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Save on Xbox Live Arcade with the Back to School Sale

Back to School Sale

Microsoft is taking some of the sting out of the returning school season by offering up a ton of great Xbox Live Arcade content at deeply discounted prices. Starting today, you can score some hefty deals through the Back to School Sale, which halves and quarters the price tags of over two dozen titles until next Monday, September 9. Snag your favorites from the list below, but remember these titles may vary and might not be representative of your region.

I Am Live – $7.49 (50% off)
Motocross Madness – $4.99 (50% off)
Jeremy McGrath's Offroad – $4.99 (50% off)
Hydro Thunder Hurricane – $7.49 (50% off)
Naughty Bear – $7.49 (50% off)
Karateka – $2.49 (50% off)
Awesomenauts – $4.99  (50% off) – XBLA Fans' Official Strategy Guide
Sacred Citadel – $7.49 (50% off)
Monaco – $7.49 (50% off)
Rayman 3 HD – $4.99 (50% off)
Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game – $4.99 (50% off)
Beyond Good & Evil HD – $4.99 (50% off)
Perfect Dark – $4.99 (50% off)
Serious Sam Double D XXL – $4.99 (50% off)
Blacklight: Tango Down – $2.49 (50% off)
Swarm – $2.49 (50% off)
Quarrel – $2.49 (50% off)
Puzzle Quest – $4.99 (50% off)
From Dust – $7.49 – (50% off)
Dungeon Defenders – $7.49 (50% off)
Toy Soldiers: Cold War – $7.49 (50% off)
Mercury Hg – $2.49 (50% off)
Mercury Hg – Rare Earth Elements DLC – $1.49 (50% off)
Mercury Hg – Heavy Elements DLC – $1.49 (50% off)

Rocket Knight – $3.74 (75% off)
Hard Corps: Uprising – $3.74 (75% off)
Castlevania: Harmony of Despair – $3.74 (75% off)
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – $2.49 (75% off)

To check out more about each game, hit the title link. If you've already made up your mind about a must-have addition to your digital gaming library, you can go directly to the purchase page by clicking the discount link. Happy hunting.


XBLA price drops, sales and releases include Rotastic, Walking Dead, and Terraria


Major Nelson has announced on his blog some new titles and valuable sales coming up in the next few weeks, some of which start now! The Walking Dead is among the deals, with the first episode being offered for free and all other episodes going for 200 MSP each. That’s $10 USD total for the complete package, a must-buy if you haven’t already picked up all of the episodes.

Tomorrow, you can get your 2D building on in Terraria for 1200 MSP. Next Wednesday sees the launch of the long-awaited Battleblock Theater, plus the release of Double Dragon II on Friday. We also noticed that Rotastic and Tour de France have been permanently reduced to 400 MSP each. And starting April 2nd, here is a list of all the XBLA games going on sale:

Quarrel 2-Apr to 8-Apr 200 (50% off)
Mercury 200 (50% off)
Swarm 200 (50% off)
Pool Nation 400 (50% off)
Axel & Pixel 400 (50% off)
Retro City Rampage 600 (50% off)
Puzzle Arcade 400 (50% off)
Winterbottom 400 (50% off)
Wreckateer 320 (60% off)

Source: Major Nelson


Deal of the Week and more: October 9 – October 15

Another busy week of XBLA sales sees Toy Soldiers and Toy Soldiers: Cold War along with their various add-ons being discounted in this week’s Deal of the Week. Those are joined by A World of Keflings, Renegade Ops and The Splatters for this week’s Gold exclusive offers:

Toy Soldiers: Cold War – 600 MSP
Toy Soldiers: Cold War – Napalm (DLC) 200 MSP
Toy Soldiers: Cold War – Evil Empire (DLC) – 200 MSP
Toy Soldiers – 400 MSP
Toy Soldiers – Invasion! (DLC) – 200 MSP
Toy Soldiers – The Kaiser’s Battle (DLC) – 200 MSP
A World of Keflings – 400 MSP
Renegade Ops – 600 MSP
The Splatters – 400 MSP

There’s also a bonus Kinect special offer available for all membership levels, with Mini Ninjas Adventures down to 400 MSP, and that's not all, Double Fine are having a mega sale this week:

Costume Quest – 600 MSP
Grubbibns on Ice (DLC) – 200 MSP
Stacking – 600 MSP
The Lost Hobo King (DLC) – 200 MSP
Iron Brigade – 400 MSP
Rise of the Martian Bear (DLC) – 200 MSP
Happy Action Theater – 400 MSP

Finally if you’re in an area with the Sales & Specials app, then this week’s losing offers are Quarrel, Swarm and Mercury HG all half price at a super low price of 200 MSP.


