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The Behemoth's Game 4 preview: Flying circus

Game 4 Ship

Like most worlds The Behemoth has created, that of Game 4 is a little outrageous and more than a little deranged. If you know anything at all about the studio's fourth game, it's probably that a gargantuan, six-limbed, space-faring bear has slammed into the planet and unleashed all manner of chaos. So comically massive is this Goro-like animal that it's a wonder anything on the hapless planet it strikes survives the impact. But survive some inhabitants do; after all, it would be more than a bit tricky to build a turn-based strategy game without a plethora of units to conscript and command.

Though the early section of Game 4 on display at PAX East is brief, we see or hear about units as varied as humans, trolls, robots and some sort of living cupcake creatures. Yeah, cupcakes. Playes are given control of Horatio, a simple blueberry farmer and father of one. The extravagantly mustachioed Horatio is forced to take up arms when a band of "Child Eaters" threatening to — what else? — eat his child show up alongside an unseen narrator hurling threats at him. Before you know it, green bear blood pours down from the sky and destroys Horatio's house, killing his son in the process. It's as dark as it sounds.

At least, it would be if not for the fact that Game 4 is also utterly goofy. In a repeat performance from his turn in The Behemoth's BattleBlock Theater, narrator Will Stamper uses his absurd, tangent-filled rants to bring the funnies while also making you question whether or not it's appropriate to chuckle after witnessing a child being disintegrated by caustic alien bear blood. Of course, this sort of irreverence is nothing new for The Behemoth. Castle Crashers had poop-propelled deer mounts, a literal catfish that coughed up hairball projectiles and princess make-out sessions. Then there was BattleBlock Theater, for which the setup was a group of anthropomorphic cat overlords forcing shipwrecked sailors to perform in a deadly game show. Game 4 is clearly being made from the same mold.

My only means of conveyance

Game 4 Giraffe Guy

Dan Paladin has served as the main art director for all of The Behemoth's games, and it shows. But you get the sense that even were Game 4 bereft of Paladin's bright and charming visuals, you'd still pick up on the connection to the studio's other games, despite the fact that they are all set in different genres. Production Coordinator Ian Moreno agrees that The Behemoth's titles all carry a similar tone, but he's not entirely sure how that happens. Or even whether or not it's on purpose.

"It's very much…" he says before pausing a few seconds to search for the answer, "there's an overall feel and vibe. It's not just a platformer or a shooter or a turn-based strategy [game]. There's always more to it, and, yeah, that's a really tough question. I think it's just in our DNA, whether it's the humor and the way we present things, we like to present things very differently.

"When you look at say, how we design our HUD or something, it has to have a little more nuance to it, whether the nuance is just humor or is just offbeat or different."

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Behemoth reveals first Game 4 trailer


The Behemoth has revealed the first trailer for their fourth game, temporarily titled Game 4. The studio's previous works inclue Castle Crashers and BattleBlock TheaterYou can see the trailer for Game 4 embedded below.

The Behemoth's announcing blog post reads: "Shortly before the release of BattleBlock Theater we started working on something new. We schemed up a bunch of concepts and picked our strongest one. From there we fleshed out the lone survivor prototype!!! As it grew stronger and stronger, we polished it, furnished it with delights, and added (gluten free?) sprinkles. Yes, as the chicken dictates, this game is of a genre we haven’t covered before and seek to breathe a new flavor into. Maybe you can find a hint in the video below about which genre it is??"

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The Behemoth will debut life-sized Game 4 Cupcake at RTX


The Behemoth will be unveiling a life-sized goodie from Game 4 at the Rooster Teeth Expo this year, seen above. The treat looks quite fantastic especially for a life-sized cupcake and if you are headed to the expo be sure to stop by and snap a picture with it (RTX Booth 131). While there is still almost no information for Game 4 these little stunts only further our anticipation to see all be revealed.

The Behemoth is also bringing their arcade cabinets for their previous games, Alien Hominid HD, Castle Crashers, and BattleBlock Theater so there is certainly going to be plenty to do at The Behemoth booth.


Castle Crashers event happening in Happy Wars until Wednesday

Castle Crashers happy wars

Happy Wars developer Toylogic Inc. has announced that a Castle Crashers event is happening from now until April 23rd. Simply by playing the Bounty Hunters mode, you'll be able to score equipment styled after the Blue Knight and Barbarian from The Behemoth's colorful beat 'em up. If you have at least one achievement unlocked in Castle Crashers, you'll also automatically unlock a Barbarian-themed item. Check out more info over at PlayXBLA.

In addition to getting free Castle Crashers-themed gear, fans of the free-to-play game can also pick up a Premium Membership or Support Items for 25 percent off in the item shop. If you haven't checked out Happy Wars yet, we gave it a Buy It in our review – an even higher honor considering you can play for free!


