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Fez Cube Guide – Main Hub – Ruins Area

Welcome to the Ruins, called as such because there's really no other distinguishing feature about them. Oh well. Let's have at them, shall we?

First off, let's go climb some things and get some stuff! The Ruins area is very, very basic. Somehow you were supposed to realize this when you chose to come here, hopefully first, but it's a pretty walk-in-the-(ruins)park area.

Make your way up to the first door with the box on top and the strange switch next to it. This here's a pretty simply weight-switch puzzle, which we're going to come back to after we collect all the bits. Caper your way across the vines and over the middle to drop down to the middle-bit which initially looks out of reach.

After you've grabbed everything off the top, climb back down the vines and onto the roof with the crate on it. Pick up the crate and toss it onto the purple switch. Doing this will open a door off to the side, which we'll go through now.

Once inside, make your way to the main platform where you'll notice another weight-switch. That must mean there's a crate nearby! Well there is. Hop over to the crate and pick it up. Unlike the last puzzle we can't just throw it all the way to the switch. On top of that, this crate is heavy, so Gomez can't jump as high with as he normally could. As such, jump onto the first platform when it's level with the other one. Then, wait for it to go up above the second platform, then jump onto the second platform. Once level, you should be able to toss the crate onto the main platform, pick up the crate and jump on the switch.

Cube – Doing this opens a door, going through which nets you a cube, but not before yet another weight switch puzzle. This one's super easy though. Just grab the crate from behind the entrance then hop on one small pillar to the next and finally onto the switch. Head through the new door for a cube and a warp gate back to the Main Hub.

However, we're not done in the Ruins, so we're going to head back there. This time, we'll go through the wooden door that was under the crate.

Through here we've got another place to climb all over and another door to go through.

Treasure Map – Before finishing up the area, just head through that door for an easy chest with a Treasure Map in it.

Back to the main area we've got a cube to get. Much like most of the Ruins, this place is all vines. Use your cunning and platforming skills to make it up here, you shouldn't have much trouble. The trick to this place is all the 180* doors, but, as with any door, you just go through them and problem solved. Grab the cube at the top and call it a day. Take the warp gate back to the Main Hub, you're done here for now.

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!! – SPOILER ZONE – !!

Now that you're at the top, perhaps you might notice the shape of this place looks a bit familiar, yes? Well if you haven't looked at your treasure maps then no, it won't look familiar. But if you have, you'll note that the second treasure map corresponds to this place!

Anti-Cube Treasure – Not every treasure map is super cryptic, this one doesn't have any symbols we have to decipher, so we can get straight into this. Get to the top of Ruins, and rotate the world to match the second treasure map. You can tell where it should be oriented by where the treasure chest's island is. Note that the map is two sided, both of which have red marks in different spaces.

Each of these red marks is an invisible platform. Bum bum bummm! One is closer to the main island and one is closer to the treasure island. Let's get started.

To make it to the treasure island, rotate the world such that the island is on the right. Get on top of the tree, then jump to the right as far as possible. You should land on the invisible platform. From this platform, you have to jump right again, but the immediately rotate 180*. Continue your jump in your new direction and you should land on the second invisible platform. Lastly, make it to the treasure chest for an anti-cube.

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Fez Cube Guide – Central Hub – 4, 8 and 16 Cube Doors (Zunu and Zu)

Fez isn't all puzzles, jumping and shifting. There are things to be learned, tales to be told and doors to be opened. If you're here at the Central Hub, then it must be story time.

We might as well go through these in numerical order, so we'll start with the 4 Cube Door. Honestly we couldn't think of a name for this place, and the game doesn't give it one, so that's what we're calling it. Also… well, there really isn't much here.

Well, that's not true. However, this place is about story. There's a lot of insight into various things about the game, so it's worth going through. Also there are bits everywhere. Check every room, enjoy yourself. And no, there is no way to rotate each room, they're locked for some reason.

That done, return to the Central Hub and let's go through the 8 Cube Door, which we'll call Zunu. Because that's what it's called.

Let me just make a quick editorializing comment, is not the music here amazing? It is, right? It's amazing.

Okay moving on, against most of this area is just bits. Lots of bits, lots of rooms, and they're all worth exploring. Zunu has a very interesting atmosphere to it, and pieces of it are, again, about the story. So do enjoy your time here.

We do, however, have a secret to solve here.

This room is full of Tetris blocks. Since it's a school room it's clear that something was to be learned about all these, but we're not entirely sure what. One wall has a strange square made of blocks which we've seen before in the Boiler Room back in the Village. One wall has a strange six-block shape with two marks on the top. The other two walls, however, feature things that seem to be related. One is a guy standing next to one of those slabs we've seen before with a weird squiggle on it, and the other board has several weird shapes.

On the right, we see one big squiggle. Next to it we see that same squiggle seemingly broken up into Tetris pieces. On the bottom of the board, we see those same Tetris pieces laid out having been rotated 90* counter clockwise. The upper left has a little guy next to a big block with a bunch of dots on it, not sure what that means just yet.

What all that means, we don't know, but we do know that these squiggles are composed of Tetris pieces and that when read vertically, must be rotated 90* counter clockwise.

We're going to call this the Shift Cipher, but for now this is all the information we've got. Unless, of course, you can figure it out on your own.

Unfortunately, with just this amount of information we can't solve the secret here, but the solution is in the SPOILER ZONE should you want it.

Other than that, you're welcome to go enjoy the rest of Zunu, then return to the Central Hub.

We've got one last door to go through down here and this one requires 16 cubes. If you're ready, and you should be, make your way through the door to Zu.

