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Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood releasing on Xbox One tomorrow


Complaining that there are not enough games on your Xbox One? Well, last week brought you Peggle 2 and tomorrow brings you Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood.

A recent OXM preview speculates that this release "could be the most charming Xbox [One] exclusive." Admittedly, its list of competitors for that title is small, but it sounds like this puzzle-platformer will be worthy of your attention. XBLA Fans also went hands-on with the game earlier this year at PAX East and was largely impressed by the experience.

Originally, this title was suppose to come out in 2014 but looks like the Danish studio Press Play was able to finish the game sooner than expected and get it passed through Microsoft's certification process.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood will cost $14.99 and will be available through the Xbox Games Store.

Source: OXM


Required Xbox One system update arrives tonight



Later tonight at 8pm ET, Microsoft will release a system update for the Xbox One. This is the first required update post launch of the Xbox One.

According to Major Nelson's blog, the update will addresses the following:

  • Addresses SmartGlass issues for some users when coming in and out of connected standby
  • Addresses multiplayer issues for some users when re-joining games
  • Addresses issues with inconsistent notifications for some users
  • Addresses dashboard performance for some users
  • Offers improvements for Xbox One’s TV, system update, and content update services for scaling over time
  • Updated wireless networking driver to improve connectivity issues for some users

If you're using the Xbox One's "Instant On" feature, the update will happen automatically for you after you power down. However, this update will power the system completely down. Therefore the next time you try to play your Xbox One, you will have to manually power on your Xbox One.

If you do not use the Xbox One "Instant On" feature, you will be required to download the update after Thursday, December 12th at 2:00 AM PT.

For more information on this update, please visit Major Nelson's blog.

Source: Major Nelson


State of Decay DLC coming November 29


Shortly after the hysteria of the Xbox One launch resides, developer Undead Labs will give zombie survival fans a reason to go back and fire up their "old, antiquated" Xbox 360s.

Next week on, November 29, the first DLC for State of Decay, entitled The Breakdown, will be released at the cost of $6.99. The expansion, which is largely based on gamers' feedback, is said to be "less story, more survival." Based off of the trailer, The Breakdown DLC will contain infinite play, increased difficulty, new playable heroes, new weapons and new challenges.

Also, on the same day, title update four for State of Decay will be released. The update consists of "bug fixes and goodies like the new loot distribution system."

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Dustforce releasing in January


Capcom has announced that its 2D “sweep-’em up” title, Dustforce, will be headed to the Xbox 360 this coming January. Developed by Hitbox Team, Dustforce is a platformer in which players must use acrobatic skills to rid the world of dust and filth. There are four different types of characters to choose from in Dustforce: Dustman, Dustkid, Dustgirl and Dustworth. Each character brings a different skill set that will help players cleanse each level.

Online multiplayer will feature modes such as King of the Hill, in which 2-4 players will battle for points by capturing lamps. In survival mode, two players will be able to compete against two others in matches with the objective being to knock the other team into hazards until it runs out of lives. For those who like to clean, there will be 56 single levels coupled with 10 multiplayer maps. More maps will be released at a future date, but they will be free of charge.

As well as coming to the Xbox 360, Dustforce is also heading to PlayStation 3 and PS Vita as a digital download.

Source: Capcom Unity


Kinect wasn't designed for ad functionality


When the Xbox One was announced and it was confirmed that Kinect 2.0 would ship with it, players became skeptical of Microsoft's intent with the new motion-sensing capture device. Many people, especially Xbox Live Gold members, are currently not happy with ads that fill up the Xbox Live Dashboard. With word quickly spreading that the next-gen Kinect could greatly outperform its current gen version, rumors started to circulate. One such rumor that got some legs was that the new Kinect would serve up ads based on what it could detect. Meaning that if could see the player eating, food ads would appear or if the player was wearing a sports company logo, maybe an ad for sneakers would appear.

Yesterday, Albert Penello, Microsoft's Director of Product Planning, took to NeoGAF to dispel such rumors. Penello explained that the new Kinect could be used for advertising purposes but that Microsoft has no such plans to roll this feature out. He is quoted as saying, "First – nobody is working on that. We have a lot more interesting and pressing things to dedicate time towards. It was an interview done speculatively, and I'm not aware of any active work in this space." He went on to say that "if something like that ever happened, you can be sure it wouldn't happen without the user having control over it. Period."