The Behemoth helping other indies with funding, user experience & QA

The independent developer who brought XBLA gamers BattleBlock Theater, Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers has announced that, in addition to game development, it has two other ways it hopes will result in the best indie games possible making it "from conception to physical reality in the industry." The Behemoth is now providing quality assurance and usability testing and what it describes as "no strings attached" funding for external indie developers.

Its testing lab, which the Sand Diego developer previously talked to XBLA Fans about at PAX East 2013, has been dubbed The Research Centaur and is said to staff testers with an average of six and a half years worth of experience in game testing. When he spoke of the testing center last year, The Behemoth President John Baez told us that it started as a purely internal department. Things went so swimmingly when testing BattleBlock Theater, though, that the developer decided to begin offering its testing services to external indie studios.

"I mean, one of the things we’ve done to kind of contribute to that [indie developer survivability] is we built a usability lab for Battleblock Theater, which has gone really, really well," Baez said last year at PAX East. "It’s about a year old, and it’s only internal, and now we’ve opened it up. Well, there’s that and a QA department — very small, four people — but they’re very, very good at what they do. And now we’re beginning to open that up to other developers. So Bastion for all of iOS, we tested [it] and certified [it] to make sure that [Supergiant's] game was good.

"So we’re opening that up to independent developers as a resource so they don’t have to go — I mean it’s not any cheaper than going to a big, gigantic test firm — but you’ll get the absolute attention to detail."

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Microsoft reveals huge list of new ID@Xbox partners


Microsoft has announced that over 200 developers are working on titles for the Xbox One via its ID@Xbox initiative and has released the names of 65 of these developers that are joining the 32 developers they already announced back in December.

Some of the highlights in the list include The Behemoth, developers of the extremely popular Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater; Playdead, the developers of eerie XBLA title LIMBO; Ska Studios, the team behind the beautifully violent games Charlie Murder and The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile; Warhorse Studios, the developers behind the highly successful Kickstarter Kingdom Come: Deliverance; and Zoë Mode, the developers of Powerstar Golf.

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Dear Xbox 360, I'll miss you

Xbox 360

Dear Xbox 360,

Where to begin? How do you start something like this? Is there any "right" way to do it? I don't think there is. Maybe by saying that I'm sorry? Yeah, a sincere apology feels right. It’s not the type of sincerity you express at the end of a cover letter to someone you’ve never met in your life and couldn’t possibly have sincere feelings for, mind you; it’s the kind that means something, as you have meant much to me these past eight wonderful years. I know I'm rambling now, but this isn't easy for me. What I'm trying to say is, I sincerely apologize, Xbox 360. I’m sorry, but it’s time to move on. It’s not you, but it’s not me, either — it’s that dark temptress known as the next generation.

Know that we now head down different paths not necessarily because of some sort of monumental “paradigm shift,” but rather because it is simply the way of things. This is how it has to be, and we both knew this day was coming the morning I brought you home from Best Buy after waiting in line overnight for somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 hours. It was cold, and it was raining. I had to take time off from the crummy Postal Service job I was working at the time to do it, but I did it for you, and, given the chance, I’d do it all over again.

Do you remember that morning? You were sitting cozily inside the heated store; you didn’t know me yet, but I was sitting on the pavement with four or five layers of clothing on when it happened. The man in the blue shirt and yellow name tag got to my point in the line, and he gave me ticket number 41 — out of 42. I was both relieved and horrified all at once. My efforts to brave the elements would not go to waste. I would take a shiny new Xbox 360 home with me that day. I would take you home, but, truth be told, you weren’t the one I wanted. Sorry again, but I had eyes for another.

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Xbox 360's best XBLA games of all time: #5 – 1

Best of XBLA

Xbox Live Arcade began its life on Microsoft's Xbox 360 simply enough. When eager gamers bought up Xbox 360s on launch day (November 22, 2005), they found a free copy of Hexic HD pre-loaded on their hard drives. Of course, it was another launch title that secured the platform's success. Bizarre's Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved both gave birth to the twin-stick shooter craze and demanded gamers take Xbox Live Arcade, which started in disc form back on the original Xbox, seriously as a digital games platform. Bizarre's side project paved the way for the enormous variety of retro revivals, HD remakes, original indie projects, major studio releases, free-to-play games and more that have come to call XBLA home in the years since.

Today, we're approximately one month away from the launch of the Xbox One, which will signal the end of XBLA as we have come to know it these past eight years. While Microsoft's Xbox line will continue to be home to myriad low-cost downloadable video games, the XBLA moniker will not make the transition to Xbox One. It's going down with the figurative (and literal) Xbox 360 boat. So what better time than now to count down the best XBLA games to ever grace the Xbox 360?

