Magic 2015 Duels of the Planeswalkers game designer cards announced


The 2015 set of Magic: The Gathering cards include a number of cards created by people involved with the video game industry. A subset of those cards will be included in Magic 2015 — Duels of the Planeswalkers.  Those cards, the designers associated with them, and how what titles they are involved with are listed below:



Chasm Skulker - Mike Neumann (Borderlands)
Cruel Sadist - Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy)
Xathrid Slyblade - Rob Pardo (Diablo)
Aggressive Mining - Notch (Minecraft)
Goblin Kaboomist - Stone Librande (League of Legends)
Genesis Hydra - George Fan (Plants vs. Zombies)
Avarice Amulet - Penny Arcade (Webcomic, On the Rainslick Precipice of Darkness)
Hot Soup - James Ernst (Kill Doctor Lucky)

Including game designers is a great way to get more people interested in both Duels of the Planeswalkers and the physical edition of the Magic cardgame.  Look forward to our full review of Magic 2015 — Duels of the Planeswalkers next week.


Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Skin Pack 6 out now


Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has officially received its sixth skin pack with today’s skin pack release. The pack is only $1.99 features an absolute plethora of skins, among them are skins from Super Time Force, Faith from Mirrors EdgeDragon Age, State of Decay, as well as plenty of others. The majority of the skins included in the pack can be seen below and if you are interested in picking up the skin pack it can be bought here. With the popularity of Minecraft on Xbox 360 only seeming to grow we would be shocked if there aren’t any more skin packs in the future, what skins would you like to see in the next pack?

Source: PlayXBLA

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Minecraft: Xbox One Edition screenshots


Have you ever arrived to a movie late and had to sit in the front of the theater where you could barely see a thing because you were too close? You sat there the whole movie wishing you could just move to the back where you could see everything. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is going to give you those back row seats.

This past week 4J Studios tweeted some of their recent artist creations that are taking full advantage of the increased view distance in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition.

These screenshots show a zoomed out reproduction of Andy Scott’s horse-head sculptures The Kelpies that are located in Falkirk, Scotland.

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is expected to release this August. Check out more screenshots after the jump.

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Latest Fenix Rage trailer shows off ‘The Moorsky’

Costa Rican developer Green Lava Studios has released a new trailer for its upcoming 2D platformer, Fenix Rage. In the new vid, main character Fenix can be seeing whirring around the screen avoiding enemies and environmental hazards in his quest to get a cookie, which is the prize awaiting him at the end of each stage. The stages in the new trailer are set in the game’s third area, known as “The Moorsky.”

XBLA Fans was able to go hands-on with Fenix Rage at Pax East 2014 prior to it being announced as an ID@Xbox title. The game played not unlike a version of Super Meat Boy starring Sonic the Hedgehog. Green Lava is promising gamers a “frenetically paced 2D action platformer” that forces them to navigate their way through hundreds of levels featuring dangerous mazes.

Fenix Rage is slated to launch on Xbox One this fall.


Gotham City Imposters now free for Gold users


As of today Games with Gold has now been updated to include Gotham City Imposters and it will remain there until July 16th when Battleblock Theater will take its place in the lineup. The game reviewed favorably among critics when it first came out back in the begining of 2012, especially with us. Our major problem with the game, matchmaking, has since been fixed in later patches and with a suddenly increased player base now is the perfect time to get into the game. We look forward to seeing more players get their hands on the game that we loved and hope everyone enjoys it just as much we did.


Blood of the Werewolf review (XBLA)

Blood of the Werewolf was developed by Scientifically Proven and published by Midnight City. It was released on June 11, 2014 on Xbox 360 for $6.99. A copy was provided for review purposes.


In Blood of the Werewolf, players take on the role of Selena, werewolf mother out for revenge. The game is made up of various combinations of two types of gameplay — indoors, Selena is a crossbow-wielding vampire hunter, and at night, she transforms into a vicious werewolf. The game attempts to recapture the best of classic games like Capcom’s Ghouls ‘n Ghosts by focusing on difficult sidescrolling gameplay. Unfortunately, it is an attempt only, thanks to extreme repetition of the worst elements of those games without success at carrying over much of the charm of the classics.  A lack of enemy variety and a failure to integrate many of the game’s abilities into the core gameplay hampers what might have been an enjoyable experience.