It is refreshing to hear someone from Microsoft deliver such clear and articulate statements about what the plan is for the future. It seems with seven weeks to go before launch, Microsoft is still trying to dig out of the hole that it created for itself by having such a poor console reveal that was quickly cluttered with many mixed messages.

Source: NeoGAF via Polygon


Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion releases on October 9


Sir Sniff, Doc Turd, Lord Poop and Friar Krap…these orcs must really stink!

Next week, Casual Brothers Games plans to unleash its gastastic new game, Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion, on XBLA and PSN. A self-proclaimed “cooperative gas-and-slash action game,” Orc Attack mixes things up from previous orc-inspired games by putting the player in charge of these big smellies. Now that the tables have been turned, orcs such as Sir Sniff, Doc Turd, Lord Poop and Friar Krap must fart and burp with reckless abandon in order to defeat the "pollution spreading humans."

Up to four players, local or online, can unleash "solo flatulent attacks" or team up to "combine farts and belches for crowd-clearing combos." The game features 16 levels that take place in four different environments. There are also various modes to play, such as Magic and Dirty mode. By the looks of the gameplay trailer, there is a leveling system in the game allowing players to boost their characters' abilities. The stronger the orc, the easier it will be to earn in-game currency to purchase weapons, gear, power-ups and more.

Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion is set to launch on Xbox Live Arcade on October 9.

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Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force coming this fall to Pinball FX2


Coming this fall, owners of Pinball FX2 will be getting new DLC. But not just any new DLC, this time around Zen Studios has cooked up Star Wars Pinball: Balance of the Force. There are three new tables in this DLC which feature such themes as: Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, Starfighter Assault, and a tribute table based on Darth Vader. No price or release date have been confirmed as of yet, but take a look at the trailer below.

Source: Play XBLA


Super Time Force 'definitely' coming in 2013


In a recent interview with Polygon, Capy president Nathan Vella said that Super Time Force is "definitely" coming this year, first, to Xbox Live Arcade. The game is currently "featured-locked" and one would expect, receiving its last coat of polish.

The side-scrolling retro-styled shooter was playable at PAX Prime in August, in what would be considered one of Capy's last public demos before launch.

Source: Polygon


Xbox One to release on November 22


Earlier today, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One will be released on Friday November 22, 2013. The Xbox One will be available for purchase in 13 launch markets. The following countries are included in these markets: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, UK and USA. The Xbox One will be available in more markets in 2014.

Also, Major Nelson posted pictures on his blog of the first Xbox One consoles being boxed and placed on pallets, in order to be shipped off to retailers for November 22.

Source: Xbox Wire and Major Nelson's Blog


Xbox One launch date rumors


Speculations have started to arise regarding the release date of the Xbox One console. A US release date of November 8 has been suggested by a source, potentially releasing before the PS4 which has a confirmed release date of November 15 in the US and November 29 in Europe.

The source, a marketing company worker who deals with the product placement and signage for retailer Walmart, has shown an email announcing a company conference call, in which all of the midnight openings that they have planned for the foreseeable future are listed. Whilst the email shows a release date of November 8, it does not have the confirmed status like the other games on the list as well as the PS4.

Despite this, it has also been suggested that they aim to release the console in "late November". According to the terms and conditions of a PepsiCo and Microsoft promotion, it initially noted a launch window of 'late November' as seen on NeoGAF but the term 'late' has since been removed, leaving gamers with the less-specific launch window of November. The promotion, called "Xbox One – Every Two Minutes" can be seen on promotional packets of Doritos and bottles of Mountain Dew. The competition involves sweepstakes and auctions to win prizes including trips and Xbox One giveaways every two minutes at

However, with conflicting reports of release dates for the Xbox One and no official word from Microsoft, it seems that customers are not any closer to a specific date, relying only on the knowledge of a November release for the next-gen console.

Source: Kotaku, every2minutes via CVG and NeoGAF

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