Contest: Social Media Celebration!

To celebrate our recent triumph of 5,000 followers on Twitter and 1,000 Likes on Facebook, we are going to hold a contest for the next week that allows you three more chances to win a few cool things. What you will first need to do to enter is go here and download Doritos Crash Course. Don't worry, it's a free download. Next you will have to get very familiar with level 5 in the USA zone named "Nothing But Air". The fastest time on that level will win first prize in this contest, the second fastest time will win second prize and one random entry will be selected as the third prize winner.

The prizes are as follows: Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Quarrel and a Minecraft Minecon cape for your Xbox LIVE avatar.

Here is how the prizes will work: The first prize winner will get their choice of any of those three prizes. The second prize winner will get their choice of the two remaining prizes and the third prize winner will get the last remaining prize after the other two prizes have been claimed.

Here is how you enter: Set a fast time and tweet us a picture on Twitter (@XBLAFans) showing your gamertag and your time for USA level 5. And also be sure to use the hashtag #XBLACC so we can easily track the entries. You will be able to access the screen that displays your fastest time and gamertag by browsing through the individual level leaderboards from the main menu. If you improve your time, feel free to tweet us again. But remember that only your fastest time will count. If you tweet us a faster time we will delete your old time and replace it with the faster one. So keep trying to improve that time! If you can't set the fastest of times, don't worry. Remember that one random entry will be chosen for third prize in order to give everybody a chance even if they aren't the greatest player. We really just want you all to have fun competing at the best of your abilities.

The contest will end on Friday, March 9th at 3:00PM EST. So be sure to send your tweets with your highest score before that deadline! Good luck everyone :)


What we are playing: February 5

What we are playing is a weekly column that appears each weekend. Various staff members let the world know what games had them hooked the past week and which ones they look forward to.

Steve Melton – Beat Spider-Man: Edge of Time. It was good, but not as good as Shattered Dimensions was. Still playing Hydro Thunder Hurricane (as always) and downloaded the Rise of the Martian Bear DLC for Iron Brigade.

Todd Pantier – My Final Fantasy XIII-2 time has rivaled the time spent at my full time job this week. The game is awesome and way better than Final Fantasy XIII although I loved it too. During the very little time I was gaming away from FF XIII-2, I played the Iron Brigade's Rise of the Martian Bear and sneaked a few games of Gears of War 3 multiplayer in there too.

Perry Jackson – My Pac-Man Championship Edition DX addiction came back and it's becoming a problem. I might have to see someone.

Ryan Reynolds – My mainstay this week has been the new Rise of the Martian Bear DLC for Iron Brigade. Looking forward to writing my review. I also got to dive into the DOTA 2 beta. I'm extremely interested in MOBA games, but I seem to suck at them. I've also been playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Gears of War 3 with friends here & there.

Christine Mitchell – Got myself addicted to Quarrel this week. Turns out I can only make 4-letter words when under pressure! I also started what will probably be my final playthrough of Mass Effect 2 before 3 comes out. Playing as a Sentinel this time.

John Drawdy – This week I was without internet for most of the week, so many of my XBLA games were in trial mode only (stupid DRM). Out of what I could play I decided this week would be all about Heavy Weapon, glad I finally got around to playing though that.

Nathan Bowring – Dove back into Batman: Arkham City in an attempt to find all of the riddles. Out of every villain in the game, The Riddler is by far the most sadistic. There's no way I can hit all those buttons in four seconds!

Matt Liparota – Another light week for me, as the real world rears its ugly head again. I spent some time wrapping up the DLC for L.A. Noire and kicked it old school with the original Gears of War. But, as always, I'm still plodding my way through Skyward Sword on the Wii.


XBLAFancast Episode 47 – The UNO Diaries

Andrew returns this week for a bumper episode, lots of games and news to talk about and we even debut another new segment!

We kick things off talking about last week's releases of Quarrel and Puddle, unlike some other weeks we've actually played enough of these to have an informed discussion!

Perry of course brings all the big news stories, for the full posts of those check below for links.

For this week's Todd Talk, Todd has some feelings on The Behemoth's recent statement that they're going back to the drawing board with Battleblock Theatre.

