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XBLAFans Monthly Roundup (November 2011)

Hey guys, we're bringing you a new feature that's simple and helpful in nature, the XBLAFans Monthly Roundup! This as well as other features will be seen a lot more should all things go accordingly, and we'll even have some new ones on the way, so stay tuned because there's a lot of awesome in the works here at XBLAFans.

If it wasn't obvious by the title, this post will be your one-stop-shop to anything that happened this month with links to all our posts and excerpts where applicable. That means news, reviews, guides, features, interviews, podcasts, and even a recount of releases and sales data. Hit the jump for so many links you'll never not know something about XBLA current events again! Read the rest of this entry »

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Orcs Must Die! Lost Advenures soon to be found

Robot Entertainment announced the first DLC pack for their amazing tower-defence Orcs Must Die!. The Lost Adventures packs will feature five new, extremely deadly fortresses playable on all difficulties, including a version of The Tower that runs in reverse. These new challenges include 50 more earnable skulls and two new enemies: the Frost Bat and Cyclops Mage. There are also five new additions to the  War Mage's toolbox, two traps and three defences:

  • Mana Well – Place the Mana Well in strategic locations around a fortress for a burst of magical energy at just the right moment.
  • Vampiric Gauntlets – Armed with these grim gauntlets, you can drain the enemy's health while restoring yours at the same time. If you have a desperate need to use spells, you can also use the gauntlets to drain your health in exchange for mana.
  • Alchemist's Satchel – Toss a series of deadly acid bombs that explode on your command to melt flesh from the bones of multiple groups of orcs at once.
  • Shock Zapper – Mount the Shock Zapper on the ceiling and zap fliers and ground units equally dead with this oversized pest remover.
  • Floor Scorcher – By the time they see the fire, it will be too late. Burn entire groups of complacent enemies with this pop-up flaming surprise.

The Lost Adventures DLC pack will be available December 2011 for 400MSP.


Gamasutra's XBLA sales analysis: October 2011

Gamasutra's October Xbox Live Arcade sales analysis hit us up this past weekend. Last month saw 11 new releases, with genres ranging from sports to tower defense. The top two contenders come as no surprise; both Orcs Must Die! and Dungeon Defenders are amazing titles. Be sure to check our guides for both games by selecting Guides –>Guide Hub from our top menu. While you're there take a look at our guide for War of the Worlds.

Source: Gamasutra


Orcs Must Die! DLC will be coming to XBLA

Action-Tower Defence favourite, Orcs Must Die! has now received two DLC packs for the PC version of the game. But what about us XBLA fans? Well Robot Entertainment assure us it is coming.  @SixOkay, Community Manager for Robot Entertainment recently posted the following comment on the Orcs Must Die forums:

Just wanted to post this in one place –
We WILL be releasing DLC for Xbox players, we just aren't quite ready to announce details yet. But if you use your imagination, I bet you can guess a lot of the details already. ;)

We’ll assume that means the DLC will be the same as the PC version…and given the delay we’d also take a guess that they are coming as one big DLC pack for Xbox. Check out the full details on the two packs already available for the PC after the jump.

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What we are playing: November 6

What we are playing is a weekly column that appears each weekend. Various staff members let the world know what games had them hooked the past week and which ones they look forward to.

John Laster – I'm playing some Uncharted 3 while taking breaks to level my Dungeon Defenders characters to 70. I got some sweet loot after playing with Trendy Entertainment during their community night. Also, check out DLC Quest. Best thing I've bought for a buck in a long time.

Perry Jackson – Not much XBLA but after blowing through the Uncharted 3 campaign, I've been digging through the multiplayer which is surprisingly deep. Managed to rank up a lot in my plays and looking forward to playing more. Now just give me Skyrim!

Ryan Reynolds – I just started the Grubbins on Ice add-on for Costume Quest and I've been busy playing Battlefield 3. I'm still dabbling in Gears of War 3, and I have Uncharted 3 waiting for me. The list of games I need to play through a second time is rapidly growing.

James Heiger – I played through DLC Quest. That is highly recommended. I also started Hydrophobia which I picked up on sale a while back.

Todd Schlickbernd – On the XBLA side I just picked up Guardian Heroes after a friend came over and we played together. It's more fun than I thought it was, just not really a solo game. Once you've got a friend to play with it really is a lot more enjoyable. Other than that, just playing League of Legends and randomly increasing my completion rate in Saints Row 2 for some reason.

Nathan Bowring – Unfortunately, I haven't been playing much of anything. Unless you count the Netflix app on Xbox Live. The Walking Dead is amazing by the way.

Nicholas DePetris – I've got an epic dance battle coming up the first weekend in December so I've been prepping by playing Dance Central 2. I cannot dance at all but it's still a great time. I've also been finishing up Batman: Arkham Asylum and Torchlight, and started out Lego Star Wars. Finally, I'm starting up a new game of Saints Row 2 as I type this. So not a whole lot of XBLA but it has been a game-heavy week.

Damon Fillman – Ever since I saw the trailer for GTAV, I've had a sudden urge to play through the fourth iteration of the series, so I've been doing that. I know a lot of people dislike the game, but I consider it one of the best games ever made. Simply astounding. In the XBLA world I've been failing miserably at keeping orcs away from my portals in Orcs Must Die!


The making of Orcs Must Die!

It’s been almost a month to the day since Orcs Must Die! hit XBLA receiving rave reviews all round and fans of the game will be interested to hear that Art Director at Robot Entertainment, David Kubalak, recently posted an insider’s view of the visual development processes used. In the post he reveals how they set out on a challenge to create a budget arcade style game without holding back on production values.

