XBLAFans Twitch Schedule: Week of 9-22

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This week’s schedule is as follows:
Tuesday, September 23rd @ 8:30 pm (CST) – Recurring Tuesday Stream with Marshall.
This week: Defense Grid 2 – Released today!

If there is a game you would like to see streamed or previewed, let us know and we will do our best to get to it quickly. Enjoy this week’s stream!


Xbox One struggles in Japan

Xbox One

The Xbox One recently launched in Japan and it certainly did not have the best of times overseas. In the first week of sales only 23,562 units were moved, making it the lowest sales of any of the “current-gen” consoles in Japan. Both the Wii U and the PS4 sold over 300,000 units in their respective first two days of sales and to make matters worse even the Xbox 360 outsold the Xbox One at launch by close to triple the amount. The Xbox 360 was a running joke in Japan and if Microsoft doesn’t want a repeat performance they clearly need to change their approach to the Japanese market. Luckily, it is still early the console’s lifespan so there is plenty of time for change.

Source: Polygon via Famitsu

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Resident Evil Revelations 2 will release episodically on Xbox in 2015

Capcom's Resident Evil Revelations 2 for Xbox One

Capcom has announced that it will release Resident Evil Revelations 2 on Xbox One and Xbox 360 in early 2015.

At least, that’s when it will begin releasing the game. Breaking from franchise tradition, the sequel will adopt an episodic release format and will be split up into four digital episodes available for $5.99 each. It’s a release format perhaps best known to gamers thanks to another game franchise that pits humans against zombies: The Walking Dead. For its part, Capcom claims that this format is an evolution of the original Revelations‘ chapters format, though those chapters were sold together as a single release.

The publisher will release Resident Evil Revelations 2‘s episodes one week at a time before making the entire game available as a single digital release that will include some sort of additional content for $24.99. A retail version is also planned for a later date, and it will feature even more exclusive content at an MSRP of $39.99. Capcom promises that each episode “will feature hours of terrifying gameplay ending with dramatic cliff-hangers.”

Revelations 2 will put players in control of series mainstay Claire Redfield and task them with confronting the horrors of Redfield’s past. Joining her in the sequel is Moira Burton, who, along with Redfield, has been captured and must find out who took them and why.


Stick it to The Man review (Xbox One)

Stick It to The Man! was developed and published by Zoink Games. It was released August 28, 2014 on Xbox One and Xbox 360 for $9.99. An Xbox One copy was provided for review purposes.


It has been an awfully long time since the likes of Braid, Limbo and Super Meat Boy first began to demonstrate just how innovative and enjoyable smaller, digitally delivered titles could be. Unbelievably, though, there are still independent studios out there that continue to push the envelope. With Stick it to the Man!, Zoink games have done exactly that, delivering an entertaining, polished and highly amusing puzzle/platform game that oozes originality from every pore.

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Microsoft to finalize acquisition of Mojang today for $2.5 billion

minecraft-xbox-one-edition (1)

Microsoft has been rumored over the past week to be in talks with Mojang about a $2.5 Billion buyout of the small indie studio responsible for Minecraft. The purchase is now expected to be finalized today and is accompanied by this blog post by Minecraft creator Notch announcing he is leaving the company.

The acquisition may be a way for Microsoft to boost its mobile presence considering the Windows Phone holds less than 2.5 percent of the market. What this means for Minecraft’s future is not entirely apparent at this point. The Mojang release says the studio will continue to support and update Minecraft as it always has. This is one of the largest game company acquisitions in history; however, the purchase price is only a small portion of Microsoft’s reported 86 billion real-time spendable dollars.


Revamped guide button menu and mkv support coming to Xbox One with October update

Xbox One October 2014 system update

Xbox’s October update has been announced, bringing with it a slew of highly desirable features. First and foremost is some new functionality wherein double-tapping the guide button snaps a 360 guide menu-esque screen next to whatever you’re playing. This screen gives you easy access to a bunch of options: Friends, Messages, Game DVR, a clock, and a battery indicator. There are also improved options for opening and closing snapped apps.

