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Take a look at a behind the scenes video of Shiftlings

shiftlings screenshot

Greetings earthlings.

In continuation of XBLA Fans’ previous story here, Sierra has released a video featuring behind the scenes footage detailing the creation process of Shiftlings.

So how will the lovable wacky alien janitors’ survive this adventure? The world will find out on March 4. The game is available to preorder here for $14.99.

The behind the scenes video will be available below the jump.

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Shiftlings stretches onto Xbox One on March 4


Question: What is Shiftlings?

Shiftlings is a puzzle platformer set in an intergalactic reality show featuring two space custodians traveling the cosmos completing complex challenges.

Their special ability is their connection to each other via one hose. That hose allows them to pass gas instantly between them allowing for one to become massive in size and weight which lowers mobility but offers new ways to solve puzzles.

Shiftlings will offer over 50 levels across five worlds and will offer both single player and two player local or online cooperative gameplay.

All this and more coming soon on March 4.

Check out Sierra’s Orientation video for Shiftlings after the jump.
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Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty coming soon to Xbox One in March


It has been a long time since Abe and the Oddworld franchise has seen an Xbox console. In fact, it hasn’t seen a release at all on Xbox 360. Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty is a ground-up remake of the classic Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, and excited Xbox One fans won’t have to wait much longer to play this game from the classic franchise.

This is the story of a floor waxer for RuptureFarms by the name of Abe and the unlikely adventure he is about to embark on. One night, Abe overhears his boss, Molluck the Glutton’s, plans for turning Abe and other Mudokons into tasty treats to save Molluck’s empire. It’s up to Abe to save the Mudokons by escaping the dark, desolate environments known as RuptureFarms to prevent the plans from happening.

Features included are fan-requested “old school” controls, QuikSave and QuikLoad functions, as well as leaderboard options.

Look below for a launch trailer of Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty

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Funk of Titans review (Xbox One)

Funk of Titans was developed and published on Xbox One by A Crowd of Monsters. It was released on January 9, 2015 for $12.49. A copy was provided by A Crowd of Monsters for review purposes.

Funk of Titans start screen

“Cool Daddy-o!”

It’s motivational speaking at its finest, and it comes from main character Perseus, to whom Zeus has assigned the task of defeating the Music Titans. The player is sent to clear three different worlds of music consisting of Pop, Rap and Rock. At first glance of screenshots and trailers of the game, I assumed this was another traditional platformer in which the player runs and jumps and attacks on command. Nope. Funk of Titans is actually a runner-type game in which the character automatically runs, and the player commands the jumping and combat. This revelation completely changed my outlook on the game. Let’s dig into the finer details of how it did so.

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Funk of Titans grooves on to Xbox One on January 9

Funk of Titans screenshot

Time to boogie down.

Funk of Titans celebrates that funk is the music of the Gods. Zeus created funk and the people love it. However, the power balance is being shifted as the Pagan Titans are trying to takeover by using other types of music to brainwash the people. All hope isn’t lost though as Zeus sends Perseus in the name of funk to defeat all the Music Titans.

Featured in this game are more than 40 stages of side-scrolling platforming in three different worlds of music: Pop, Rap, and Rock. Perseus will use his Funk-Fu to show the Music Titans whose boss. Funk of Titans arrives on Xbox One on January 9.

If you’re lucky, you might even see a rocket stick with a horse head.

Get funky with the Funk of Titans trailer below.

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Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams – Director’s Cut review (Xbox One)

Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams – Director’s Cut was developed and published by Black Forest Games on the Xbox One. It was released on December 12, 2014 for $14.99. A copy was provided for review purposes.

Giana Open

The Giana Sisters started off in a title known as The Great Giana Sisters which was released in 1987 on the Commodore 64. The title caused many controversies as the game’s design was incredibly similar to another popular platformer released at that time, Super Mario Bros. As a result, the brand went quiet for many years. Fast forward to 2012, Black Forest Games was successfully funded by a Kickstarter campaign for a project known as Project Giana. After more time passed, Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams was released on the Xbox Live Marketplace for the Xbox 360 on March 20, 2013. Moving ahead to current times, Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams – Director’s Cut was released on the Xbox Live Marketplace for the Xbox One on December 12, 2014.

