Goat Simulator review (Xbox One)

Goat Simulator was developed and published by Coffee Stain Studios and Double Eleven on Xbox One and Xbox 360. It was released on April 17, 2015 for $9.99. An Xbox One copy was provided by Coffee Stain Studios and Double Eleven for review purposes.


One might look at Goat Simulator and wonder why on Earth they would want to play a game as a goat. After all, it seems like a rather mundane life, filled a lot of grass eating and standing around, but the goat’s life in Goat Simulator is anything but mundane. I found myself attending rooftop parties, riding roller coasters and getting into fights all while laughing hysterically at the ridiculous bugs physics that surrounded me. After spending a day in the life of a goat I was asking myself if I could somehow become a goat in the real world because clearly goats are having way more fun than humans.

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State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition review (Xbox One)

State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition review (Xbox One) State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition was developed by Undead Labs and published by Microsoft Studios. It is scheduled for release on April 28 and will cost $30 for new players or $20 for those owners of State of Decay on Xbox 360. A copy was provided by Undead Labs for review purposes.


Anyone who reads XBLA Fans' reviews regularly will know that many of the games we cover are remakes, remasters and re-releases. They come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from somewhat rushed, cynical cash-cows, to incredibly rewarding nuts-and-bolts reduxes like Oddworld: New 'n Tasty.

As a big fan of the original State of Decay, you can imagine how intrigued I was to see how this particular remake panned out. State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition (YOSE) exists between the two extremes of remakes, with a tempting value proposition aimed at both new and returning players, yet it delivers almost nothing new or revolutionary.

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Infinity Runner running to Xbox One on April 22

Infinity Runners

Werewolves in space. Yeah, that's actually a thing.

Wales Interactive's Infinity Runner is a first person endless runner featuring a prisoner that is desperately trying to escape the confines of a ship that is falling apart while avoiding dangerous traps that are inside. The character's movements in-game are inspired by mixed martial arts and parkour. Somewhere along the line, the legend of a werewolf exists in confines of the ship.

Features of this game includes 14 action filled levels, a story and arcade mode, werewolves in space and a wolf leveling system.

Infinity Runner is planned to release for a low price of $6.99 and is coming to Xbox One on April 22. The game will be on the Xbox Live Marketplace in a few hours. This title's concept may be difficult to describe in words so look below for the launch trailer of this first person sci-fi action game.

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Happy Wars makes Xbox One debut on April 24; Xbox 360 version receives patch


After a false start, Toylogic Inc. has announced Happy Wars is making its way onto Xbox One this Friday, April 24.

Taking advantage of the increased power of the Xbox One are improved textures, lighting and special effects and split-screen play for up to four people on a single television. The current generation port will include all of the twenty-plus updates from the original. Toylogic Inc. is incorporating the sharing of item and rank progression between the Xbox One and 360 versions, however, cross-platform play will not be included.

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Xbox One Goat Simulator Achievement Guide Speed Run

Last week we challenged Memories of Final to complete Goat Simulator as fast as possible while making a guide to help new players unlock all the achievements. The result is an hour and thirty-four minutes of hilarity, mostly stemming from his hatred of Flappy Goat. Follow us on Twitch to know when we go live and feel free to subscribe to support the content we are creating. We love that Twitch allows us to interact real time with our fans and provide unique types of content tailor-made for that service. Feel free to let us know if there are videos or streams you would like to see.


Shovel Knight to release next week

Shovel Knight

The classic adventure game Shovel Knight from developer Yacht Club Games is due to release next week, according to a recent tweet from Microsoft's Major Nelson. He first tweeted the game would release this week, but has since corrected himself.

With an 8-bit aesthetic and classic adventuring, Shovel Knight has already been greeted with critical acclaim upon releasing on Nintendo platforms and PC. No official date has been announced for next week, as the game has just passed certification at Microsoft, but one can likely assume we'll be seeing Shovel Knight next Wednesday or Friday based on the pattern of digital releases on Xbox. We have reached out to Yacht Club Games for further comment and an exact date, and we will update this post accordingly.

Source: Major Nelson


Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries preview: Yesteryear's AAA


As retro-inspired two-dimensional indie games have gaga'd critics everywhere, the now-classic three-dimensional games from later generations have been ignored for a decade. Seriously, when was the last time you played a new 3D action-platformer? The people at GRIN Studios were thinking the same thing. So, they made Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries, a faithful iteration on the forgotten formula.

