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Killer Instinct poised to be a killer exclusive for Xbox One


The new Killer Instinct game, like many franchise revisits this generation, is channeling a lot of the goodwill that the original releases have maintained throughout the years. It does everything we have come to expect from modern introductions to new franchises and then some. Like Street Fighter IV before it, it successfully transitions a Super Nintendo classic to the modern age and looks fantastic doing so.

It’s worth mentioning that only two characters were playable in the E3 build: Jago the ninja and Sabrewulf the werewolf. Despite this, the matches were intense and enjoyable. Professional UK gamer Ryan Hart was on-hand while the XBLAFans staff was at the MadCatz booth playing the demo, and he explained the game’s new combo breaker mechanic. In the original Killer Instinct each player had a unique move that would instantly break a combo. In the new game, the combo breaker is universal to all characters – pressing light kick and light punch together will break a combo if the opponent is using a light move; similarly, medium kick plus medium punch beats a medium attack, and high kick plus high punch beats a hard attack. Guessing wrong locks a player out of making a second guess for three seconds, so randomly hitting the buttons is unadvised. In our brief experience with the game, the medium breaker was more useful against Ryan Hart’s onslaught than the others, but it might well have been a lucky guess on the part of XBLAFans – he was obviously in a league of his own!

Killer Instinct will draw obvious comparisons to the other two-dimensional fighting games currently on the market, and the back-and-forth footsies feel more like Street Fighter than either Mortal Kombat or Marvel vs. Capcom. The instructions for Jago came complete with references to Ryu’s “Dragon Punch” and “Hadoken,” and Ryu is indeed the closest analogue Street Fighter character. Once a player gets a solid hit, though, the combo system is entirely different. Unlike Street Fighter IV, where players must learn complex timings in order to complete their combos, Killer Instinct allows players to hit all of the buttons for their combo in relatively short order, letting the game finish the combo at the appropriate speed, including a special (or super, if the meter is available) move finisher. This slightly more lax method of executing combos is extremely fun. It removes pressure from players who already know how to execute complex combos but lack the focus and/or skill to do so, while also allowing complete button mashers to at least accomplish something instead of just sweeping and throwing fireballs from full screen.

The game is looking extremely good, running at a very smooth 60 frames-per-second. There is a lot more to learn about Killer Instinct, including what the complete roster of characters look like. Hopefully we learn more about Double Helix Games' Xbox One launch title during this year's Evolution fighting game tournament next month. From what we saw at E3, Killer Instinct thus far looks like a faithful rebirth of a treasured fighting game franchise.


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure has some bizarre game footage

@lifelower was kind enough to send us a playlist of videos of some gameplay footage from the upcoming HD port of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure played at the San Diego Comic-Con. For those who haven't heard, the game's based on the popular manga/anime from Japan about a man who discovers supernatural powers and must find the origin of them. Pretty normal premise for a fighting game but it gets even wackier from there. From the above video, we see characters launching cutlery at their opponent. They launch into their "Stand" ability that makes a supernatural sentient-being help you in battle. Catch more videos after the jump and see if this game really is worth the 1600 MSP come August 22.
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Capcom confirms Jojo's Bizarre Adventure HD during Comic-Con

Looks like everyone's confirming their rumors at the San Diego Comic-Con! First, Sega with Sonic Adventure 2 and now during Capcom's Comic-Con panel, they have confirmed that we'll be getting an HD remake of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. The game will feature the original graphics as well as new high definition visuals with online multiplayer to boot. It will also be released on August 22 for 1600 MSP which seems a bit high since we haven't seen a price like that since the juggernaut Minecraft released for that price in May.

For those unaware of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, it's a fighting game based on a popular manga about a man who discovers he has supernatural powers. The original fighting game was released for the Playstation & Dreamcast in 1998. We'll see if the price will match up the love of the manga/anime people have, look forward to it in August.

Source: Joystiq


XBLA Wednesday: Independence Day Edition

Do you enjoy exploring caves to your inevitable doom or beating up people in a shaped arena? XBLA Wednesday will appease both those appetites this week for your independence. First up, the long-awaited rogue-like platformer Spelunky is finally upon us. Players will explore caves, jungles and ice caves and must survive or you'll start from the beginning, each level more random then the next, that'll set you back 1200 MSP. Next up, it's Bellator time with Bellator: MMA with lots of punching. You'll be able to play as Bellator pros with up to eight of them for your choosing and it includes offline and online multiplayer, that'll set you back 1200 MSP. Whether it's hard-earned spelunking or hard punching, XBLA has something for your fun on this Independence Day.


