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Best of XBLA at E3 2011

Co-written by Kaitlyn Chantry

Now that our trip to video game heaven has come and gone, it’s time to give you the run-down on the very best XBLA titles from E3 2011. We spent five hectic days getting our eyes and hands on every XBLA game possible and we’ve picked out fifteen games that stood out from the crowd.

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Orcs Must Die! in late August or early September

Robot Entertainment has finally given Orcs Must Die! a release window. The painful-death infused title is expected to arrive between late August and early September. For those who aren’t privy to Orcs Must Die!‘s brutal brand of Orcish violence, check out our posts on the wall blades, spring trap, boom barrels and arrow walls. There’s a lot going on in Orcs Must Die!, especially involving Orcs, Orc deaths and the killing of Orcs. Our hands-on from E3 will be coming shortly.

Source: Joystiq


Wall blades in Orcs (and gnoll hunters) Must Die!

It seems that orcs not only have to die, but they do in a variety of ways.  Wall blades have been featured in the newest trap spotlight video, a trap which springs blades out of the wall and into the orcs, slicing them into fine bits. The trap works best in close quarters or during an onslaught, but the video shows you can carry and drop orcs into the trap, or throw them into the trap from a distance. No telling if walking in front of them will hurt you.

A new enemy was also announced, called gnoll hunters, and it turns out those must die too. These vicious beasts looks bigger, tougher, and faster than your standard orc, so thankfully a video was released showing some strategy on how to take them down. Freezing, shooting, and close-quarter sword fighting prove to be valuable tactics in slaying the beasts. Get ready to use wall blades and fight gnoll hunters when Orcs Must Die! releases this summer.


Spring Traps in Orcs Must Die!

In their latest update, Orcs Must Die! developer Robot Entertainment has yet again expanded the creative array of defenses available to the player. Similar to previously teased traps, the Spring Trap not only has the obvious purpose of springing groups of orcs into lava pits but also works quite well in combination with other defensive strategies. Robot’s video shows different implementations of the trap, including setting them up to launch orcs within the range of your own crossbow fire. Be sure to keep an eye out for this summer release and undoubtedly more coverage of the game’s features.


Blowing away enemies in Orcs Must Die!

Robot Entertainment certainly hasn’t been holding back in sharing bits and pieces of their upcoming game Orcs Must Die!, this time briefly delving into the Wind Belt. From the above video, the new mechanic allows for the player to blow back enemies in a forward arc. In addition, it shows the strategy game’s ability to combo different attacks, grabbing explosive barrel traps and launching them ahead like a grenade launcher. The combination of these two attributes is almost reminiscent of the Gravity Gun in Half-Life 2, which is a great sign for the gamplay variety in this summer release.


Orcs Must Die! goes explosive

Orcs Must Die! is getting more creative by the day. Now in addition to the many other traps exploding barrels are being brought into the mix. While exploding barrels have been around a long time in shooters, having them in a shooter with a focus on tower defense is a totally new concept. We can wait to send a few orcs to the afterlife via exploding barrels. After all, who doesn’t love blowing stuff up?


Arrow walls are a great way to clean house

Robot Entertainment just released this new spotlight video for their upcoming game, Orcs Must Die!. In it we see one of many deployables the player can use to defend their stronghold. We previously got our hands on the game and can confirm what this trailer shows; that using traps to take out hordes of orcs is so fun it should be illegal.


Orcs Must Die! in Robot Entertainment’s new game

Robot Entertainment, the studio formed by many ex-Ensemble employees, have announced their new game. Orcs Must Die!, billed a ‘fantasy action-strategy game’, is not quite what one might expect from the people behind Age of Empires. Players must defend their castle against hordes of Orcs, using magic, traps and parts of the enviroment.

No solid release date has been announced but we can expect to see the game some time in the summer. Those attending PAX East will be able to get their hands on the game as Robot will be there to show off a playable demo. Check back on XBLAFans tomorrow as we will have hands on impressions and more. In the mean time check out the debut trailer and screenshots after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »

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