They’ve also introduced enhancements to the Achievements app, the Friends section, and SmartGlass. The media player has been updated to include DNLA and MKV support for you AV-inclined folks out there, and there is also now the ability to assign devices to individual users and hide games from the library if desired. It’s a pretty massive list, which you can check out here or take a look at the video below the break.

One of the biggest criticisms with the Xbox One is that it undid a lot of the things that the Xbox 360 did right. The biggest issue many people had was that it was harder than ever to access social features like friends lists and messaging. While it has been getting better over the past year, the October update should finally put the nail in the antisocial coffin.

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Telltale Games bringing The Wolf Among Us to Xbox One

The Wolf Among Us Cover Art

Telltale Games recently announced via Twitter that this fall they will be releasing their acclaimed adventure games, The Walking Dead (both seasons) and The Wolf Among Us on Xbox One. The Walking Dead will release in October next month, with The Wolf Among Us following in November.  Players who have played the Xbox 360 or PC editions of these games likely won’t find a compelling reason to upgrade, but for players who missed out on these games in the previous generation of consoles, this revival of the adventure genre will come as a welcome addition to the ever-growing library of titles available on Xbox One.


Warframe is available and free to play on Xbox One

Warframe, the free to play third person shooter, is now available  to play on the Xbox One. The game focuses on friends teaming up in player vs enemy raids in an attempt to gain control of the Warframes. One of the more unique aspects of Warframe is the Smartglass portion of the game. It allows players to access stats and real-time information, and even the Codex, which essentially contains all the information you could want about the universe. Everyone looking for a new game to play with friends this coming weekend should check out Warframe, after all, it is free and that means free achievements.


Minecraft update including save transfers rolling out


4J Studios’ Twitter account recently announced a small Minecraft update allowing for the transfer of save files from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One. The process involved is fairly specific — players may upload a single save file to a designated transfer location on their 360 edition, and then retrieve that file from the Xbox One. This is a repeatable process, meaning that players aren’t limited to transferring only a single save file, but the whole process will have to be repeated for each save file that players want transferred.

As already announced, players who own a copy of the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft can upgrade to the Xbox One edition for just $4.99 — players just jumping into Minecraft on Xbox One will pay $19.99 instead. Downloadable content packages will transfer free of charge (players who paid for content on the Xbox 360 edition won’t get charged again on the Xbox One edition — that content, however, is not without cost), and trials of DLC content are now built right into the Xbox One edition of Minecraft, so players won’t have to download trials anymore.

One caveat to all of this: You must have connected to Xbox Live while playing Minecraft to qualify for the upgrade pricing and get DLC packs to transfer — and if you just connected or just bought the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft, it will take up to 72 hours for that to register. Don’t buy at the higher price while you wait, because refunds aren’t being given out.

Source: PlayXBLA


Xbox Ones with noise issues to be replaced by Microsoft

Xbox One

In a small percentage of Xbox One consoles, users have reported hearing a loud noise while leaving the system on the dashboard.  The trouble apparently comes from the console being in a low power mode, and using other functions on the system, such as Kinect, can help to dissipate the buzzing.

A spokesperson from Microsoft, in a statement to Eurogamer, explained that the manufacturer is aware of the issue and will take the appropriate action to assist consumers.  The representative goes on to clarify that “while this does not affect the safety or functionality of the system, we’re asking customers who believe they are experiencing this issue to contact Xbox Support: http://support.xbox.com. At the request of our customers, we are exchanging those consoles for new systems.”  Despite the sound issue not being as pervasive or incapacitating as the Red Ring of Death fiasco which befell the Xbox 360 at launch and well into the first leg of its life, this annoyance with the Xbox One still may cause hesitancy to prospective console purchasers.  The bright side is that the problem is minor and largely superficial, and, overall, the issue has been addressed quickly and professionally by Microsoft.

Sources: Eurogamer and Xbox.com forum

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