Welcome to Zu! First of all, OTHER PEOPLE! The world is not so lonely, huzzah! Why they have square heads and you have a strangle, rectangle head is unknown, but you can talk to them if you'd like. Understanding them, maybe not, depends on where you are in the game.

Moving on, there's lots of bits here! All over the place, go get them all. Zu has some strange rooms though, that's for sure. Go open all the doors, see all the things, and maybe, just maybe, solve yourself a major puzzle.

Before all that, you'll note there's a door which requires 32 cubes! That's a lot, huh? We'll come back here later, suffice to say it's going at the way bottom of this page, and it's linking to another page. Won't be entering that here, and it won't be in the spoiler zone, but we won't tell you what it is. Just know that you have to come back to it before you can get everything out of this game.

Key – On to things you can do, there's a key to get! Go through that door up there in the picture above and… well get the key. Ta-da.

Next up is a super duper important room, reminiscent of the one in Zunu. Why is that, you ask? Well because it's another school room! This is a warning, as this school room does indeed have all that's necessary to solve the Number System. There are more things you can use to help you solve it as this is an incredibly difficult code to crack if you're not looking at it correctly. That said, you're welcome to pass up on this opportunity as if you proceed further into the game, you may gain more insight into solving this cipher.

However, having completed the code and looking back on it, all the info is here. As such, we are going to explain the Number System and how you figure it out using the information found here. If you wish to solve it on your own, then there is nothing else for you to do here in Zu and you should proceed back to to the Main Hub and continue your exploration.

To Main Hub

For those of you staying, incoming code solution.

Number System – The number system was a very difficult safe to crack until some key things shown in this room started to click. For one, by now you should know what the numbers 1 – 3 are. There have been several instances of all three, and frankly it's tough to not assume what 1 is. However, figuring out the numbers beyond it is quite difficult, as is the system by which they are differentiated. Again, there are myriad ways to solve this cipher, but we're going to only rely on the information found in this room.

There are four walls in this room, each with some information. One wall has three strings of numbers which seem to be equations, one has two equivalencies, one has what appears to be a the make up of a die, and one has four papers with three numbers and four symbols.

We'll start with the four pieces of paper. There's a blank square with a dot below it; a square with a line at 12 o'clock with a line below it; a square with a line at 3 o'clock and a square below it; and a square with lines at 12 and 3 o'clock with two squares below it. What the heck does that mean?

Let's see. Each of these papers attempts to establish a correlation between the numbers and the symbols below them. From that it's safe to assume that this is already a count of 0 – 3, but it's important to check. A dot is dimensionless, or "0D". A line is one dimension, or "1D". A square is two dimensions, or "2D", and those double-squares which you may or may not have figured out mean cubes in this game represents "3D". Thus, we ascertain that those numbers are 0, 1, 2 and 3 in that order.

So now we know 1 – 3! This is helpful. Match this against the treasure maps you've seen or any other times you remember the number symbols to be sure.

The next important area is the two equivalencies. We see the symbol we just figured is 3 = a square with a mark at 6 o'clock. Then, that same mark equals itself. Looks weird at first, but it establishes the idea that they must both be 3.

Let's recap. A mark pointing up is 1, a mark to the right is 2, and a mark pointing down is 3. However, a mark pointing up (1) and a mark pointing right (2) is also 3. So, adding the two marks means 3, but also just the down-facing mark itself means 3. This idea is the key to figuring out the entire system. Each mark is a number, but the numbers can be combined to form larger numbers.

In the final page we see three equations:

– 1 + 2 + (3 + X) = Y
– 2 + 3 + (1 + X) = Y
– 1 + X + (1 +X) = Y

Now, we have no idea if this system goes to 10 or to 9 at this point, as there is a symbol for zero. So we can't do this just by looking at it. Or we can, but instead we're going to use math and logic. Let's Algebra up some of these equations and simplify them. Here's what we've got:

– 3 + (3 + X) = Y
– 5 + (1 + X) = Y
– 1 + X + (1 +X) = Y

Intense, right? Sort of, but moreover we've found something!

– 5 + (1+X) = Y and…
– 1 + X + (1+X) = Y…

are the same. That means that 5 = (1 + X). If that's the can deduce that X = 4! Huzzah, huzzah!

So, while you may have figured this out on your own by making assumptions (which is fair), we've solved it all with math. Each mark represents 1, 2, 3 or 4. Adding the marks adds their value. As most 1st graders know, 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10. The symbol with all four marks in it is 10. Each number is any combination or permutation of the combined marks. An up mark (1) and a right mark (2) is 3, but a down mark is 3 also. An up mark and a left mark (4) is 5, but a right mark (2) and a down mark (3) is also 5.

Thus we've deciphered the Number System. Congratulations if you figured it out on your own, or perhaps most of it, or even just enough of it, but hopefully the logic here is airtight for you. If you don't know Algebra, then… sorry.

You're done here now, hope your brain is okay. Head on back to the Main Hub unless you've got 32 cubes. If you do, head over to this page.

Here's a cheat sheet for the numbers, but remember all you really need is 1 – 4 and the ability to add:

Continue your journey wherever you please:

– To Sewers
– To Industrial Zone
– To Mausoleum
– To Main Hub
– To Observatory

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!! – SPOILER ZONE – !!

It's time for more spoilers! Woo hoo! There's only one secret in all of Zunu that requires solving and it's really not that difficult once you've figured out the code with which you decipher it. Head on back to the school room and we'll get started.

Shift Cipher Anti-Cube – Head on into the school room and rotate until you've got the blackboard with the instructions used to figure out the Shift Cipher. Not too tough to find, and not too tough to decipher. Bust out your pencil or whatever it is you use to write these things down, or just read out solution. Here's the code:

Up, Left, Shift Right, Jump, Shift Left, Right, Jump, Down

That finishes up Zunu for us! Time to move back to the Main Hub.

