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E3 Preview: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet: Art takes time

During E3 week, I had the opportunity to speak in great depth with Michel Gagne about the upcoming title Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet as well as pilot the demo for myself. The result was an entirely original experience from anything I have ever seen or played before. It was impossible to not be impressed.

The full story of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet starts nearly five years ago when Joe Olson, head of Fuelcell Games approached Michel about bringing feature quality animation to video games. Known for his unique style of animation Michel was a well-respected figure in the movie industry working on titles such as Prelude to Eden, The Iron Giant, Osmosis Jones, and Ratatouille. At the time, Michel was hesitant citing his lack of knowledge of the game industry. Michel informed me that before he started work on Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (ITSP) he did not know simple video game concepts like what a boss was. Joe was persistent and thankfully persuasive and eventually got Michel onboard under one condition. They would not make a game, but a work of art.

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E3 Preview Trenched: heavy on action, hold the mayo

Upon booting up Trenched, it’s quickly clear that this is a Double Fine game, as behind the quirky, machismo humor lies a title with some serious character. Trenched scraps the traditional formula and instead recycles the leftovers to create something entirely different and completely reinvigorating. Gone are the days when leaving a tower defense match in the middle to make a sandwich was acceptable. There will be no time to reach for the jar of mayo, as players will find themselves constantly engaged by the battles surrounding them.

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XBLAFancast Episode 16 – E3 Special!

Various events far too boring to describe led to a very delayed podcast this week. But that shouldn’t stop you from listening because this hour and 30 minute long podcast is well worth it. Unsurpringly it’s all about E3 which just finished up in LA.

Andrew takes up the hosting chair again since John was at E3 itself checking out all the cool new stuff. He’s joined by Ross Adams, John Carson and Damon Fillman. While none of us in the podcast were at E3 we all watched the Microsoft conference and we go through it point by point.

Those who watched will note that there was absolutely no XBLA related stuff at that conference, but don’t worry we hit all the latest XBLA news first. That includes the announcement of the Summer of Arcade line-up so get listening!


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Kinect: now small space friendly

Kinect has been a huge hit among the Xbox community. This thing has sold like hot cakes all across the world. The one thing many people have learned though is that it just isn’t small space friendly. This has hindered many people from buying this it, including a few of us here at XBLAFans. Nyko is planning on changing this with there new product, Zoom. Zoom is a clip on attachment for the Kinect that turns the camera into a wide angle lens, allowing you to play in a much smaller space, all for just $29.99 USD.

Full Details and more pictures after the jump.
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See you next year E3

As we close out another great E3 filled with game announcements and XBLA titles, it’s great to be reminded that it’ll be back next year. June 5-7 2012 will be the dates for next year’s E3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The Entertainment Software Association stated that it had around 46, 800 attendees for E3 2011 including our valiant Editor-In-Chief. Be sure to check back to read great previews of XBLA games in the days to come because even if E3 is over, doesn’t mean we still can’t drool over the amount of new games coming out.

Source (Photo): Joystiq


Tablets are in our future

THQ has been working with a new tablet drawing device for home consoles called uDraw. This new device will allow you to play and interact with games in whole new way. This idea was originally introduced for the Wii some time back and has now been confirmed at E3 that it is also coming for the Xbox 360. Looks like the Wii U will have a competitor when it comes to touchscreen gaming on a console

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Bloodforge: officially an XBLA title

Climax Group has unveiled it’s next game, Bloodforge. This new title is wrapped around a dark Celtic world, filled with warriors, myths and legends. The pictures show an amazing art style at work here as well as a hint that much bloodshed is in our future. The only other thing that we know is that you will play as Crum, a man who must fight to escape the fate of the gods. From the screens and statements it is seems like God of War and 300 have come together for this one and that my friends could be a very good thing. Hit the jump for more screenshots.
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Making training better with Skullgirls

One of the most obscene issues with fighting games these days is the near unapproachable learning curve to high level play. Jumping into a match against a player who is proficient with both an arcade stick and precise button presses can spell instant doom to your roster of choice as well as your ego. Reverge Labs is taking matters into their own hands with their game Skullgirls to move the bar forward in the art of teaching someone how to brawl effectively.

Street Fighter 4, for example, has a set list of moves for a player to learn in which they later bring into combos. The hardest part of these lessons are how to bring what you’ve learned in training mode and use them against an opponent. It’s never really made clear when certain combos should be used and in what situation, which begs the question: What good is a weapon if you don’t know how to use it? Read the rest of this entry »


Trenched unlocks and innovates with Regiments

With only two weeks until release it looks like Trenched still has a few tricks up its sleeve. The hybrid mech combat/tower defense game has some very promising systems in store for players who plan of taking the war online. One of the bigger bullet points when Trenched was first revealed was the ability to customize your mobile trench units to induce destruction in the way that you see fit. To build off of that idea, Double Fine has implemented an upgrade system similar to those in the FPS genre, using specific weapons or completing a goal to earn unlocks for a class of weapons. While this feature is fairly standard these days in games like Battlefield, it was certainly a nice surprise to see that kind of depth in Trenched.

What is more surprising than the addition of unlocks is the innovative Regiment system. As you play online in Trenched, you’re likely to play with your friends or meet people that you like to play with. What Regiment does for the player is develop a support system for those who play together. Tying into the unlock system, those who are a part of your Regiment and vice-versa are entitled to unlocks that have been made available barring a level restriction. While not all of the highest tier weapons will be usable to someone new to Trenched, some upgrades that wouldn’t be be there from the start will be unlocked. Also, even if you aren’t able to be online at all times friends in your Regiment can unlock artillery for you even when you aren’t playing.

Double Fine has obviously thought about how to make multiplayer more accessible, and with systems like Regiment they could be the innovators the industry needs in the online space.


Rock of Ages rolling to XBLA on August 31

Rock of Ages is a game that we’ve known about for close to two years now and have anticipated it’s release for just as long. At E3 the game’s publisher, Atlus, has finally given XBLA Fans a release date for ACE Team’s second endeavor. We will be rolling the titular rock on August 31 of this year. For those unfamiliar with what Rock of Ages is, please refer to the trailer below and know that the wait is almost over.

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