If you were a fan of Ratchet & Clank, Prince of Persia, Banjo-Kazooie, Crash Bandicoot, or one of the many games like them, you know what I'm talking about. Moving platforms, perfect double jumps, timed switches, labyrinthine puzzles, combat combos, magic attacks… it's all here. And it has a modern coat of paint, a dramatic story and a beautiful setting to bring it into 2015.

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AirMech Arena Xbox One release listed as May 11

AirMech Arena release date?

The internet can be a strange place. Sometimes you end up finding things you weren't looking for, like the release date to the Xbox One version of AirMech Arena.

Thanks to the Uplay App on Xbox One, that date looks to be May 11, 2015. There has been no official announcement on the internet and there are equal possibilities that the day may change without notice. However, with a generic Spring 2015 release window for the title, AirMech Arena will be coming soon regardless of this date sticks.

For those that may not know, AirMech Arena is a free to play Real Time Strategy/MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)/twin stick shoot-em-up that pits a team of up to three players against up to three players or CPUS in fast paced action with a goal of taking down the other team's fortress. This game has seen success on the Xbox 360 and is looking to expand this success to the Xbox One.

Uplay has been kind enough to also upload the actions that can be done to earn Uplay points and the rewards that can be purchased with Uplay points. Take a look below to see what those are.

[Editors Note: In the past, listings on the Xbox.com website were often wrong and we have ignored them, however, since the Uplay is from Ubsioft and has previously been accurate, we have decided to post]

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Xbox One Smite Arena Mode Overview and Tips

SMITE for Xbox One
for Xbox One may still be in Alpha; however, we wanted to help new players out with easing the learning curve a bit. Arena mode is one of the simplest modes for new players to the MOBA genre [If you aren't familiar with MOBAs at all click here]. Players fight five on five inside a circular arena. Each team has minion lines and a portal. Teams start with 500 points and lose points each time one of their minions is last hit, a player is killed by the other team, or an enemy minion (or siege minion) walks into their portal.

Arena mode have a more simplistic and accelerated pace from the traditional three lane mode (conquest). Players start at level three and will generate more gold passively. It's typically a bit quicker and chaotic as teamfights break out constantly. We've made a video to help new players learn the ropes. Also join us this Tuesday Night at 10PM EST -2AM EST for some Smite on Twitch. We will be happy to answer any questions, and we will have Alpha codes to give out on stream.


XBLA Fans Streaming Schedule: 4/20 – 4/26



In addition to our scheduled streams below we also sometimes do impromptu streams. The best way to stay informed of those is to follow XBLA Fans on Twitter and follow us on Twitch.

If there is a game you want to see streamed, please contact us.

All times are listed in EST.

Monday 4/20

  • 8p – 10p K4rn4ge – Infinity Runner (Early look!)
  • 10p – 2a The Snapple Cap – Outlast

Tuesday 4/21

  • 7a – 9a RazorPriest Neverwinter
  • 8p – 10p K4rn4ge – Infinity Runner and/or Assassins Creed Chronicles: China (New Games!)
  • 10p – 2a Cain141 – Smite + giveaways!

Wednesday 4/22

  • 4p – 7p Zero Jehuty – State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition (Early look!)
  • 7:30p – 9:30p The Snapple Cap – Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China (New game!)
  • 10p – 1a PamdemoniumXOXO – Game TBA

Thursday 4/23

  • 7a – 9a RazorPriest Neverwinter
  • 12p – 4p Zero Jehuty – State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition (Early look!)
  • 4p – 7p K4rn4ge – Ziggurat
  • 10p – 12a Cuckoolander – Game TBA

Friday 4/24

  • 4p – 7p K4rn4ge – Project Root (Early look!)
  • 9p – 4a The Snapple Cap – Video Game Medley featuring Goat Simulator, Assassins Creed Chronicles: China, & Infinity Runner!

Saturday 4/25

  • 7a – 9a RazorPriest Neverwinter
  • 6:30p – 8:30p Cuckoolander – Game TBA
  • 10p – 1a The Snapple Cap – Smite

Sunday 4/26 (Anything Goes Sunday)

  • 3p – 5p The Snapple Cap – Dark Souls 2
  • 5p – 7p K4rn4ge – Game TBA
  • 9p-2a Cain141 – League of Legends
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