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Microsoft Points phase out has begun

goodbyepointsFor many Xbox 360 owners who fired up their trusty consoles yesterday, there was an update waiting for them. Microsoft, to the applause of many, has done away with Microsoft Points and has now listed Marketplace items in local currency.

In what is believed to be just one of the many Xbox Live changes leading up to the launch of Xbox One, this update is being rolled out across all Xbox Live-enabled regions. However, not all regions were updated yesterday. Microsoft told Polygon "Today we started rolling out the official release of the 2013 Xbox Live Update. To ensure a stable release, this will be a gradual deployment across members and regions. Don't panic if you don’t see an immediate update, just keep checking back in."

For those gamers with leftover points, Microsoft will convert them to cash. The next time a user tries to purchase a game, the remaining points will be converted over into local currency. However, this converted currency must be spent by June 1, 2015 or else funds are forfeited.

For more info on this transition of currency, Microsoft has created this FAQ.

Source: Polygon


Microsoft Points being phased out in favor of local currency

Xbox Live Points

Microsoft has announced that the current system of Microsoft Points will be transitioning to local currency sometime in "late 2013." It's not a stretch to imagine that this switch will coincide with the release of the Xbox One, which launches this holiday season. No longer will users have to convert amounts of Microsoft Points into dollars, euros, or any other currency — prices will be displayed in currency local to the region of the console, and future credit card purchases will be made directly for a product download, rather than for the more abstract Microsoft Points.

Microsoft will be accepting current Microsoft Points cards for the foreseeable future, so anyone doing their Christmas shopping in August won't be out of luck when gift recipients unwrap redeemable cards this holiday season. That being said, Microsoft Points cards will slowly be phased out in favor of cards redeemable for a specific monetary value for each region. It's likely that the current cost of cards (sold in the US mainly in $20 and $50 versions, redeemable for 1600 and 4000 Microsoft Points, respectively) will not go up, but merely display the monetary value on the card instead of a more arbitrary number of points.

Lastly, anyone with a current balance of Microsoft Points on their Xbox Live accounts need not fear about losing any points — any balance will transition to a balance in local currency. So again, someone with an extra 800 Microsoft Points on their US Xbox Live account won't lose anything, but instead receive $10 worth of credit when the transition occurs.



Major changes in store for Xbox Live Rewards


The Xbox Live Rewards program – Microsoft's loyalty program incentivizing players to interact and make purchases with the service – is undergoing some 'major changes' in the coming months, according to the official site. As announced during Microsoft's E3 press conference, the company will eschew its Microsoft Points (MSP) currency and transition all future content purchases to local currency. Real money.

With this change the Xbox Live Rewards program must also change, as Microsoft Points are currently the chief form of payout, followed by digital offers and schwag. Beginning August 1, Rewards members will no longer be able to earn MSP via the program, with the total balance of your pending points then being deposited into your Xbox Live account one week later on August 7.

So what can you look forward to receiving for participating in the program once these new changes go into effect? Microsoft isn't divulging the alternatives just yet. The full details on how the program and reward format will evolve are set to be revealed September 1, 2013.

While these changes take effect during the month of August, Gold member benefits will be offline, however you can still earn rewards for the following actions during this time:

  • Renew 1 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership
  • Renew 3 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership
  • Renew 12 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership
  • Purchase or Renew 1st Xbox Live Online Gold Membership
  • Make Your 1st Purchase on Xbox Live Marketplace

For now, Microsoft Points are still on the table until the end of this month. So if there's a particular activity you've started, or one you want to knock out before Microsoft Points are laid to rest, you have until July 31 to wrap it up.

Source: Xbox Live Rewards


Microsoft Points set to expire within one year of transition to local currency


Ever since the introduction of Microsoft Points, users have complained about its scaling seeming arbitrary and how the conversion rate is meant to make things look cheaper.  In the United States, for example, where 80 MSP equals 1 dollar, the conversion makes a 5 dollar game cost 400 MSP, which appears to cost less than it actually is.  So when Microsoft announced at their recent E3 press conference that all prices would be in local currency starting fall 2013, users understandably were pleased with the change in policy.  However, this transition comes with a catch: after the Microsoft Points currently in user accounts are converted to local currency, they becoming a ticking clock.