To Main Hub

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Fez Cube Guide – Industrial Area

The Industrial Area, with its brick and neon color palette, metal pipes, railings and supports and shifting platforms, is finally ours to explore and conquer! To start, let's get a door map up here.

There's a door to get a bit, so go ahead and check those places first, then it's off to Site 1.

Site 1 is almost entirely focused on platforming puzzles and bit collection. Really not much for us to show you here, suffice to say that those platforms force shift your position. Just have patience and jump when the perspective is correct.

Moving on up, there's even more bits and even more platforming and perspective puzzles. However, now there's something else: a chest! Let's go grab it!

Again, not difficult. Wind up the nut so you're high enough to make the jump then just jump off. This chest nets you a Treasure Map which is used back in the area just before the Industrial Hub. For our guide's purposes, this place is Lighthouse – Climb 2.

– To Lighthouse

If you stayed or if you've just come back, let's continue on with Site 1. Climb up past the chest to the top of the tower (which gets pretty darn high) and enter the door there.

This place has a cube in it, which makes it all kinds of super important. Or, at least one kind. Let's go get that cube!

Cube – Here's another easy cube for us! Jump on the ladders and patiently wait for the rotating block in the middle to spin to its appropriate location. Don't rotate anything yourself, and everything will be just fine.

After that, let's head back to the Industrial Hub.

Let's take a peak inside of the Windmill area and see what we can find. For starters there are some bits to collect, so let's grab those.

Mid-way through the level is a pivot-platform puzzle that's simple, but still a puzzle. Just use it to shorten the gap between the bit platform and yourself, then make the jump. After that, rotate the platform 180, then hop onto the opposite platform. Here you'll want to match up the platforms so they form a bridge, then continue on your merry way to the windmill.

Once you've grabbed the bit off the top of the windmill, stick around until nigh time if it isn't already…

Owl – …because there's an owl! The owl will perch himself on that orange tree right next to the windmill, so be ready to talk to him. Because owls talk.

After you've had your conversation with the avian creature, head through the locked door if you've got a key. If not, come back later because… well because you have to.

Cube – Once inside, rotate left then patiently wait for the windmill turning post-majigger to show you a door, then politely enter it before it rotates away and is lost for all eternity. After going through the door, there will be a cube locked away in a chest. Beat the chest senseless, or just open it, and you'll have yourself a mighty-fine cube! There's also a bit here. Grab that. Head back to Windmill 1 to continue the adventure.

Upon returning, make your way down to the bottom of the windmill to find yourself a door which you should go through. Luckily there's a door to go through, and you're going to go through it.

Once here, you'll note how very column-filled this place is. There's a puzzle coming up, so start charging up your brain now.

Is it charged? Okay good. Let's figure this out then.

Bit Puzzle – First up, let's face the side of the windmill with the door on it. Head over to the left platform, then rotate that door-room to the left. This will make the ladder-door side face the windmill. Then, whip around to the other side and, still facing the door side, rotate that door-room to the left as well. This puts the ladder-door side facing the windmill as well. Now, with both rooms facing correctly, you'll be able to climb the first ladder, teleport to the other side, then climb up to the top and collect all the bits!

Once you've collected all the bits, head over to the door that's on top of the massive nut and bolt lift you climbed up on. There's just a bit in there you're going to want.

Go through the door and into the amazing wonderment that is rotating blocks. Each of these blocks rotates from horizontal to vertical periodically. The key here is to jump onto them when they're flat, and jump off of them when they're standing up.

After you're done here back up to Windmill 2 and enter through the door found at the base of the windmill to continue the journey.

Here we have what could quite possibly be the strangest puzzle ever. If you play with the pivot on the bottom, you rotate the inner cube. If you rotate the pivot on top, you shift around the outer rectangle. The goal here is to somehow make your way to the top of this final windmill and grab that cube.

Cube –Yeah there's no challenge to this puzzle. The inner column has a door in it, the middle and outer blocks both have holes in them, so all you have to do is keep rotating both at to the same spot until you see the door. Here's where the door is if you're lazy:

Enter the door and let's continue the pursuit of this cube! Once inside you'll notice several columns with pistons on them that jut upward suddenly. Simply jump on these, wait for them to go off and soar to the next platform. Make your way to the top, return to the outside world and grab the cube.

Once you've done that, hit the warp gate to return to the Industrial Hub.


Last on the list is Structure 1, so let's head there and start climbing on stuff.

Here we have another platforming element introduced, the slowly moving platform along a line… platform. They're simple for now, but they get tougher later.

Go ahead and simple-climb your way up this place and up to the top of the first structure. There's a locked door here, so if you have a key, now's the time to use it.

Locked behind that door was the entrance to one of our major areas, the Sewers. We'll make our way up these platforms by rotating them such that the ends link up as the platform approaches the end of its line.

Jump on the first platform then rotate right and wait for the platform to reach its destination. Once you're on the second link, rotate back to the left for the third link. Once you're done here jump down the well and you'll find yourself in strange, green place. This, my friend, is the Sewers.

To Sewer Area

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Fez Cube Guide – Mausoleum Area

DUN DUN DUNNN… dramatic. The Mausoleum Area is so-named because it's, y'know, cryptic. Ahem. Moving on, let's observe even just the entrance to this place! The trick here is to go through the door. No matter what you'll either go one way or the other, never back to where you entered from.

There's a couple bits in here, just grab them and head on through the door. The Mausoleum lies beyond it!

