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What we are playing: October 16

What we are playing is a weekly column that appears each weekend. Various staff members let the world know what games had them hooked the past week and which ones they look forward to.

Perry Jackson – Been playing some of the Shadow Hunters DLC for Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet for review which should hopefully be out shortly, it's pretty hard by yourself! Other than that, been going through the archives ranging from Super Mario Galaxy 2 to Mega Man 3 waiting patiently for Batman: Arkham City this Tuesday.

Ryan Reynolds – Still playing Gears of War 3 primarily. Making my way through the campaign on Insane with a co-op buddy right now. Looking forward to Batman: Arkham City this week and I also got invited to the Diablo III beta. Very excited to sit down and play it.

Jonathan Cole – I've been taking time to revisit some older games that I haven't gotten a chance to check out or shelved after they lost my interest. I beat Vanquish early in the week, which proved to be a truly unique shooter. Now I've moved on to Fable III and Bastion, both of which I hope I can knock out pretty quickly.

John Drawdy – I have been all over the place this week, from old school classic Bubble Bobble to MLB Bobblehead Battle. I played a lot of Orcs Must Die!, finally getting to the end; now to just go back and five skull everything.

Nicholas DePetris – I've been playing Gears of War 3 and Outland, and I'm working on finishing Lego Indiana Jones with my girlfriend. I'm going to spend the weekend revisiting some games that I'm partway through, such as Brutal Legend and Saint's Row. Gotta finish some of these up before the holiday releases hit!

James Heiger – Currently playing a lot of Sega Bass Fishing. I am working on a mini-guide which should be coming up soon!

Christine Mitchell – I picked up Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes in the recent sale and have been playing a lot of that. Very addictive. Also still loving Orcs Must Die!, and have been going back through that trying to get the 5 skulls achievement now.

Damon Fillman – I'm still hooked on Gears of War 3, but I'm also killing tons of orcs in Orcs Must Die! If you haven't played that yet, I hope you SERIOUSLY consider it.

Todd Schlickbernd – After hours and hours of Orcs Must Die!, I picked Gears of War 3 back up for a short time until Dungeon Defenders came in, which I've since been playing to absolute death.


XBLAFancast Episode 33 – Shooting dudes in the butt

Perry Jackson and Jon Cole join me this week for a fairly light show. We kick off discussing a bunch of new game announcements from this past week and then talk a little about what we've been playing, which unfortunately isn't too much.

Apologies for the spotty audio this week, not sure what happened there. Shall try and get it sorted for next time.

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Damsels of Dorkington: Orcs Must Die Video Review

We gave our good friends, The Damsels of Dorkington (www.DorkPride.com), the opportunity to review Robot Entertainment's Orcs Must Die!. Here are their thoughts, for your enjoyment. If you would like to see more of these kinds of things, let us know!


Orcs Must Die!: Weavers Guide

Steel Weaver


Death Augmenter (500) – Orcs killed by traps and guardians earn 66% more coins.

Guardian Armor (1500) (requires Death Augmenter) – Guardians have increased health and will regenerate any damage they take.

Tempered Blades (1000) (requires Guardian Armor) – Paladin attacks stun enemies.

Burning Pitch (1000) (requires Guardian Armor) – Elves gain flame arrows and generate more combos.

Oiled Trap Gears (1500) (requires Death Augmenter) – All timed traps reset 20% faster.

Jagged Steel (1000) (requires Death Augmenter) – Piercing and cutting traps add a bleed effect for 50% of the damage they deal.

Overcoiled Springs (1000) (requires Death Augmenter) – All physics traps are stronger and also affect ogres.


Elemental Weaver


Enchanted Weapons (1200) – Gain flame crossbow and holy sword.

Blinding Stun (800) (requires Enchanted Weapons)Improved crossbow stun area and duration.

Adrenaline Rush (800) (requires Enchanted Weapons) – Player health doubled; after melee kills the player gains 30% extra speed.

Mana Conservation (1200) – Spell primary costs are cheaper by 30%.

Icy Winds (500) (requires Mana Conservation) – Frost effects +33% duration; wind belt 33% increased force.

Firestorm (800) (requires Mana Conservation) – Fireball DOT effect +50%; lightning bolt hits one extra target.

Charged Weapons (1900) (requires EVERYTHING) – Crossbow and bladestaff kills grant 5% of the mana bar.


Knowledge Weaver


Fleet of Foot (800) – Player runs 20% faster.

Friends in Need (1000) (requires Fleet of Foot) – Nearby guardians regenerate the player's health.

Skull Anatomy (800) – Headshots deal 25% increased damage and headshot kills increase accuracy.

Spell Magnification (1000) (requires Skull Anatomy) – Spell kills earn 100% more coins.

Trap Linkage (1400) (requires Fleet of Foot or Skull Anatomy) – Trap kills generate 5% of the player's mana.

Zombie Orcs (1200) (requires Friends in Need or Trap Linkage) – Dead orcs sometimes rise from death to fight for the player.

Rift Sentience (1200) (requires Spell Magnification or Trap Linkage) -Rifts gain a defensive lightning strike ability.


Orcs Must Die! Cake! Are you still reading this headline?

You probably haven't heard how much we loved Orcs Must Die!, right? It's not like we gave it a stellar review, wrote up a massive guide, and ran tons of contests where we gave away copies of Orcs Must Die! on our Twitter feed. Oh wait, that's exactly what it's like! Well here's something you may not have known: we also like cake. What's that you say? Everyone likes cake? Fine. You win. We love Orcs Must Die! and cake. Here's a great picture of a cake that the guys over at Robot Entertainment got to celebrate the release of Orcs Must Die! It looks pretty delicious. We're going to go track down some mini orc cupcakes or something to tide us over until our pieces arrive in the mail. We can dream, anyway.