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Sixty Second Shooter Prime review (Xbox One)

Sixty Second Shooter Prime is developed and published by Happion Laboratories. It was released June 18, 2014 on Xbox One for $4.99. An Xbox One copy was provided for review purposes.


ID@Xbox is shaping up to be an excellent and very welcome platform for independent developers to bring their beloved games to the Xbox One platform. With the program, we’ll see exciting creative directions and artistic expressions. But then there comes along a game such as Sixty Second Shooter Prime that brings out the worst plague of the mobile market today: cloning.

Sixty Second Shooter Prime is a twin-stick shooter that tasks the player with traversing a two-dimensional plane, blasting away hordes of geometric enemies, each with different patterns and tactics the player must evade. The catch? The player has only 60 seconds and one life. Rack up as many points as you can while collecting powerups and multipliers and try to topple your friends’ high scores. Sound familiar?

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Jimmy Lightning arrives in Peggle 2 DLC


Peggle 2 is getting a blast from the past in its newest DLC, as an original Peggle Master makes his debut in the sequel. Extreme gopher Jimmy Lightning has returned, bringing with him his improved Multiball Power. Hitting a green peg spawns a second ball, making it easier to clear the board with double the peg-popping potential. The pack also contains 10 new levels, 10 trials, 30 objectives, 3 costumes, and 3 achievements. Jimmy Lightning’s Master Pack is available now on Xbox One for $1.99. Check out some radical screenshots after the jump.

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Phil Spencer changes Kinect outlook


When the Xbox One was originally debuted the Kinect was stressed as an integral part of the system and was required to even be able to run the console. However, after a year has passed and Stephen Elop has been replaced by Phil Spencer the outlook towards Kinect has been changed.

“This might seem backwards, but I believe the decision we made to allow people to buy Xbox One without Kinect included, in the end, will actually lead to more Kinects in the market,” he said. “I believe that you’ve got to sell the console before you can sell Kinect.”

This decision was clear based on their E3 presentation, where Kinect wasn’t stressed and rarely mentioned so that the games on display could be given their time in the limelight. He also believes that this choice is better for the developers, “Developers will choose when Kinect is part of the experience and when it’s not, and that’s the way it should be.”

Even with this change in philosophy Phil Spencer still says he is constantly being pitched Kinect games, “I think it’s great because people see it as an outlet for creativity, whether it’s immersion, whether it’s voice integrated in some interesting way, whether it’s gesture,” he said. “I think that the creative conversations I’m having with studios are more about, what is the core of what your game is, and then the studio actually usually comes to me and says, ‘Here’s how Kinect’s going to make that better.’

“In terms of a specific focus to say, ‘Hey, you guys, you have to do something that requires Kinect.’ I’m not doing that. I’m saying you need to go make games that are great. We think Kinect adds functionality to the platform that makes games better, and developers will use that when they think it will make their game better.”

Source: Polygon


Valiant Hearts: The Great War review (Xbox One)

Valiant Hearts: The Great War was developed by Ubisoft Montpellier and published by Ubisoft. It was released on June 25, 2014 on Xbox 360 and Xbox One for $14.99. An Xbox One copy was provided for review purposes.

Valiant Hearts Charge

All Quiet on the Western Front aside, popular media has largely ignored World War I over the years. It’s that other world war that happened before World War II and didn’t get a Steven Spielberg movie inspiring the video game industry to make oodles of games about it. With 2014 being the 100-year anniversary of the war’s start, Ubisoft Montpellier thought it was the perfect time to step in and make a game about the brutality of trench warfare. Well, that’s half-true, at least. Valiant Hearts: The Great War is as much about this incredibly violent and semi-forgotten war as it is about those who fought it and what it took from them.

First-hand stories like those taken from Audio Director Yoan Fanise’s great-grandfather’s letters from the front helped the team add an air of authenticity to Valiant Hearts‘ campaign, which follows the war-time experiences of five characters of differing nationalities. The puzzle-adventure game’s comic book art style can feel incongruous during the game’s more somber moments, and some of the sillier game-y elements further highlight the disparity between the austere story and its lighthearted presentation. Somehow, though, Ubisoft fuses it all together into an experience that will make you feel the horrible pains of those consumed by this “great” war, and the friendships that somehow develop through it.

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