Signal 'hoping for' an Ascend: New Gods public beta in April or May

Signal Studios President and Creative Director Douglass Robert Albright III was kind enough to take a break from eating dinner and making Call of Duty-inspired machine gun noises long enough to answer the question on the mind of at least one of the studio's fans: when will Ascend New Gods' public beta go live? "We're hoping for a beta sometime in April or May," Albright states around the 1:30 mark of his studio's latest "Ask the Team" video feature.

Hoping to confirm Albright's remarks, XBLAFans Editor-in-Chief John laster tweeted at Signal's official Twitter account and was informed that the creative director was indeed referring to the start of an Ascend beta this spring.

Ascend: New Gods is Signal's latest project, an action title featuring asynchronous multiplayer scheduled to launch at some point later this year. We got the chance to give the game a try at last year's Electronics Entertainment Expo. In just a few months, so will the public.

Source: Signal Studios

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