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What we are playing: October 23

What we are playing is a weekly column that appears each weekend. Various staff members let the world know what games had them hooked the past week and which ones they look forward to.

John Laster – I've been playing Batman: Arkham City when I can free myself from the confines of studying the law. Oh, Dungeon Defenders is really excellent as well. Go pick it up and support some of my fellow Gators.

Steve Melton – I finally knocked out Halo: Reach on Legendary solo. Now I'm not sure what to do with myself now. I've been digging through indie games looking for gems. I found a few, hopefully I'll get time to do a review.

Perry Jackson – I've been playing a whoooooole lot of Batman: Arkham City and it's kind of the best. I might say it lacks the surprise of Arkham Asylum but it makes up for with a gorgeous landscape filled with great characters from the Batman lore. I've also been trying to knock out the Shadow Hunters DLC for Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet this weekend after work but got some friends for it so expect the review hopefully soon!

Nicholas DePetris – I've been pretty busy this week but managed to get in some Outland and started playing through Torchlight. I usually don't like that sort of game but I'm enjoying it so far! So much loot! I also tried out the Dance Central 2 demo and failed miserably at it. Luckily no one was around to witness my shame.

Ross Adams – Thanks to a self imposed restriction on myself from buying all the big games day one, I've been playing some slightly older stuff. So while everyone else plays Batman: Arkham City, I'm replaying Arkham Asylum and it's still pretty good! Briefly played a bit of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Shadow Hunters DLC, definitely need to be played co-op so I'll hopefully get to do that soon.

Jonathan Cole – I've been playing Fable III and Crysis 2 for the most part, though I've recently gotten into Orcs Must Die! and am absolutely loving it. Hoping to knock out just a little more backlog before Skyrim rolls around!

Damon Fillman – I am Batman. Or at least I felt that way after gliding through in Batman: Arkham City. It is just as good as the first, if not better. I still can't decide whether or not I want Battlefield 3, after the disappointing beta. What do you guys think?

Ryan Reynolds – Like everyone else I'm playing Batman: Arkham City. I'm also still chipping away at the boat load of content that Gears of War 3 has to offer. And there's more on the way! I'd also like to note that I've been extremely impressed by what Blizzard has been showing at BlizzCon. If there's one developer out there who never fails to impress, it's Blizzard.

John Drawdy – Lately I have been working on getting all the levels in Orcs Must Die!, up to five skulls on Nightmare (feels impossible at times) and am still hacking away at MLB Bobblehead Battle trying to get through all the challenges and bonuses. Other then that nothing really new, it does make me happy to see all the positive feed back on the new Batman, I am excited about getting that soon.


XBLAFans at New York Comic Con 2011

New York Comic Con has come and gone and we got our hands on a new release and some upcoming games, including a newly announced title. Three Xbox Live Arcade games were on display at the Microsoft booth. There was the recent Robot Entertainment release Orcs Must Die, a welcomed multiplayer demo of Trials Evolution and the newly announced Fusion: Genesis, the first game coming from Starfire Studios. Though our time at the event was limited, we also did get to see the guys from Demiurge Studios and play some more Shoot Many Robots.

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New and coming soon to XBLA: October 19

The latest Xbox marketplace schedule has been published by Major Nelson and we are happy to tell you there will be lots to keep you busy. Today's releases see the long awaited tower defence/RPG hybrid, Dungeon Defenders and an out of nowhere surprise release of Bejeweled 3. Both are priced at 1200 MSP. Also released today is the Heavy Elements add on pack for Mercury Hg. Costing just 240 MSP, the DLC adds 30 new levels to the physics puzzler.

Next Wednesday, October 26, will see a triple whammy of XBLA game releases. 2D platformer War of the Worlds, arcade racer Daytona USA, and twin-stick sequel Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone will all be available for 800 MSP a piece. There will also be add-ons a plenty in the form of the Evil Empire Pack for Toy Soldiers: Cold War which will cost 240 MSP, the alien themed DLC pack for A World of Keflings called It Came From Outerspace for 320 MSP and you will of course know all about the latest Pinball FX 2 table to be released as it will be free for one whole week! After which the Paranormal Table will be just 240 MSP.

There are also a number of sales and specials to look out for. The Shocktober Savings sees Castlevania HD and the original Zombie Apocalypse down 50%. Deal of the Week beginning October 25 will see both Dead Rising spin off games Case West and Case Zero reduced to half price. And finally, keep some time aside for the Orcs Must Die! leaderboard competition run by this fabulous website called XBLAFans…you won't want to miss it!

Source: Major Nelson


Orcs Must Die! leaderboard contest

You've all had a few weeks to perfect your strategies in Orcs Must Die!, but now it's time for us put your strategies to the test. For the next week, we want you to all see how high you can score on level 13 “The Arena” on War Mage or lower difficulty.

The rules are that you have until next Wednesday the 26th at 7PM EST to submit your scores. To submit your scores, tweet @XBLAFans and include a twitpic of your best score for level 13 “The Arena” score appearing on the War Mage and lower leaderboard and make sure you hashtag the tweet with #OMDXBLA so we can easily find your entry. There is no limit of only how many times you can enter the contest, so let us know every time you best your previous score.

There will be two winners from this contest. One lucky contestant's score will be randomly chosen as the second prize and you will receive an Orcs Must Die! t-shirt. The grand prize will include an Orcs Must Die! t-shirt, hat and a signed comic.

You only have a week left to enter, so you better go fine tune your strategies now!

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