Check out the Orcs Must Die! Twitter account for all things game or cake related.


What we are playing: Week of October 9

What we are playing is a weekly column that appears each weekend. Various staff members let the world know what games had them hooked the past week and which ones they look forward to.

Ryan Reynolds– I'm still busy with Gears of War 3. So much to do in this game. Also playing Worms: Ultimate Mayhem for review and the Battlefield 3 Beta.

Nathan Bowring– This week I played the Portal 2 Peer Review DLC. Spent way too much time on some of those test chambers, but the ending was so worth it. Also played the Halo: Reach Title Update Beta, which leveled me up to Brigadier. Also had time for some Mercury Hg.

Jonathan Cole– After kinda being burned out on Gears of War 3, I've been spending some time with my oft neglected PS3. I picked up and beat Resistance 3, which was really an exceptional game and easily one of the most memorable games of the year. Right now, I'm plowing through Rage despite not feeling quite that into it.

John Laster– I took a break from text books to play Orcs Must Die. Fantastic title that really deserves your attention. I also visited Trendy Entertainment to check out Dungeon Defenders which looks incredible.

Ross Adams– I just moved house this week but I promptly got my TV and 360 setup to play my copy of Dark Souls which arrived here before I did. Definitely not a game for everyone but I'm finding the games world and combat oddly engrossing. I also tried the trial for Orcs Must Die!, I really enjoyed it (especially the music!) and were it not for the insane amount of games I already have to play I'd probably pick it up.

Andrew Crews– Ive been playing a ton of NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, which is an excellent game. I also finished up Islands of Wakfu this week making that my 200th completed game. And yes, I do want a cookie ;)

Christine Mitchell– I reviewed Orcs Must Die! this week so I got to play lots of that. It's amazing by the way. I also played Ilomilo which I picked up in the recent Deal of the Week and some Left 4 Dead 2.

Damon Fillman– I'm about to say a few bad words: I am playing through Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the second time. On Xbox I am pushing through Dark Souls and not succeeding what…so….ever.

Steve Melton– Playing through NBA Jam for review. Other than some minor nitpicks I love it. Also playing through Halo: Reach. On Legendary. Alone. I think I now know what gaming rage feels like.


Coming Soon to XBLA: Guardians, Vengeance and Robots

We've seen a lot this Wednesday with titles like Orcs Must Die! and NBA Jam: On Fire Edition but what's coming next week? Fear not, as Major Nelson has the answers. On October 12, we'll see the releases of Guardian Heroes and Real Steel for your knights or robot-fueled action both for 800 MSP. Some other titles will be receiving DLC such as Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet's Shadow Hunters which sets you back 400 MSP and Crimson Alliance's Vengeance Pack which sets you back 240 MSP. Not to mention from October 11-17, Shadow Complex and Perfect Dark will be on sale for 50% off. From new to classic to add-ons, next week is going to be another fun-filled week of XBLA content.


Orcs Must Die: complete guide

Here it is, our super guide to Orcs Must Die! This time around not only do we have text, level guides are also going up live on our Youtube Channel. Big thanks to our Guide Coordinators for their work on the written portion of this guide and thanks to MrTheVestman for filming the video guides. Not sure if you'll like Orcs Must Die!? Check out our review here. If you already love it but don't have it yet, learn more about it with our interview with Robot Entertainment's Community Manger, Justin Korthoff.

Note: The videos for the later levels are currently being uploaded and will be embedded as they go live over the next day or so.

General Tips

Tips & Tricks

Traps Guide

Complete List

Weavers Guide

Complete List

Enemy Guide

Complete List

Level Guides

  1. The Hallway
  2. The Fork
  3. The Corner
  4. The Baths
  5. Runner's Alley
  6. Overpass
  7. Twin Halls
  8. Lunch break
  9. The Stream
  10. Sludge Hole
  11. Chaos Chamber
  12. Chokepoint
  13. The Arena
  14. The Balcony
  15. The Tower
  16. The Library
  17. The Bridge
  18. Killing Fields
  19. Rebirth
  20. Gateway
  21. Hard Climb
  22. The Squeeze
  23. Stairs of Doom
  24. Finale

Orcs Must Die! review (XBLA)

Orcs Must Die! was developed by Robot Entertainment, Inc and published by Microsoft Studios. It was released October 5, 2011 for 1200 MSP. A copy of the game was provided for review purposes.

Orcs Must Die! is an action tower defense game created by Robot Entertainment, an independent game development studio formed by veterans of Ensemble Studios, the creators of Halo Wars and the Age of Empires franchise. You play as a young War Mage who is promoted following a workplace accident by the previous defender and left within the orc homeland to defend 24 fortresses. These fortresses were built by The Order to protect magical rifts or portals that connect the worlds. Utilizing an arsenal of weapons, traps and spells you must stop the enraged mob of orcs and other villainous monsters from reaching these rifts and crossing over to your world.

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Orcs Must Die! New launch trailer and live gameplay broadcast

To celebrate the release of Orcs Must Die! on October 5, Robot Entertainment have released a new launch trailer set to the tune of "Hall of the Mountain King" by Apocalyptica. But if you're real quick, you can catch a live gameplay stream over here starting any second now!

Orcs Must Die! is an action tower defence game that challenges players to defend fortresses under siege with a wide variety of traps and weapons. It is available now on Xbox Live Marketplace for 1200 MSP.

Source: Twitter

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