Bellator: MMA Onslaught player roster revealed

345 Games have revealed the final player roster for their upcoming MMA fighting game, Bellator: MMA Onslaught. Along with the roster of world-class fighters, the game will also feature a fighter creation and customization engine, with hundreds of individual moves that players can mix and match after choosing a base style. As players level up their fighter, they will earn the ability to buy and select new skills and moves, which they can then invest to augment their abilities in striking, ground, throws, defense and fitness. Players can then take their specialized fighter online where they can compete in player-versus-player ranked fights to secure their place on the “Onslaught Leader Board” and earn the chance to be immortalized in upcoming Bellator events live on-air. The final Bellator fighter roster looks as follows:

  • Pat Curran, current Bellator Featherweight World Champion
  • Joe “The Baddest Man on the Planet” Warren
  • Daniel Straus, Bellator Season 6 Featherweight Tournament Champion
  • Ronnie “Iron” Mann, 21-5 Featherweight
  • The Pitbull Brothers: Patricky and Patricio
  • Michael Chandler, current Bellator Lightweight Champion
  • Marlon Sandro, two-time Bellator Featherweight Tournament Finalist

Our own Nick Santangelo got to grips with the game at this year's E3. Check out his thoughts in this in-depth preview here. Bellator: MMA Onslaught is set to release on XBLA this summer.


XBLA Wednesday: June 6

Do you want to race isometrically or fight honorably? XBLA Fans has got what you need in case you need a game immediately in one of those genres. First up, we got Bang Bang Racing from Digital Reality for 800 MSP. The game is a throwback to the isometric racers like R.C. Pro-Am and Super Sprint for the modern era with more power-ups and online multiplayer, you can catch some impressions from PAX East before our review goes up.

Lastly, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown is a new fighter from Sega for 1200 MSP. It's got multiplayer, character customization, training modes, and quite possibly the kitchen sink for this fighter. You can also get tons of DLC packs that include extra costumes for the fighters at 400 MSP a piece. Whether it's beating up people or beating people to the finish line, XBLA Fans has got something for you to humiliate your friends with.


Skullgirls review (XBLA)

Skullgirls was developed by Reverge Labs and published by Autumn Games and Konami. It was released on April 11, 2012 for 1200 MSP. A copy was purchased by the reviewer.

What happens when a talented artist with tons of characters designs and a fighting game pro with a character-less fighting engine meet up? Skullgirls happens, that's what! Skullgirls, a true labor of love, set out to defy expectations of fighting games and provide a solid engine. Fighting games have given birth to a number of strange mechanics over the years, and a lot of the games themselves are strange. For instance, Skullgirls lets you view hitbox and hitstun data in training mode, which you can access straight form versus mode! Variable team sizes are balanced, and it's impossible to accidentally hit the pause button mid-fight.

Skullgirls takes place in The Canopy Kingdom which is home to the Skull Heart, and the tournament for its acquisition. There's evidence of a very deep, rich story and environment, though only the surface is touched in the game. Each character has a different reason to go for the Skull Heart, which, if acquired, grants one wish. However, if the wish is even slightly impure, it comes out corrupted, and the wisher becomes the Skullgirl.

Suffice to say the story is actually pretty cool, and props to Reverge for actually telling one, but that's not the focus. Skullgirls is all about the fighting, casual or competitive, so let's see if it stands up to the greats.

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Double Dragon: Neon hitting XBLA this July

Everybody loves Double Dragon, brothers Billy (sometimes even Bimmy) & Jimmy Lee are coming back to XBLA in a neon-infused edition. Entitled Double Dragon: Neon and developed by WayForward who are no strangers to 2D-style games from last year's Bloodrayne: Betrayal and Aliens: Infestation on the Nintendo DS. The 80s motif is heavy in the game from the lifebars to the high fives. The plot of the game involves Marian being kidnapped by an enemy called Skullmageddon which is pretty amazing. In with the 80s presentation is the music is filled with synth and guitar solos and you'll be able to unlock more songs to beat up people in. Check out some screenshots and concept art after the jump and blast your Poison album as you wait for this to come out in July.
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Spike and 345 Games announce Bellator: MMA Onslaught

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a big deal with a huge fan base and it looks like XBLA will be stepping into some sort of octagon very shortly with Bellator: MMA Onslaught for XBLA. The game is developed by Kung Fu Factory who are also working on the upcoming Girl Fight, perhaps not to take sides on either gender by developing two fighting games. Dan Yang from 345 Games had this to say about the game.

"It was imperative that we create a mixed martial arts game accessible to all types of players not just the hard core MMA fan. Fortunately, with ‘Bellator: MMA Onslaught,’ the player doesn’t need a doctorate in gaming or MMA to enjoy the non-stop action and excitement of the game.”

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Girl Fight Marketplace listing has screenshots of the ladies in action

We got a first hand look at Wrench from the upcoming fighter Girl Fight and now a Marketplace listing has fallen in our hands. There's also up to 20 new screenshots of the game in action that sprawls over a series of locations with ladies in military attire, knight armor, and some of them still forgot to bring shirts to the fight. Nevertheless, check out the jump for the screenshots and Marketplace description before this gets delisted. We're still looking at a spring release and the listing does bring a rumor of a March 19 release date but this unconfirmed at this date.
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