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Quarrel review (XBLA)

Quarrel was developed by Denki and published by UTV Ignition Entertainment. It was released on January 25, 2012 for 400 MSP. A copy of the game was provided for review purposes.

The wildly popular word game Quarrel is finally available on the Xbox 360. We won't get into specifics as to why it took so long for the game to finally arrive on the 360. But as both a game that test your knowledge of the English dictionary and patience, Quarrel provides a unique twist on word games with its strategic gameplay. With its cheap 400 MSP price tag, it's also a steal for fans of word games.

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Quarrel's quarrel with the games industry

This week saw the XBLA release of Quarrel and while we wait to see how well it fairs with the XBLA crew, developers Denki talk about how difficult it was to get the game launched at all in their latest blog post:

“The problems only started once they’d passed Quarrel up the decision tree to their finance and marketing teams – the bit more commonly known as ‘The Industry’…However, one signal came through clearer than any other among the general noise of reasons why Quarrel wasn’t for them, and that was this: ‘Gamers don’t buy word games.’””

They also reveal how the game has been finished and ready for launch for around 2 years now, with the multiplayer XBLA version being what was originally designed. So who will win the the “Gamers vs The Industry” showdown? Denki’s money is obviously on that gamers do and will buy a word game and given the game’s success on the iPhone, it looks like they've already earned the “I told you so” rights. Quarrel was released on XBLA January 25 for 400 MSP. Why not download the trial and let us know what you think and remember to come back for our upcoming review to see what XBLAFans thought.

Source: Denki Blog


Quarrel arriving on January 25 for 400 Microsoft Points

Ignition Entertainment and Denki announced that Quarrel will finally make its Xbox Live Arcade debut on January 25. The highly popular free iOS app will retail for 400 Microsoft Points.

Quarrel is a strategy game that pits players against each other in a battle for territorial control. Players are given eight random letters to come up with the highest scoring word possible. Each letter has a specific point value that is used to determine the overall value of the word. The player with the highest scoring word wins the battle and the territory. The game is won by controlling all territories on the board.

Unlike the iOS version of Quarrel, the XBLA iteration will feature online multiplayer for 2-4 players. However, the online functionality will only be available over Xbox Live with no option for local multiplayer.

Source: Joystiq


XBLAFans Anticipated 2012 XBLA Game Releases: P-R

We’ve spent the past week searching the internet and hounding our industry contacts in an effort to compile the ultimate 2012 XBLA Game Release List. We anticipated on heck of a year for Xbox Live Arcade. So epic we couldn’t even fit everything on one page. So without further ado, check out the list:

XBLAFans Anticipated 2012 Releases A-B
XBLAFans Anticipated 2012 Releases C-F
XBLAFans Anticipated 2012 Releases G-L
XBLAFans Anticipated 2012 Releases M-O
XBLAFans Anticipated 2012 Releases P-R
XBLAFans Anticipated XBLA Game Releases S
XBLAFans Anticipated XBLA Game Releases T-Z
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Quarrel coming in 2012 with online multiplayer

To tell you the truth, we haven't heard anything about Quarrel until today when @lifelower tipped us a screenshot with the game description. Quarrel is an iPhone/iPad game coming to XBLA where Game Informer describes it as "Scrabble meets Risk", which sounds like a curious combination.

You play on a map that's evenly divided by sections and must overtake similar to Risk however, victory is determined by a word battle with the best scoring word as the winner. They can only use the number of soldiers to represent how many letters they have so you'll have to utilize your cohorts wisely to get the best scoring words. While it was announced for Fall of this year, the developer Denki announced on their blog that the XBLA version of Quarrel will hit sometime next year with online multiplayer for up to 4 friends. We'll keep the word out for any new information when Quarrel hits sometime next year.

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