in-depth track editor and turned the franchise into a true obsession for its many fans.

With Trials Fusion's announcement trailer showing off player failure, it's evident that RedLynx once again intends to scratch the competitive itch inside gamers as vehemently as motorcycle tires scratching the dirt of a Trials course.

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Trials Tuesday – Episode 16

Full Disclosure: RedLynx now sponsors Trials Tuesday each week, allowing us to bring you even more tracks in a new cleaner format.

Today it's all about randomness. Aside from the one RedLynx pick featured every track was found today, and all in one play session. It's proof positive that no matter when you sign into Trials Evolution you'll always be able to find some great tracks to go for a ride on.

To download these tracks enter Track Central, select Get Tracks, then press X to search. Enter the gamertag in the video to find the track. Be aware that the search is case-sensitive. Our videos also assume that you own Trials Evolution (obviously) and the Origin of Pain and Riders of Doom expansion packs. If you haven't picked them up be sure to head over to to grab them. You won't be disappointed.


Trials Tuesday – Episode 15

Full Disclosure: RedLynx now sponsors Trials Tuesday each week, allowing us to bring you even more tracks in a new cleaner format.

Apologies. Looks like this didn't auto-post yesterday as it should have.

Holy cow! Trials Fusion? That's awesome.

Yep, if you were marooned on an island during E3 you probably don't know about Trials Fusion, the next major installment in the Trials series, coming to Xbox 360 and Xbox One, among other platforms. This week we forgo level commentary to focus on what's important: our wishlist for Trials Fusion. Extra special thanks to the Trials community this week as we borrowed some videos due to technical issues. No skill games or supercross this week, but the tracks showcased are gorgeous and fit all skill levels, so tune in.

To download these tracks enter Track Central, select Get Tracks, then press X to search. Enter the gamertag in the video to find the track. Be aware that the search is case-sensitive. Our videos also assume that you own Trials Evolution (obviously) and the Origin of Pain and Riders of Doom expansion packs. If you haven't picked them up be sure to head over to to grab them. You won't be disappointed.

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