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Carmegeddon: Reincarnation is now a Kickstarter project

Nearly one year ago Stainless Games announced that it was reviving the vehicular-combat Carmageddon franchise it created back in the late 1990s with the Square Enix-published Carmageddon: Reincarnation. Then nothing happened for a while. Well, not publicly it didn't, at least.

In reality, a lot was happening behind the scenes at the Isle of Wight-based developer. After dropping "well over a third of a million dollars getting the rights back," Stainless began prototype and design work on the revival. The hundreds of thousands the dev spent on the investment reportedly "rerepresents all of [its] profits from our other work," but the team thinks it's "worth it." Yet it wasn't enough. It wasn't nearly enough, actually. And so the studio has announced its intentions to have the public fund the remaining $400,000 USD or more through Kickstarter. As of this writing, over $135,000 USD has already been funneled into Stainless' coffers by nearly 4,000 individuals who want to see the Reincarnation completed and released.

"We want to spend the money doing what we do best: making video games," says Stainless Executive Director Neil Barnden in a new promotional video that could pass as a low-budget version of a late '90s video-game commercial.

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Don't expect Lara Croft to return to XBLA anytime soon

While Crystal Dynamics is hard at work on the reboot of Tomb Raider, It's been almost a year since we saw Lara and Totec working together in Lara Croft & The Guardian of Light. But don't expect them to return anytime soon. In an interview with Joystiq, Global Brand Manager Karl Stewart of Crystal Dynamics said they will not be making a new game under the Lara Croft title. "For us, that Lara Croft was, in a way, it was sort of the furthest possible extension of that iteration of Lara. Once we finished Guardian of Light, obviously we knew we were making this version of Tomb Raider," said Stewart. While this is disappointing news to hear considering how great Guardian of Light was for reinvigorating the name of Tomb Raider, Daniel Neuberger who directed the game will also be directing the reboot so that's something to look forward to next year.

Source: Joystiq

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