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Warface beta now open to all gold subscribers

Crytek's free-to-play military shooter Warface is now available to download for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers as the game entered open beta earlier this week. The beta will carry over three versus modes from the closed beta and two new co-op settings with multiple mission types and difficulties. Crytek also promise a constant flow of new content, settings and modes along daily new missions built for beginners and experts. Given that Warface is built on the players’ feedback, the developers are keen for beta players to send any feedback or constructive thoughts to or over at the new forums on

Source: Major Nelson


Project Spark Beta hits Xbox One today


The ambitious game creation tool Project Spark has had its beta extended beyond the confines of the PC and onto the Xbox One starting today. Project Spark on the Xbox One allows players to use Kinect to voice the characters in the games they create as well as use motion tracking to change how characters move in their game. Moreover, Project Spark will also have SmartGlass support, so that users can switch between creating vibrant worlds on their TV screens to managing the game on their SmartGlass supported devices.

The Project Spark beta on Xbox One is currently open to all those who are part of the Windows 8.1 beta and is available to download from the Xbox Marketplace. Furthermore, Team Dakota, Project Spark's developer, is still accepting new beta applicants here. You can head over and sign up now to play, create and share Xbox One games within what promises to be an amazing vehicle of innovation.

Source: Xbox Wire


Xbox One to get Project Spark beta in February


The Project Spark beta is currently only available for Windows 8 users lucky enough to receive a key, but it's about to make the jump over to consoles next month. According to a post by Project Spark developer Team Dakota on the game's official Facebook page, the beta will be extended to Xbox One audiences sometime next month.

All current beta key holders on PC will be able to access the beta on Xbox One when it arrives in February by using the same Xbox Live ID, plus Team Dakota is planning on releasing another round of beta keys when the Xbox One version of the beta launches next month. Any projects created and purchases made in the PC version will carry over to the Xbox One beta.

Source: Project Spark Official Facebook Page via Polygon


Ascend: Hand of Kul updates beta ahead of public release


The forthcoming free-to-play action RPG, Ascend: Hand of Kul, continues its quiet march toward an inevitable launch date. Since early July, players who were fortunate to score a coveted spot in the closed beta have plummeted the depths of Signal Studios' impressive landscape, and clashed against one another in the name of their respective gods. As we previously reported, plans are well underway to roll the beta into open release, starting with the latest content update.

Signal Studios' President D.R. Albright III took to the developer's blog to announce the update as version 1.1, the changes/features/fixes therein, and outline the future of Ascend. "The 1.1 phase will be released to those who have already been playing first," he wrote. "Within a few days after release, we will be expanding the beta in larger groups, approximately 15k players is the goal." If you're not yet involved in the beta, the next round of invitations could remedy that – head over to official registration site to toss your name into the hat.

For those already engrossed in the ongoing Crusade for total dominion, you'll be happy to know the playable world has now been expanded, including a long-awaited crack at one towering titan. Additional considerations aimed at improving player experience include: lowered repair costs, spells automatically receiving legacy status, pre/post invader status screens, increased difficulty during boss engagements and additional stats to pore over with each new item acquisition.

"We also fixed over 800 bugs since we last met and probably introduced a few hundred more :)! Let’s all hop on this beta and report any issues to the forums to help improve the public release," Albright added. "Rest assured, back at the mothership we are already working diligently towards the next phase of Ascend, which is the full public release!" The full collection of changes can be found in list form – everyone's favorite form – right after the jump.

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Ascend: Hand of Kul begins closed beta


The forthcoming free-to-play action-RPG Ascend: Hand of Kul has finally opened its doors for a closed beta. Developer Signal Studios today announced that would-be testers who previously applied to participate should be on the lookout for a confirmation email within the next 24 hours. In the event you're not selected, fear not, this is just the first pass and future beta opportunities may become available.

Ascend: Hand of Kul, until recently titled Ascend: New Gods, is the highly-anticipated action title that pits your customizable character against enemies of all sizes — from mammoth titans to puny humans. The game features persistent multiplayer, allowing you to help or hinder other players in the battle for controllable territory all in the name of your god.

When you're satisfied with your progression, Ascend offers the ability to go the route of ascension, converting your character into a powerful enemy that roams the worlds of other players. This sacrifice doesn't just wreak havoc among the general population, ascending bestows additional powers and heirlooms upon your next hero, beginning the cycle anew.

Though there's no official release date just yet, Ascend: Hand of Kul is slated to launch this year on Xbox Live Arcade.


Battleblock Theater closed beta begins this month

Battleblock Theater XBLAThe closed beta for The Behemoth's forthcoming Battleblock Theater finally has a release date. Those lucky enough to grab one of the coveted 10,000 spots can expect to get started in two short weeks, beginning February 28. Selected beta testers for Battleblock Theater will be receiving email notifications from The Behemoth in waves, so if you applied and haven't yet been contacted, don't fret just yet. There's still hope.

All last week, XBLAFans ran a contest in partnership with The Behemoth to guarantee a certain number of beta spots for eager volunteers. In case you missed it, there's still time to sign up and hope your number gets pulled. All you have to do is head over to The Behemoth's official beta page, peruse the regulations and, if you meet the criteria, fill out the form. If you're interested in getting your hands on Battleblock Theater before anyone else in the world, but not sure what to expect, check out the official trailer below.