Ah yes, another beautiful hub world. We'll switch to hub world mode to help you find stuff! Here's a map of the doors and where they lead to.

The first door you can get to is the easiest, so go ahead and check that place out. There's a very good chance you have no idea what's going on here, but it's actually pretty straightforward. If you want to figure it out on your own, you're welcome to, but really it's one of those things that comes together as you play the game.

Still, just in case, we'll send this area to the SPOILER ZONE.

Pick up the bits in this area then head back to the Mausoleum. Moving throughout the area has a bit of a gimmick to it. When the lightning strikes you can clearly see blocks floating in the area. Use those to get around. If you're too lazy to wait for the lightning, just look for the rain bouncing off the blocks.

There are a few ways to go from here, but we're going to go ahead and start with Crypt 1, as seen on the door-map above. Let's go check that place out.

This place is all kinds of full of bits! Let's pick those up, then get down to the good stuff.

There's a door here off to the side that we can just walk through to continue our progress, let's do that later though.

Treasure Map – First, climb to the top of the area to get the chest so very far above your head. Open that to get another piece of treasure map-y goodness.

From there, go through the door that shares a platform with the chest. In that room are a couple bits and another ghost to talk to. Get your chat-with-a-ghost quota filled then head back to Crypt 1.

If you have a key, go ahead and open the locked door and go through there. Because locked doors are awesome.

This area is another fun puzzle. You'll note that there are four sides to this place, each with different opened and closed doors. When you enter them, you'll come out of entirely random other doors. You should be able to draw some connections by now between this area and the four treasure maps you've got that look like it. Technically, the key to solving this puzzle will be discovered later, so the full solution to this puzzle will be in the SPOILER ZONE. However, do feel free to take a stab at it, solving it might provide some insight on other, larger riddles Fez has to offer.

If you solve this, awesome, if not, return to Crypt 2 either way.

Gosh, there are doors everywhere aren't there? Check out this door mid-way through Crypt 2 to get to Crypt 3.

Cube – There's even MORE bits in here! Not only that, however there's an actual cube! Let's get that. It's easy. Just… climb the tower. Then go back to the Mausoleum or just return to Crypt 2.

We recommend the latter. Upon returning to Crypt 2, you'll encounter a bomb puzzle.

After that, make your way to the top and claim the bit hoisted so high up there. Once you're done with that, drop down and proceed through the wooden door there. Head through there and into the room with the easiest cube ever.

Cube – Jump up the platforms and grab it! Super tough puzzle. Also in that room is a ghost here… for some reason. Really not sure what that's all about. But it's a ghost! Neat.

After you get the cube, there's a warp gate which you might as well take back to the Mausoleum.

Back at the Mausoleum, head up to the top for the final door to check out. This one has a fun puzzle in it!

There are some bits to collect, bit by bit, so collect those for a bit. Then, let's get down to the puzzle!

Anti-Cube – There are tombstones scattered about this area with one big one creepily staring into nothingness. Each tombstone can be rotated. Simply take each tombstone and rotate it until it faces the same direction as the big one. Since the big one follows you around (creepy), just make them all face the same direction. When the skull head stops moving, you'll be able to get to the door behind it. Head through it to get an anti-cube.

Hit up the warp gate and head back to the Mausoleum. Other than the secrets, you're done here. Either solve them now, or come back later.

Here's some options for you now.

To Sewers
– To Industrial Zone
– To Main Hub
– To Observatory

Back to Guide Hub

!! – SPOILER ZONE – !!

Do you remember that room where the guy who wore the Fez before you was staying? Well it doesn't matter if you do because we did  for you. In his room, on each wall, is a picture of an owl on a tree. Not in a tree because Fez doesn't have such things as "insides" of trees. Each picture shows where an owl will be. They only come out at night, but the key to knowing where an owl is (beyond reading the guide) follows that any area (with a tree) where you have a secret sign despite having completed everything will likely have an owl.

Anti- Cube – Here's where all the owls are:

And here's some links to their pages:

– To Main Hub
– To Observatory
– To Industrial Zone
To Waterfall

Not only does solving this puzzle grant you what is likely your final missing bit, it also grants you an anti-cube. So. That's cool, right? Should be.

Next up is the place with all the millions of doors.

The solution to this puzzle assumes you've solved the Numeric Cipher. If not, we won't explain beyond what's necessary to solve this puzzle. Each treasure map is numbered 1 – 4. Simply enter the door marked on each map on the correct side in the correct order to be taken to a room with the Skull Artifact in it. Remember, you have to enter each door in the correct order. The fact that you're sent to a random room doesn't matter, on the fourth door you'll enter the correct room if you did it right. Like the other ones, it doesn't do anything, but it does look pretty cool. Not only that, but you have to swim for it. Jump into the water and swim for it. Rotate around to see where the chest is, but keep in mind it's a long swim.

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Fez Cube Guide – Observatory Area

Ahh, space. It's a wonderous thing, isn't it? Yes. It is. Let's get to work.

The very first bit of the Observatory is connecting straight up from the Main Hub. Here there's a chest which is begging to be opened along with a door just below it. But soft! We must have a certain treasure map to acquire this chest! If you have the map that looks like this place, we'll help you solve it in the SPOILER ZONE, if not, keep it moving.

Head through the door and proceed onward.

This door leads us to the Observatory! Or, at least to the hub, which is not technically the Observatory, but for simplicity's sake we shall refer to it as such. However, at the moment we're at the Space Throne, as we like to call it. This place is actually a giant throne with a stone dude sitting in it, cool huh? He looks bored. Anyways, let's open some doors and grab some bits. The bit is at the top, the doors are all over the place.

