Shank's soundtrack gifted to fans this holiday season

If you're as hyped as us about the forthcoming release of Shank 2 for XBLA early next year then you may want to head over to the game's official blog. The new Shank 2 theme song is now available for free download and fans will be pleased to hear that it's every bit as good as its predecessors. The track, by composers Jason Garner and Vince DeVera, was released to fans as a thank you when the game reached ten thousand likes on Facebook. However that's not all, you can also download to the entire Shank 1 soundtrack, also by Vince and Jason, in mp3 format or in lossless FLAC format too.

Shank 2 is expected to release on XBLA early 2012. Download the Shank 2 theme from this direct link.

Source: Shank Official Website

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