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Friday Top Five: Top five XBLA trailers

There's nothing more enticing than that tease, that pinch, that itch you get from a fantastic trailer. With retail games, so many of them get these bloated budgets and the trailers get absolutely insane, but XBLA has to rely on their creativity! Their imagination! Their sense of wonder!… And yes, money also. However, not every trailer is amazing, but the best ones combine with some great games and catchy trailer ideas to really entice you. This week's Friday Top Five will be about these beautiful, and often evil, displays of awesome, wallet-attacking footage. We were looking for that marriage of gameplay, story, presentation and shameless plugging, and we've found the best examples of it.

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Quarrel coming in 2012 with online multiplayer

To tell you the truth, we haven't heard anything about Quarrel until today when @lifelower tipped us a screenshot with the game description. Quarrel is an iPhone/iPad game coming to XBLA where Game Informer describes it as "Scrabble meets Risk", which sounds like a curious combination.

You play on a map that's evenly divided by sections and must overtake similar to Risk however, victory is determined by a word battle with the best scoring word as the winner. They can only use the number of soldiers to represent how many letters they have so you'll have to utilize your cohorts wisely to get the best scoring words. While it was announced for Fall of this year, the developer Denki announced on their blog that the XBLA version of Quarrel will hit sometime next year with online multiplayer for up to 4 friends. We'll keep the word out for any new information when Quarrel hits sometime next year.


Swarm Release Date Announced: March 23

Hothead Games announced the release date to Swarm late this evening via their twitter feed.  Gamers will be able to "get flocked" this March as the game launches in two short weeks on March 22nd (23rd for XBLA). Stay tuned to XBLA Fans as we bring you the most up to date info on XBLA News.

Inside info for our Twitter followers: Swarm will be out March 22!#getreadytogetflocked

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