There's a door at the top left (facing the front of the throne) which you should definitely investigate. It's been a while since we've had one of our very favorite riddles, the giant slab with cryptic symbols on it! This time, we won't need a cipher though, just our brains, which we brought for you if you've lost yours somewhere.

Puzzle Anti-Cube – Here we have ten different shapes on a big slab and six small blocks. They're all different, there's not a single overlap, but there's no indicator as to what you actually have to do here. Do you make those shapes? Can you make those shapes? Is there only one that's possible?

By process of elimination we learn that many of those shapes are indeed possible without any sort of strange dimensional manipulation. In fact, the goal here is what's not on the slab.

Each of these ten shapes is a way in which a box can be constructed. As such, there's a couple answers to this one, but we've picked one that's super easy. Simply grab three blocks and, while facing the slab markings, place them on just to the right of the elevated area. Then, starting with the block exactly adjacent to the elevated area, place a block on top, then two more to the left. This is a block-forming shape that's not on the board and nets us another anti-cube!

Now back to the Space Throne.

Through the door at the center of the throne we shall first travel because that takes us to the actual Observatory Hub. Cool right? Not yet.

First up, we've got some jumping and bit catching to do. This place has a secret, so let's keep it marked in our brains for when it comes time for the SPOILER ZONE. Make your way to the other side of the spires to find a door, which you should go through.

Okay, NOW we're in the Observatory Hub. This place is pretty huh? Also… familiar? Nah, couldn't be! Let's move on, shall we? Let's get a door map going.

As with every hub, there's lots to do here with all the regular doors. Most of the doors are bits but you'll notice that one of them has a QR Code puzzle in it. If you can't download QR codes or don't want to, here's the code:


Our first actual door will take us to Telescope 1, where we'll have our first encounter with the Time Switches. These, when wound up, change aspects of the level until the large red and white bar recedes into the switch. Here's how you solve the first one.

Time Switch – Start off by rotating the switch four times to get maximum time. Then, while facing the massive spire while it has all its ivy facing you, jump onto the rock. Then, rotate left and begin climbing vertically. Once at the top of the vine, rotate left again and jump off onto the platform with another time switch on it.

Then, repeat the process here, and every other time you see one of these! They're all pretty fun.

Cube – At the top of this place is a cube and a warp gate. Go ahead and time switch your way to the top then grab that shiny cube. It's a bit early for that warp gate, but it's up to you what you'd like to do.

Off to the side of the Telescope is a door, go ahead and enter it.

Logically speaking, inside the building is the actual telescope itself, complete with the ability to look through it! There are two secrets here, one of which belongs in the SPOILER ZONE and one of which you can actually find out on your own. However, instead of putting it here, we'll save it for the end. There's a reason for that. There will come a time when you can do both these secrets (and indeed you can do one of them already, if you catch it), but for now let's return to Telescope 1.

There's a door midway through climbing the giant rock at Telescope 1, which you're welcome to enter. If you do so, here's what you'll find.

This place is pretty awesome, if only because of the huge statue int he center. There's a cube and an owl here, so let's get them both!

Owl – The owl shows up on the bottom-most pink tree next to the time switch, just wait for night for it to come out.

Cube – To get to the top of the time switch puzzle will require a bit more cunning than in previous puzzles. This time, we'll have to rotate up, then jump onto the vines of the big block. Climb and rotate yourself such that you are directly next to the smaller block, then jump on to the exposed vines there. Rotate again such that you are facing the vines and climb down to the lower half of them. From there, rotate one last time to expose the final leg of the climb. Make your way up it to reveal the rest of the map for your exploring pleasure.

But wait, there's more! There are some new blocks here. These blocks are always looking at you. If two blocks' eyes meet, however, they'll come together presumably for a loving hug. Unfortunately, their hugs are so powerful you get squished, which is no fun for you. As such, we'll puzzle-con our way into getting that cube!

When you jump onto the bottom block, the two will start to fly at each other. Just as they do, rotate right and you'll continue to soar straight up. From there, you can easily jump to the safety of the cube.

Now, at the foot of the Ancient is a door, and there's a door in the tree just off to the side. We're going to go through the door in the statue first.

This takes us to the Counting Cube. Yay Counting Cube! Simply shift around, go through the other door, then shift around some more in the new area and pick up the cube from the chest, then you're done here. If you haven't already, this will help you decipher the Number System, the solution and hints for which are back in Zu.

You'll note the counting cube matches one of the walls back in that school room.

Continuing on, return to Ancient 1 and go through the other door. This door, much like the one you just came from, also houses something immensely important.

In this room is a stone slab with another squiggle on it (visit Zunu to learn more about that) and a strange stone with lights on it. When you do anything in front of this stone, it lights up in specific Tetris shapes. Each action has a corresponding shape, all of which match up neatly with the instructions found in Zunu. If you haven't been there, go there, because this room is the key to the Shfit Cipher.

Because you may not have been there yet, the full connection between these two things will be posted at the very top of the SPOILER ZONE here in this guide page.

Back at the Observatory Hub, there are more places to go to! Let's go to Clock Tower now.

Here we have some more hugging block and time shift puzzles, but we're sure you can solve those by now. The shifting block at the top might seem insane at first, but it's not, just have patience. What's more insane is this gigantic clock with… four hands?

Cube – Before dealing with all that, let's grab this cube. Wind up the time shift puzzle to raise the pillar-platforms then climb to the top for a cube. After that, get ready to have to do some tinkering.

Anti-Cube x4 – This clock has four hands. Each hand gives an Anti-Cube for accomplishing a different thing. The red hand spawns a cube every minute, the blue is every hour, the green is every day and the white is every two days. Unfortunately, every one's clock is different, the goal is for the hand in question to be at the 12 o'clock position, pointing straight up. Now, you're welcome to mark the time down and wait, but you can also turn you Xbox offline and manually change the time and date, we won't tell anyone.