It wasn't easy, but our staff has sorted through all of the best XBLA releases over the years and picked the ones that we feel are the true standout stars of the platform. Check back with us throughout the week as we run down five of Xbox Live Arcade's top games every night. And don't forget to head to the comments to let us know how much you love (or hate) our picks.

(Editor's Note: Voting was conducted in early September. No games released post-Summer of Arcade 2013 were considered eligible.)

5.) Minecraft

Minecraft Creeper

Nathan Bowring, ReporterMinecraft’s impact on XBLA has been huge; it’s been beating sales records ever since its release, and it continues to top the Xbox Live activity charts. There’s just something magical about that simple, blocky world that’s hard to resist. Every new, randomly generated world is the start of a new adventure. In Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, you’ll map out the landscape, explore deep caverns to collect precious diamonds, fight terrifying nocturnal monsters and build to your heart’s desire. The resources you collect may turn into your new house, or maybe you’ll turn them into weapons to fight the Ender Dragon. The only thing that limits the game is your imagination, with every new title update adding so many more possibilities.

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Deal of the Week: Cowboys, Crashers, Batman and Blood Dragons


This week's deal offers up some of the very best Xbox Live Arcade has to offer, dropping names and prices on a couple of the year's bigger titles and tossing in a few longstanding favorites for the late crowd. Xbox Live Gold Members can get a cut of the exclusive savings now, through Monday, September 16.

Kicking things off is the excellent Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, which can be had for a paltry $7.49, doubling the already outstanding value contained in the rich storytelling and imaginative design. Another gem of the early year, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is similarly priced at $7.49, uniting the gameplay of its namesake with the over-the-top cliches of the '80s and some laser-assisted dragons. Doodle Jump Kinect rounds out the group, which may seem like an odd choice given its company, but at a discounted price of $2.49 – who really cares?

Gunslinger          Blood Dragon          DoodleJump

Because a few must-own titles, and Doodle Jump, aren't enough to constitute a sale, Microsoft has seemingly relinquished control to Warner Bros. and The Behemoth, who've made their own respectful offers. Not much of Warner Bros. Batman-riddled offerings come by way of XBLA, but Gotham City Impostors does sneak in at $7.49, half the standard price. The Behemoth throws their entire Xbox Live Arcade collection on the table with BattleBlock Theater at $10.04 (33% off), Alien Hominid HD for $4.99 (50% off) and of course, everyone's favorite six years running, Castle Crashers at $7.49 (50% off).

GCI          BattleBlock Theatre          Alien Hominid HD          CastleCrashers

Last but not least, a few XBLA residents have had their prices reduced moving forward. Unlike the above, these prices should remain constant long after this week-long sale has expired. You can collect Realms of Ancient War (wisely abbreviated to RAW) for $9.99, but tread lightly, adventurer. The rest of the bunch groups up neatly at the $4.99 price point, featuring Invincible TigerPowerUp Forever, and the very decent Special Forces Team X. As always, you can hit the name of any title for more information, or tap the image to be whisked away directly to the savings.

RAW          Invincible Tiger          PowerUp Forever          STX


July XBLA sales roundup

Pacific Rim

The numbers are in for the month of July, and it seems as though Pacific Rim: The Video Game is one of the more popular new additions to the store (of the games for which player statistics were available) with a total of 6,482 new players. Other new games included Scourge: Outbreak, Capsized and Zeno Clash 2, which on the whole received more favourable Metacritic scores but for which player statistics were unavailable on Gamasutra.

However, compared with fan favorite Castle Crashers, which picked up a total of 63,625 new players during the month, Pacific Rim: The Video Game did not perform quite as well. Castle Crashers, for which the overall amount of players now adds up to 3,583,918, was the most popular established game on Xbox Live Arcade. The Behemoth's most recent release, BattleBlock Theater, didn't do as well, managing to pick up 42,311 new players. Overall the older game that managed to pick up the most new players was Doritos Crash Course 2, which nabbed 345,411 people. Doritos Crash Course 2 is a free-to-play game that uses in-app purchases.

In terms of DLC, Pinball FX 2 seemed to dominate alongside Trials Evolution, Trials HD and Defense Grid: The Awakening. The latter, however, managed to pick up 837,860 new players for the base game itself. This spike in popularity was due to it being made available for free for a two-week period for Xbox Live Gold Members. The leaderboard also includes five additional pieces of DLC for the popular game.

Head over to Ryan Langley’s blog at Gamasutra for more details and the full roundup of sales for the month of July.

Source: Gamasutra

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