Finally, we debut Community Corner, in which Andrew grabs some twitter questions from you guys and also sets a challenge. This week he wants everyone to check out Switchball and send their thoughts to us on twitter, so get to it!

Please subscribe, comment, review the podcast on iTunes and tell your friends! We appreciate it! Check us out on twitter (@XBLAFans) where you can win codes for games, give us feedback or just ask a question.

Big thanks again to Chris Green for the awesome theme music, be sure to check out his site BlurredEdge and why not follow him on twitter too @BlurredEdge.


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Disney snatches up UTV

The Walt Disney Company has acquired media corporation UTV along with its subsidiary, game publisher UTV Ignition Entertainment Ltd, according to a Eurogamer report of a story that originated from BBC News. UTV is an India-based firm that specializes in film, television, animation and gaming. Disney's cost for acquiring a controlling interest has not been made public as of this time. India's cabinet just last month approved the entertainment conglomerate's bid to pick up shares of UTV that it was not already in possession of.

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What we are playing: January 29

What we are playing is a weekly column that appears each weekend. Various staff members let the world know what games had them hooked the past week and which ones they look forward to.

Christine Mitchell – I played some Batman: Arkham City, finally got through the demon trials! Also got to play the new Kinect game Haunt for review and had a great time shouting at ghosts. Finally I got addicted to the Quarrel trial this weekend. I feel a purchase coming on

Mark Seymour – Exchanged firepower for word-power this week. Can't get enough of Quarrel.

Todd Pantier – I put a lot of time into Modern Warfare 3 this week with the new Liberation and Piazza maps but don't see myself sticking with the game for too long. In addition to MW3, I played a lot of Gears of War 3, finished what I wanted to in Trine 2, and played some cool games of Hero Academy. This week is going to be awesome with the launch of the new Iron Brigade DLC, Rise of the Martian Bear, and the launch of Final Fantasy XIII-2.

John Drawdy – This week I have been working on a few backlogged games, finally finishing
up all the Single Player achievements in Golf: Tee It Up!. I also decided to start on the Peggle Nights DLC, slowly losing my mind as I make my way through some of these challenges.

Nick Santangelo – Being sick for a couple days kept me from getting too much gaming in this week, but I was able to sink several hours into Deus Ex on Saturday. As usual, Halo: Reach also found its way into my 360 a few times.

Matt Liparota – I jumped back into Skyward Sword in a big way this week, logging something like five hours over the course of two nights (which doesn't seem like much, but when you've got a full-time job it's huge). I also found a reason to play some L.A. Noire late in the week thanks to the DLC sale on Xbox Live – $2 USD apiece for the downloadable cases was all the excuse I needed.

Ryan Reynolds – I haven't had a whole lot of time to play much of anything this week but when I have, I've been playing Gears of War 3 and Modern Warfare 3 online. Also reading Halo: Primordium when I can.


Quarrel review (XBLA)

Quarrel was developed by Denki and published by UTV Ignition Entertainment. It was released on January 25, 2012 for 400 MSP. A copy of the game was provided for review purposes.

The wildly popular word game Quarrel is finally available on the Xbox 360. We won't get into specifics as to why it took so long for the game to finally arrive on the 360. But as both a game that test your knowledge of the English dictionary and patience, Quarrel provides a unique twist on word games with its strategic gameplay. With its cheap 400 MSP price tag, it's also a steal for fans of word games.

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Quarrel's quarrel with the games industry

This week saw the XBLA release of Quarrel and while we wait to see how well it fairs with the XBLA crew, developers Denki talk about how difficult it was to get the game launched at all in their latest blog post:

“The problems only started once they’d passed Quarrel up the decision tree to their finance and marketing teams – the bit more commonly known as ‘The Industry’…However, one signal came through clearer than any other among the general noise of reasons why Quarrel wasn’t for them, and that was this: ‘Gamers don’t buy word games.’””

They also reveal how the game has been finished and ready for launch for around 2 years now, with the multiplayer XBLA version being what was originally designed. So who will win the the “Gamers vs The Industry” showdown? Denki’s money is obviously on that gamers do and will buy a word game and given the game’s success on the iPhone, it looks like they've already earned the “I told you so” rights. Quarrel was released on XBLA January 25 for 400 MSP. Why not download the trial and let us know what you think and remember to come back for our upcoming review to see what XBLAFans thought.

Source: Denki Blog

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