Near the mid-way of the Clock Tower is a door we bypassed in our fervor to see what time it is. Let's return to that and go through it.

Here we have a big museum looking-like building and some messily strewn about platforms. Hop around and collect the bit here, then head into the Museum.

Once inside, look around! It's tempting to try and go through the fireplace, but this time it's a no-go. However, there is still a secret to be found! Go up to the bookshelf and hold X to grab onto it, then open it up. Presto! Secrets abound.

Stepping in even deeper you'll see a room with a massive globe in it. This place is a bit puzzling, as there's a bit, clearly, but where is it?

Bit – Hop down to the floor and grab onto the left side of the globe (assuming you're facing the ladder). Push it once to rotate it, then rotate left to see the bit exposed and grab-able! So grab it.

Tome Artifact – Once you've picked up the bit from rotating the globe, simply drop down and rotate it twice more. This puts the opening on the opposite site. Check that side to find that there's now a door there! Head through the door and snag the chest to find the Tome Artifact.

Here are some links to other areas you can explore:

– To Sewers
– To Industrial Zone
– To Mausoleum
– To Main Hub

Back to Guide Hub

!! – SPOILER ZONE – !!

Let's solve this treasure map, shall we? We're looking for the one that matches the Observatory – From Main area. If you don't have it, come back later. Chances are if you're down here for a treasure map it's because you found it.

QR Anti-Cube – Simply set the area to match the treasure map, with the pillar and the slab with words on it facing to the left. Then, jump from the pillar to the left, then following the pattern described on the map. So. Up.

After that, you get another QR code! Again, to save you some time, here's the code:


Alright, now that you've been to Zunu (or you should have by now) we'll explain how the Shift Cipher works.

Shift Cipher – Some people call this the Tetris Code, and that's entirely accurate, so you're welcome to call it that as well. However, that's not what we call it. Anyways, as per what we found in Zunu, each of these squiggles on the slabs can be broken up into Tetris pieces. Each piece, as we now find out, corresponds to a particular movement or action including moving in any direction, jumping, and shifting left or right.

Recapping, each squiggle is a series of Tetris pieces but, if found on a stone and written vertically, must be rotated 90* counter clockwise before deciphering. Each movement and action has a matching Tetris piece, and must be input in the order from left to right after properly rotating the code.

For starters, here's the code for this very room:

Up, Jump, Shift Right, Shift Left, Jump, Down, Shift Left, Shift Right

As with every other code you may or may not have solved by now, here's a cheat sheet for you.

Following the discovery of the Shift Cipher we've got a puzzle to solve. You likely figured out that the telescope can move and that at night you can see things (when else is a telescope useful?) but you might not have known what those things were. Well, there are two things this telescope is good for. We'll tell you both, but first things first!

Shift Cipher – Jump onto the telescope and search the heavens (at night). You'll notice as you rotate that each area has two constellations that look like Tetris pieces. Well they are, and they're part of a code.

Pick a spot, then rotate right to get the code bit by bit. You can just start from wherever then enter it all on a loop until it triggers. Or, you could just check our code:

Right, Shift Right, Left, Shift Right, Shift Right, Jump, Jump, Right

Next up is the Red Cube. You may not know what these are yet and you shouldn't, but you won't know until you collect them, so do so.

Telescope Red Cube – Take another look into the telescope while it's aimed at which ever quadrant has "Jump, Right" in the bottom right corner. On that same screen a sequence of flashing red lights will alternate left and right in the upper left hand corner of the screen (at night of course).

These lights are an indicator for more code inputs, much like the QR codes or rumble codes. Again, we're not quite sure where this starts, but the sequence goes like this:

LT, RT, LT, RT, LT, RT – and then – LT, LT, LT, RTLT, LT, RT, RT, LT, LT


Moving along, the Observatory has a bunch of end-game content. That means you're going to need to be on New Game + to access this stuff. If you haven't embarked on that already, back on up.

However, if you have, it's time for another super obvious puzzle!

3D Anti-Cube – Jump on top of the purple pillar here and go into first-person. Look straight down at your feet and there you have it, a code for you. Here it is:

Shift Left, Jump, Shift Right, Up, Down, Shift Left, Shift Right, Jump

There's actually two of these, so let's keep it moving on to the next place.

And here's the other one! Again, just jump on the stone and look around.

3D Anti-Cube – Here you go:

Left, Left, Down, Down, Right, Right, Up, Up

Back to Guide Hub


Fez Cube Guide – Sewers Area

It wasn't enough to imply that this place is the sewers, they had to make the whole area green. Feels so gross after being out in the air. In fact, the ick is so intense, while down in this area Gomez won't be able to swim, so don't jump in the "water". We use that term generously.

Hop around and collect the bits. Use the water valve to lower and raise the water as necessary, traversing the floating platforms as they rise and fall with the water level. Going through the door here takes you to the Sewers Hub.

First off, as always, we collect bits and do the smaller rooms first. Or at least the rooms that don't lead us on huge adventures, because we may need things here! Right? Right. So let's check out the door map.

All these doors are on different pillars and at different water levels, so starting from the bottom and working your way up is a good idea. However, since we're silly, we started at the top!

The door here in the Sewers marked "Shift Passage" is super duper important, but there's nothing to do there (besides get a bit) until you've figured out the Shift Cipher. Figure that out, then come back here and head down to the SPOILER ZONE.

Moving on then, let's go get the QR Code.