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Battleblock Theater arena modes revealed

king battleblock theater

The Behemoth recently announced that they are looking for 10,000 players to participate in a closed beta test of their upcoming Battleblock Theater beginning sometime in either February or March. The beta program will give willing testers access to story levels, the level editor and a few levels of all arena modes. However, we've not had a lot of details on what these arena modes actually are, until now that is. For The Behemoth have just published some details on their developer's blog on the multiplayer games we can look forward to:

  • Soul -Steal enemy souls and run away. Stomp, punch, kick or kill your opponent to capture their soul. The longer you have their sweet, sweet spirit, the more points you or your team will get. Don’t forget that you’ve got a soul too, so you better make sure that doesn't get stolen in the process!
  • Muckle – Beat and kill the enemy team. It’s that simple. One, two and land those punches. Give them a good uppercut. Use those weapons you earned. Get points for being the most powerful team.
  • Challenge – Score the best time. How fast can you go through a level? Or a better question would be: How much faster can you go than others? Prove to everyone that you’re the best of the best at finishing before anyone else… In this context it’s a good thing!
  • King of the Hill – Stand on the crown blocks. They’re golden and shiny. You can’t miss them. The only problem is your enemies can’t miss them either! Keep your opponents off those blocks and do your best to stay on them for a multitude of points.
  • Color the World – Color more blocks than the other team. You’ll start off with a “blank slate” of greyish blocks and end with a kaleidoscope of colors – unless you’re really good or really suck, then you’ll only see giant blocks of color.
  • Grab the Gold – Grab more gold than the other team. A floating whale spits out gold. Your objective is to take those pieces to the safe. It’s that easy. Just remember to keep them safe from your opponents!
  • Ball Game – Get the ball in the basket. When you play this mode, you’ll be grabbing, passing and dunking in no time! Just remember to put the ball into your opponent’s hoop and not your own!
  • Horse – Ride the horse to the stables. You’ll have a chance to use your sneaky skills to steal the other team’s horse. Lead the horse all the way back to your own stable to get your haul of points.

You can sign up for the beta here, but to guarantee a spot then best look out for one of our daily giveaway contests. Hit the jump for some screenshots of all modes described above.

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Battleblock Theater closed beta registration begins

battleblock theater beta

If you can't wait to get your hands on The Behemoth's long-awaited platformer Battleblock Theater, now's your chance to give it a try. Announced today by The Behemoth on their Development Blog, they are looking for 10,000 players to participate in a closed beta test beginning in February or March. In order to participate you must be at least 13 years old, have a gamertag with Xbox Live Gold, and an account on the Behemoth forums. Registration has already begun and will remain open until all the beta codes are distributed. Interested? Sign up for the Battleblock Theater beta here.


Update: Details about the Upcoming Hybrid Beta

[UPDATE]: Beta is now live for download, however, the servers will not go up until 2 PM EST (11 AM PST).


With the much-anticipated Hybrid beta finally on its way, we've been searching for some additional info on the beta itself. After following up with 5th Cell, they've kindly informed us on what'll be in the beta. Here's the breakdown:

  • There will be 3 maps and 3 modes in the beta. In the finished version there are 10 maps and 7 modes.
  • The level cap is 50, but surpassing level 25 is "highly unlikely" within the beta.
  • There are a lot of weapons to unlock, but it's possible to see them all if you play enough.
  • The territory metagame pitting Paladin versus Variant will be live in the game. Players will be forced to pick a faction and will not be able to change in beta. Players of opposite factions cannot be played with on the same team, even if they're on your friends list. In the full version there are ways to change your faction, so we're told.
  • Nothing will be added to the beta after it goes live. It will be two and a half weeks long.
  • Players are heavily encouraged to report bugs and impressions to the Hybrid forums.
  • Also, the beta is US only unfortunately. By changing your account's region to USA you should be able to circumvent this, however.

So there you have it guys, everything you need to know about the Hybrid beta. Looks like there's a good portion of the game being shown off here with plenty of time to dive into it. Two and a half weeks puts the end of it squarely in the middle of May, around the 16th. Check out the beta trailer if you're not sure if you're interested or know what it is, but suffice to say it's no typical third person shooter. Last but not least, we have 30 codes to give away tomorrow! We'll let you know how  when the time comes.

For those of you who want to play with or against us here at XBLA Fans, we'll be a part of the Variant faction.

As a reminder, we want to reiterate that you CANNOT CHANGE YOUR FACTION once you pick one in the beta. You also CANNOT ALLY WITH FRIENDS/MEMBERS OF THE OTHER FACTION, so if you want to play with your friends make sure they're the same faction as you. There are unfortunately no private matches in the beta, so take heed of this now.


Update: 5th Cell unveils Hybrid beta details along with a new action packed trailer

Update: 5th Cell has informed us that the beta will be US only.

Earlier this month, 5th Cell announced that their upcoming tactical shooter Hybrid, would be host to a beta on Xbox Live Arcade. Today, we're able to reveal that the beta (which will be closed) will kick off toward the end of April, with keys being sent out in waves. To gain access to the beta, sign up by heading over to the official Hybrid website, and complete the short form. Note that there is a referral system in place which allows you to gain access to an exclusive in-game helmet in the final version of the game by bringing your friends along for the ride. 5th Cell has also debuted a new trailer for the game (above) which shows off plenty of action and fills you in on all the gritty details along the way. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the new trailer and go sign up for the beta!

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