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Terraria review (XBLA)

Terraria was originally developed by Re-Logic; 505 Games developed and published the Xbox 360 port. It was released March 27, 2013 for 1200 MSP. A copy was provided for review purposes.


At its heart, Terraria is a 2D side scrolling platform game which features a range of RPG, mining, crafting and world building mechanics. With such a unique mixture of gameplay styles and influences, one could be forgiven for thinking that Terraria should lack depth or substance. The reality is quite contrary however, and Terraria may actually be one of the deepest and most engaging titles within the Xbox Live Arcade catalog.

Terraria presents the player with such a huge range of activities to participate in, at such a variable pace, that it really is the ultimate sandbox game. Unlike Minecraft or Spelunky which respectively allow players to wander aimlessly in relative safety or punish them brutally along an increasingly difficult path, Terraria presents both options as slowly or as quickly as you can manage. 

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XBLA Wednesday: September 12

In the mood for solving crime or beating up thugs for messing up your hair? XBLA Wednesday has got something for both of those appetites this week. First up, Double Dragon Neon is the throwback brawler from Majesco and WayForward. Based on the original Double Dragon but now with more 80s flair and mullets to go alongside your punches and spin kicks. It retails for 800 MSP and we'll have a review shortly.

Rounding out today is Lexis Numerique's Red Johnson's Chornicles, an adventure game similar in vein of Telltale's games but more film noir. Red Johnson is best private investigator until his brother has been abducted and you have a price on your head that you'll need to avoid. You can grab it at 800 MSP. Whether it's beating up in the 80's or solving mysteries now, XBLA Wednesday has got something for you.


The Russia Under Siege DLC for Dogfight 1942 was also released on Wednesday for a whopping 800 MSP.


Super Time Force's Saturday Morning Trailer with Zackasaurus

Super Time Force was in full effect at this year's PAX Prime and it had an explosive and hilarious new trailer to show for it. Not huge on gameplay but huge on the Saturday morning TV ethic where we see the Super Time Force make jokes and try to teach kids that trying is all that matters since you'll eventually come back to life…only if you're part of their force though. Check out the hilarious trailer and the reveal of one of the best new characters in gaming with Zackasaurus. It'll have you saying KOOKABUNGA in no time.


Dust: An Elysian Tail Guide – General & Boss Tips, Bakers Dozen Achievement

Welcome to our guide for all things Dust: An Elysian Tail! Dust is without doubt my pick of the games released on XBLA this summer and an all-around fantastic game. While it's almost impossible that you haven't heard of this game by now, definitely check out our review for the game.

Dust can be pretty challenging at times, with a few tough bosses to defeat and a whole host of hidden content. In an identical way to classic games such as Castlevania and Metroid, Dust expects that players will revisit previously completed levels in order to unlock new areas and secrets.

In this guide, I’ll be providing some general tips and some combat hints on this page as well as a boss guide (beware spoilers) and a guide for the Bakers Dozen achievement (for finding all the hidden characters) on separate pages.

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Dust: An Elysian Tail – Boss Guide

The Glade – Giants

The first boss encounter is quite an easy one, but it can be tough if you use the wrong tactics. First of all, you’ll be attacked by a single Giant and following a short cut scene, Dust will unlock the Parry skill. This is a big clue here, as unlikely as it seems, you can actually parry the Giants attacks. Just as the Giant pauses and begins his swing, hit X and hold it (timing is quite forgiving on normal/hard) to parry the attack. Once the Giant is stunned, you can hit him with two or three combos. Repeat this cycle until the Giant falls, unlocking the next stage of the battle. This time, Dust will need to face down two Giants. Repeat the same process of parrying and counter attacking, but take care not to get trapped between the Giants or to get caught when both of them swing at once. If you get into trouble, remember to use the dodge or jump whirlwind attack to get out of there.

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Dust: An Elysian Tail – Hidden Characters (Bakers Dozen) Guide

The Bakers Dozen Achievement is all about rescuing your favourite characters that have been hidden throughout the world of Dust: An Elysian Tail. Don’t forget that when you get to any one of the cages that these guys are imprisoned in, you will need four keys and some quick hands to beat the locks!

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Scott Pilgrim online multiplayer DLC delayed until Fall

You're not alone…well, unless you want to play online multiplayer. While Major Nelson announced in his post that we'd be getting an online multiplayer DLC with a playable Wallace for August 19 (which was weird in itself for a Sunday). But it was nowhere to be found on the marketplace, so what gives? Joystiq followed up with Ubisoft and were given a new release window of this fall. No reason why for the delay but perhaps it'll coincide with the color version of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World coming out in October? They both have the same name so it's a big maybe. It's a bummer but we've been waiting two years for this, we can wait a little while longer.


XBLA’s Most Wanted: Gunbound

In the wake of upcoming turn based artillery giant Worms: Revolution, the sheer vacancy of this genre becomes ever more apparent. The genre is populated almost exclusively by Worms, but there are a few other games which have made a name for themselves over the years. One such competitor which has maintained popularity throughout its existence is Gunbound. This free to play online artillery game just had its 7th anniversary since its inception in Korea back in 2005. Developer Softnyx's approach to the genre includes an extensive item-based stat customization engine as well as several different "mobiles", each with different elements and stats. At the heart of the game is aiming and shooting, but there's something strangely deep about it too.

When you boot up a game of Gunbound today in 2012, you'll note not much has changed in the UI over the last several years. The game has never had a graphical update (that we can tell), you still can't change the resolution, and there's still not enough information on each mobile in the mobile selection screen. That said, the amount of content has at least doubled in every respect including mobiles, items, maps, and game modes. While estranged from its early adopters by a lack of true game experience upgrades, if Softnyx were to join Nexon (developers of Dungeon Fighter Live) on Xbox Live Arcade and beef up the presentation of Gunbound, this mobile blastin' multiplayer game could be just as addictive as it was on PC. Read the rest of this entry »


Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit unleashes on September 26

The excitement train for Sega and Arkedo's Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit has been rolling for quite some time now. We loved it at E3 and loved chatting with the studio's co-founder about the game at PAX East. Now we finally have a release date and price to coincide with the new trailer.

The game will be released on September 26 (the video has the Tuesday PSN release date) for 1200 MSP. Trust us, it'll be worth it when it comes out. As Ash, the bunny prince of darkness, a scantily-clad picture of you in the bathtub with a rubber ducky is released on the Hellternet. It's up to you as the prince to destroy all 100 monsters and get your revenge on those who decided to leak your private life on the Hellternet. We're madly looking forward to this title so be on a look out for this game by the end of September.


Scott Pilgrim adding online multiplayer and his roommate on August 19

In a feat of randomness and maybe to coincide with the upcoming color edition of Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life, Major Nelson revealed a little something for the XBLA title Scott Pilgrim vs. The World this week. On his coming soon post, the listing showed that we'll be getting online multiplayer, a feature everyone wanted from the beginning as well as a playable Wallace for 400 MSP on August 19. Wallace Wells being Scott Pilgrim's roommate who just loves being pantsless and drunk. We're currently following up with Ubisoft as to more details regarding the pack so keep to us if you want to find out more about how everything does not suck.

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