Anti-Cube QR: Through a door straight off the hub we've got another QR code to do. Be careful not to contaminate the code with the darkness of the sewers. You're welcome to take a picture and figure it out, or… here's the code:


Once we're done here, let's head back to the hub. Next up is the puzzle room!

This place is a fun puzzle, and as with all puzzles, we recommend you give it a shot on your own first. If you're not interested, we of course have the solution below.

Puzzle Cube – While it may look different because we're in the land of Fez, this is a pretty common water puzzle. The key here is to move the platform such that it will be under the vines, rather than on the opposite side. To do this, we're going to have to play with the sewage sludge.

Step 1 is to lower the water down below the shifting platform. This way you can jump down there and rotate the platform. Rotate it such that it's under the platform with the treasure chest. Essentially any direction works, but if you need specifics follow the picture below.

Once you've rotated the platform, climb back up and raise the water. If you're following our picture, you'll have to raise the water to the very top. The goal is to get the floating platform to rest on top of the pivoted platform. Once you've managed that, align the pivoting platform under the chest and raise the water back up to the top again. From here you should be able to make the jump onto the vines, then climb up to the top to grab a cube.

This puzzle is a little complicated when it comes to rotations and when you started. It's easiest to match the picture and rotate based on that, but as long as you get the floating platform to land on the pivoting one, the rest is easy.

Key – After all that huffing and puffing and puzzle solving, let's go do something easy! Hop on into the Key room and, well, grab the key! It's two jumps away.

Now that we've covered all the small-time doors, it's time for some adventuring.

Let's head to the Hideaway door now as it's our first big venture into the Sewers. It's a good thing smell isn't a dimension, huh? (or is it)

Through this door we've got some actual levels to complete here, but mostly all sorts of rooms with cubes to find, all of which are hidden away. Hence the clever nomenclature. For starters, there are bits, so let's grab those. Simply hop along the platforms as they shoot up from the sludge to make it across to the other side. Snag the bit there, then head through the door.

In here we have a locked door and a bit of a puzzle to complete. We can head through the locked door now if you have a key, if not don't fret because one is coming up.

Inside the locked room we have a bit atop a pipe-laden structure and a massive tuning fork. That means it's time for a Rumble Puzzle.

Rumble Anti-Cube – If you haven't had to do one yet, Rumble Puzzles are codes sent to you via the left and right rumble packs in your controller. If the rumble is turned off, turn it on now. Or you could just read our code. Since it's difficult to know where the code starts and stops, here's what we put in:


Pick up your prize, you've earned it. More or less.

Returning to Hideaway 2 we've got to get to the top of this room somehow. Head back to the entrance and rotate until you find the vines on the back. In the dankness of the Sewers they look like little repeating squares. Climb up those then raise the water level as high as you can.

From there, hop on the platform then to the center piece. Depending on which way you were facing when you made the jump, rotate to bring the platform to the other side, then cross there. There's a bit here and another door we're going to go through.

Once you've made it across, head through that door.

Key – This key's pretty easy to get, just a jump to the right and a rotate to the right three times and then bam: key. Enjoy it. Head back to Hideaway 2 the way you came.

As per the usual we'll have to climb higher, then raise the water level. This time the vines are hidden on the center platform, so climb up there and work your magic on the valve. On one side there's some more vines to climb, and another valve to turn. However, this time we're not turning it all the way up.

Bit – The key to this bit is to raise the water level until it's two notches below the top. Then, hop onto the platform, rotate right, then jump onto the small notch where the bit is hiding.

After that, return to the valve, raise the water to its max and make your way to the last door.

Cube – For your efforts thus-far, you get a cube! Without much effort beyond arriving at the room.

Let's warp back to the Sewers Hub and end this dank, stanky journey. Here are some options:

– To Industrial Zone
– To Mausoleum
– To Main Hub
– To Observatory

 Back to Guide Hub


Now that we've got the Shift Cipher, let's head through the Shift Passage door as marked on your door map. Putting this code in isn't just for an Anti-Cube, no, there's actually a bit more journeying to do once you're in here.

Shift Puzzle – This one's a pretty simple code, just as long as you manage to keep the whole code in-view. Don't be fooled by the first bits. In case you are, here's the code:

Right, Up, Left, Down, Jump, Shift Left, Shift Right, Jump

Putting the code in lowers the slab upon which the code is imprinted, giving us another door to venture through. Head through it and enter… the Foundry!

How could we not pause dramatically for this place? IT'S SUPER RED! How cool. Let's get down to business.

There are two things to do in this gravely dangerous place (don't try to swim here either) and the first thing happens to be a door. It's shares a platform with the entrance, just spin around until you find it, then enter it.

Rumble Anti-Cube – These are always fun. As always, turn on that rumble and feel the code! Here's what we entered:


Grab your anti-cube and get back to the scary parts.

Getting to the Top – Like some other areas we've seen before, this gauntlet-esque puzzle is one part platforming and timing, one part rotation. The moment you turn that valve, the boiling water/lava/death screen will start rising, so you'll have to climb for your life. We'll guide you with pictures through the tough parts where you may or may not be dying horribly.

Turn the valve to start the lava flow. You just have to turn it once, once you do immediately start climbing that ladder. Find the mesh ropes on the small platform and make your way up the next ladder to the larger series of ropes. From here, things get a little tricky.

Rope Sprint 1 – Every time touch those scary looking bars, you'll get fried. Our advice, thus, is to avoid them at all costs. Doing this is simpler than it feels given the gravity of the situation: climb as high as you can on each rope section, then rotate right.

After that sprint, there's some platforming sprints centered around the rotating blocks that are a little tough, but assuming you make it up to those you'll reach a checkpoint.