When I first got a hold of Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams – Director’s Cut, I thought to myself, this is going to be great. Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams for the Xbox 360 was a blast and I’m excited to see the new improvements and extra content that is included in the Director’s Cut. After playing through the game extensively to provide a quality review, I’m at a loss for words to describe my experience. Then I found it. Let me show you below.

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Newsbits: Early Xbox Live Arcade delisting warning and other marketplace news

XBLA Fans Newsbits

  • After Burner Climax will be delisted from the Xbox Live Marketplace on December 24, 2014. A producer of After Burner Climax, Noriyuki Shimoda, confirms via Twitter the removal of the game from distribution. The PlayStation Network is currently seeing a sale for the title and it is unknown at this time whether or not the Xbox Live Marketplace will see an equivalent sale.
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Special Editions was quietly delisted from the Xbox Live Marketplace while Deep Silver had it listed for its Deal of the Week from December 2-9. While it was sad to see it removed before the sale officially ended, at least the publisher can say the game was put on sale before removal.
  • JUJU launches on the Xbox Live Marketplace today, December 10. The game is already available now for $14.99 USD and the download size is 1.75GB. After the jump is a launch trailer for the title. Check it out to see JUJU in action.

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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams — Director’s Cut dashes to Xbox One on December 12

Gian Sisters Twisted Dreams Director's Cut

The historical origins of Giana Sisters date back to 1987 with the release of The Great Giana Sisters on the Commodore 64. Fast forward to March 20, 2013, Xbox Live Arcade saw the release of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams for $15.00 USD. For fans of the XBLA game and curious newcomers alike, Black Forest Games is introducing Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams — Director’s Cut to Xbox One users on December 12, 2014 for 14,99 € and undisclosed USD price.

What is the difference between the Xbox 360 version and Xbox One version?

More everything.

This release encompasses the original Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams as well as the add-on Rise of the Owlverlord. On top of that, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams — Director’s Cut will also contain The Christmas Levels and The Halloween Levels, which will total for 38 action filled levels in 1080p HD graphics at 60 frames per second.

Included after the jump is an early announcement trailer of the festivities coming soon.

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JUJU jumps its way to Xbox 360 on December 10

Juju pic 1

Looking for a family friendly game this season? JUJU is a classic style platformer about a small, brave Panda (Juju) and his adventure to save his father and the world from the evil clutches of Calypso. Grab a friend or family member to join in the fun as Juju’s best friend, Peyo the lizard, in local cooperative play. Developer Flying Wild Hog says the game was designed for players of all skill levels, and it features second-player jump-in/jump-out at any time.

“As gamers and parents, we created JUJU because we know how frustrating it is when a game is either too easy or too hard for one player,” JUJU Creative Director Klaudiusz Zych said in a press release. “We knew there had to be a way for two people to have fun together and both be challenged, regardless of skill-level.”

JUJU offers 40 vibrant stages of brightly animated environments for gameplay and has nine giant boss fights that will keep players on their toes. There will be secret areas, hidden levels, time challenges and hardcore mode to keep the game going after the story is first completed. JUJU will arrive on the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace on December 10, 2014.


Stick it to The Man review (Xbox One)

Stick It to The Man! was developed and published by Zoink Games. It was released August 28, 2014 on Xbox One and Xbox 360 for $9.99. An Xbox One copy was provided for review purposes.


It has been an awfully long time since the likes of Braid, Limbo and Super Meat Boy first began to demonstrate just how innovative and enjoyable smaller, digitally delivered titles could be. Unbelievably, though, there are still independent studios out there that continue to push the envelope. With Stick it to the Man!, Zoink games have done exactly that, delivering an entertaining, polished and highly amusing puzzle/platform game that oozes originality from every pore.

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