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Worms Battlegrounds available now on Xbox One

The Worms franchise makes it's next generation debut on with Worms Battlegrounds for the Xbox One. Battlegrounds released on May 30th and is available for $24.99 on the Games Marketplace. There are new environments, goofy weapons, and silly scenarios for players to experience. The single player experience boasts puzzles and situations other than total annihilation of AI opponents according to Team 17. Multiplayer games afford the same opportunities as usual, decimate your friends and foes with everything from banana bombs to exploding sheep on unusual terrain. Clan support adds a community competition aspect, which looks quite deep and offers tournaments for prizes. Worms Battlegrounds is among the first titles to be released under the ID@Xbox program.


Worms Battlegrounds wiggles onto Xbox One in late May


Worms Battlegrounds is making its way on to Xbox One via digital download on the May 30, 2014. Hard copy discs will be available at certain retailers as well. Worms Battlegrounds will be the among the first titles to be released under the ID@Xbox program. The classic worms franchise is back for it's next gen debut, and the list of updated features promises for some fun and interesting scenarios. Check out the features listed below, might be a fun game to pick up over the Memorial Day weekend.

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Red Faction: Battlegrounds Coming to XBLA

Do you need some Red Faction action soon? Well, you're in luck. Don Whiteford, THQ Digital creative director, has announced a tie-in title for Red Faction: Armageddon – namely, Red Faction: Battlegrounds. This comes straight out of the GDC Europe conference, where hopes are switched to high.

As previously mentioned by THQ's Danny Bilson, a tie-in title would be available "three or four months" before 2011's Armageddon. Which could mean Battlegrounds will release sometime during your upcoming November and December festivities.

According to Gamasutra, this future XBLA release is being developed by a core team of only four people. I know nothing about how to develop a game, but that sure inspires me to find out. Gamasutra also mentions that Battlegrounds is a "a topdown car, mech and rover combat title… with up to four players on the same screen. In addition, various achievements in the game — which was built by a core team of just four people — will unlock unique elements in Red Faction: Armageddon."

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