From here, there's a floating platform you'll stand on as the lava (we're going to call it lava) rises, so you don't have any margin for error here. Luckily, there isn't much to this last bit. Just wait until you're right up against that first bar, then rotate right. From there, it's an easy float to the top.

Anti-Cube – Once you make it through the door on the top, grab your anti-cube as your reward and warp back to Sewers Hub.

Now that we're done here, we're done in all of the Sewers! There's really nothing left to do, you're good to go, you never have to come back. Enjoy.

To Industrial Zone
To Mausoleum
To Main Hub
To Observatory

Return to Guide Hub


Fez Cube Guide – Skip to The Big Puzzles (Spoilers)

In Fez there are three major codes to decipher, mysterious stones, wandering rodents, and things that are generally perplexing. Each and every one of those puzzles (read, each and every one) is solved throughout our guide. However we know some of you have beaten Fez and are only missing some key things. As such, if you have no interest in following the guide and learning the layout, we have pictures for all the biggest and most perplexing puzzles. We'll provide some information context for you as well if the picture doesn't have any, but this should be your shortcut to getting 200/200g in Fez.

We should note that this place is crazy full of spoilers. It's all spoilers. All answers, no questions. Incoming…

The Three Codes

Shift Cipher / Tetris Codes

Numeric System


The 3D Stones


Top of the tree area

One area above it (in the observatory/space area)

The other one just past the giant space throne in the observatory/space area

The owls

The top left one is in the observatory/space area next to the big squid monument –
The top right one is at the entrance to the waterfall area
The bottom left one is at the very top of the tree area near the mausoleum/creepy graveyard
The bottom right one is at the top of the industrial zone next to the windmill

The Red Cubes

The telescope cube

*don't do this while looking through the telescope

The black monolith

*after the black monolith appears, use first person to put yourself on the symbol opposite the blank square, THEN put in the second code

The riddle

*by vertically, we mean imagine if you took the right-to-left horizontal blocks and stood them up so they read like normal Fez words – thus, if you lay them down, they must be rotated clockwise 90*

The Artifacts

The writing cube is in the room above the waterfall.

The counting cube is in the observatory/space area with a diorama of earth

The tome is in the museum area behind a book shelf and through the globe doors

The skull artifact is in the mausoleum/creepy graveyard place

That's it for now, if we notice common requests we'll add them here, but do remember we have a guide for the entire game. The answers are all in there. So is the 200g.

Back to Guide Hub


Fez Cube Guide – End Game

Welcome to the end of the game! If you're here, you've gone through the 32 cube door, much like a boss. Since this is all story related, we're not going to narrate or guide you through a single bit of it. Enjoy you end-game sequence… just don't leave yet.

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed beating the game and that awesome credits music. However, the game isn't over, and neither is this guide. Go ahead and hit the Start New Game+ option and we'll continue on our journey.

First off, run through the beginning game as usual. Nothing has changed, go get your Fez which you're already wearing.

Blah blah blah old guy says go here, big cube says a bunch of things (which you can read, if you can read Fezzian; they're not important), but then he gives you something. Something… cool.

Now that you've completed the game, you've been bestowed with the 3D glasses! Of… Fez! These glasses let you see into first-person, which, believe it or not, will come greatly in handy. Not just for story and for looking at cool stuff, but for solving puzzles you thought not possible!

We'll send you off with links to all the other pages with NG+ content, but as a rule of thumb the most common application of these glasses is the 3D Stones. Do you remember those pillars that you couldn't seem to figure out? The purple and white ones with the square holes? Stand on those and enter first-person to see Shift Cipher codes on the ground. If you haven't figured that cipher out by now, get to it. If you have, go solve some puzzles and earn yourself some Anti-Cubes!

Here are some areas with 3D Stones.

To the Observatory
To the Lighthouse
To the Main Hub

Back to Guide Hub


Polytron commemorates the launch of FEZ with another trailer

You may have already heard, multi-award winning puzzle/platformer FEZ launched on Xbox Live Arcade earlier today. To celebrate the release – and the culmination of a troubled five year development period – developer Polytron has made public the above trailer. It doesn't show anything particularly new but hey, FEZ looks pretty and sounds darling.

Polytron's 2D (sort of) platformer has been showered with praise over the past few days. It's currently sitting pretty with a Metacritic score of 90. If you're swayed by that kind of thing, you'd have to go back to the year 2010 before you found another XBLA title that hit the 90-mark. The game? Namco Bandai's superb PacMan CE DX. We published our FEZ review earlier today and joined the chorus of critics waxing lyrical over the XBLA exclusive.

"In an industry full of foreseeable outcomes and predictable solutions, Fez manages to stand out as a rare gem packed full of imagination and surprise", said Andrew Crews. "Games like this are few and far between and should be cherished."

FEZ is available now for 800 MSP.

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Fez review (XBLA)

Fez was developed by Polytron and published by Microsoft/Trapdoor. It was released on April 13, 2012 for 800 MSP. A copy was provided for review purposes.

A few years ago Fez started making noise in the indie game scene as a game that had the potential to create a sense of immersion that would rival even the most cherished indie titles like Braid or Limbo. Polytron took their time with the game but now that Fez has finally released on XBLA, it’s clear that their time was well spent. Creating a game that forces gamers to truly think and explore these days is a fairly tall order. But Fez does just that. A sense of adventure and exploration accompanied by the classic 8-bit look will leave gamers swearing they have gone back in time to era they grew up in. An era where subtle clues were left behind for gamers to discover and slowly piece things together providing a true sense of accomplishment. An era where things may have initially looked simple but were far more complex once properly studied. Read the rest of this entry »

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