Users will have until fall 2014 to use the converted currency or else will lose it all due to expiration.  While future funds deposited into accounts will not expire, this set date for expiration of existing funds is problematic for users who do not use their points often or have stockpiled points over the years via sales.  Microsoft Points cards will still be sold until replaced by Xbox Gift Cards, and accepted well through 2014 and a limited time after.  Knowing this, though, it might be wise to hold off on purchasing more Microsoft Points than you intend to use in the near future.

Source: via Gametrailers


Say goodbye to Microsoft Points


Sure to be a big positive for most, Microsoft officially announced that they will be switching from the Microsoft Point system they currently use, to using your actual local currency. The Microsoft Point system wasn't overly confusing, but it was annoying to be stuck with a random number of points that were essentially useless. Now, you'll never have to worry about it again!


Rumor: Microsoft to ditch Points for real currency gift cards


The long-rumored death of Microsoft Points is just around the corner, according to The Verge's sources. Recently, Microsoft has been slowly transitioning away from points across its various stores. While XBLA games can only be purchased with points, the Games on Demand platform uses real-world currency in addition to points. When Windows 8 launched, app, music and movie purchases defaulted to real world cash pricing.

The Verge's sources report that Microsoft may unveil the new payment standard as early as E3 (Microsoft's pre-E3 media briefing is scheduled for June 10), and a full launch is expected by the end of the year to coincide with the release of the next-gen Xbox. The gift cards will reportedly function like iTunes gift cards many people are already familiar with, and credit and debit cards will also be accepted. The new pricing/purchasing system will supposedly span across Microsoft's various marketplaces: Xbox, Windows Mobile Store and Windows Store.

Going to a real currency system lifts the veil of confusing point conversions to determine how much something costs or the requirement of buying points in bundles instead of exact amounts. This much more consumer-friendly approach makes console holder's purchasing ecosystem easier for everyone in the household, which will help in Microsoft's battle for the living room.

Source: The Verge


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Real currency prices on XBLA 'an error'


Fret not, XBLAers – Avatar items listed for sale by actual currency this week don't indicate a move away from MSP, according to a statement put out by Microsoft today. The appearance of dollars and cents (or Euros or yen or what have you) in the Marketplace was a simple glitch, the company says.

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Celebrate the Diamond Jubilee with discounted Microsoft Points (UK only)

Splendid news for those living in Blighty. In celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee (that's this weekend), Microsoft is offering discounted Microsoft Points from its online store. Hooray! Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for the Royal Mail to push them through your letterbox and they probably won't be operating for the next four days, so you can't bury your head in Minecraft instead of Jubilee celebrations.

Still, it's a pretty good offer. 4200MSP, normally priced at £34.99, will set you back £24.49 while the price of 2100MSP packs has lowered from £17.59 to £12.25. To take advantage of the offer, deviate away to the Microsoft Store, ram your virtual trolley full of virtual money and then take it to the checkout. Enter the code: “JubileeOffer” into the promotional code box and voila, discounted make-believe money.

Might be a good time to stock up before a promising-looking summer for XBLA.

Source: SavyGamer


Rumor: Microsoft Points to be phased out by end of year

Sources are reporting to Inside Mobile Apps that Microsoft will be discontinuing use of its Microsoft Points currency system used by Xbox Live, Zune marketplace, and the Windows phone. A source with knowledge of the company's decisions are saying that all mobile developers with publishing agreements are being told to plan for the conversion.

This will impact all three platforms where the point system is used although one of the biggest adjustments will be to the Xbox marketplace where some games and extras are denoted in only Microsoft Points. The Zune marketplace and the Windows phone denote purchases in both the point system and regional currency.

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