Contest: The 12 Days of XBLA (Day 10)

Today is the first double-digit day of the 12 Days of XBLA, and there’s still some great prizes up for grabs. Today’s prize is Toy Soldiers: Cold War. If you want to join the plastic battle, all you have to do is answer a simple trivia question and you’re entered to win! Here’s the question:

The Commando soldier (pictured above) is based on what iconic 80’s movie character?

Answer in the comment section below for your chance to snag a copy of the game. And be sure to follow us on Twitter for more chances for great prizes. It couldn’t be easier!

The winner of yesterday’s contest is: Jeremy Bennett (@JBHuskers) – You have won a copy of Outland. We will be in touch with you today on Twitter!

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Leedmees and Hole in the Wall 50% off today

Another winter day, another daily deal for your XBLA loving hands to catch today. This time, you’ll be using your whole body with these Kinect XBLA titles. Leedmees and Hole in the Wall are both 50% off today at 400 MSP each. If you got a Kinect, you should jump on this opportunity. We’ll keep you up to date on whatever new daily deals are around the corner for the holidays.

Source: Major Nelson


Bang Bang Racing showcases varied tracks, environments

Bang Bang Racing recently sped off the starting line with a trailer and screenshots combo and a website. Since then, the stadiums have been quiet, with the peanut gallery staring down the stretch holding their hands over their brows to block the sun so they won’t miss the next pass of cars. Well it seems another pack of media has been steadily zipping by the finish line starting a new lap of content showcases.

Over the last couple of weeks eight maps have been posted to Bang Bang Racing‘s facebook page along with a short blurb about each. Hit the jump for the screenshot gallery. Suffice to say, Digital Reality in collaboration with Playbox has gone for massive variety with these maps both in nature and in environment. Across these eight maps are very different themes from snow to sand, coastal to inland. More importantly, it seems as though each map will have several variations involving closing off parts of the map and opening others, turning straights into corners and vice versa. This is a fantastic alternative to the classic “go again, but this time, in reverse” cop-out because maps in reverse really aren’t that different. Throw in a series of six hairpins where before there was a straight, and that’s some majorly different racing.

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World Gone Sour: gameplay, details and pricing

Ever dreamed of being a tiny little Sour Patch Kid or better yet, taking a journey in which the ultimate destination was a human stomach? No, us either, but apparently someone at Capcom did and they are bringing that idea to life. This new action platformer takes you on a wild adventure across tons of giant environments, rescuing other lost Sour Patch Kids while battling crazy candy enemies. The new gameplay trailer is slap full of tasty tidbits, showing off what looks like a well made game. This sweet treat will be rolling out the package this spring for 400 MSP. But if you can’t wait, you can pick it up on PC now, for the low low price of $4.99.

Thanks to @lifelower for the video link.


Who Wants to be a Millionaire? SE getting Star Trek DLC

Recently spotted on the Australian classification website, was a new rating for Who Wants to be a Millionaire? SE. The rating is actually for the new DLC that is on its way, simply titled Star Trek: The Original Series. No other details are yet known about this, but then again it seems pretty straight forward. No word as to when this will hit the marketplace or even how much it will be, but we don’t think any true fan cares about price as much as they do about just wanting to play it. For those of you who are thinking, what, I didn’t know that there was a Who Wants to be a Millionaire? game on XBLA, sadly that’s because it is only available in a few markets. If you can get it, there are already two DLC question packs available, one of them being an amazing trip to the world of South Park. We can only hope that they show as much love to the Star Trek series as they did with South Park and this will definitely be worth the wait.

Source: @lifelower


Bye Bye to Xbox ads (kind of)

Since the new dashboard update every one has gone on and on about the pros and cons of this new presentation. One of the most common complaints is the slightly obtrusive and overly abundant advertisements on every tab. They don’t really cause a lot of damage, but can be quite annoying. Well now thanks to Reddit member absurdlyobfuscated, with a few easy steps, you can block them from your dashboard. The real question is, how many of you care about these adds enough to block them, let us know if you to will be saying bye-bye to ads in the comments below.

Source: Kotaku


Help name the new Zen Studios game

Zen Studios is looking for some help in naming their upcoming game. The company that brought us the incredibly popular Pinball FX 2 is hard at work on a game that they describe on their website as “an experimental rhythm game featuring fully 3D characters and combat, aggressive music, and an East Asian theme.” While they’re currently dubbing the game “Zen Fu,” they think the community can come up with something better, and they’re willing to stake some prizes on it. If your entry is chosen as the final name, you’ll be added as a character in the game and given proper credits. Signing up is easy – simply send an email to zen-fu@zenstudios.com with your name and what you think the game should be called before the deadline of January 4th, 2012. While the game hasn’t been confirmed for XBLA, it stands to reason that it will at some point be released for the platform. Head on over to the Zen Fu site for more info on the contest, and check back here soon for some more info on the game.


Shank’s soundtrack gifted to fans this holiday season

If you’re as hyped as us about the forthcoming release of Shank 2 for XBLA early next year then you may want to head over to the game’s official blog. The new Shank 2 theme song is now available for free download and fans will be pleased to hear that it’s every bit as good as its predecessors. The track, by composers Jason Garner and Vince DeVera, was released to fans as a thank you when the game reached ten thousand likes on Facebook. However that’s not all, you can also download to the entire Shank 1 soundtrack, also by Vince and Jason, in mp3 format or in lossless FLAC format too.

Shank 2 is expected to release on XBLA early 2012. Download the Shank 2 theme from this direct link.

Source: Shank Official Website

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Two new mind-bending screens from Quantum Conundrum

News has been slow on Kim Swift’s upcoming Quantum Conundrum for XBLA but we got a whopping two new screens from the game which is way more than one! From what we see, we’ll be dodging our fair share of lasers and manipulating gravity to some respect. Square Enix and Airtight Games seem to be only teasing us slowly with each short reveal. One thing’s for sure, we’re excited to see more of this game next year so hit the break to catch these screenshots in action.
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Contest: 12 Days of XBLA (Day 9)

We’re back for day nine with another game to win, but this time we aren’t telling what it is. Instead you must guess from the distorted picture above. We will give you this hint, when we reviewed it, this was said “It’s hard to describe the art style…. best way we could think to put it would be Tron meets nature”. Leave your answers in the comments below and we will pick a winner randomly from all the right answers. Make sure to check back tomorrow as our contest continues and of course make sure to follow us on Twitter for even more chances to win!

The winner of yesterday’s contest is: Drunkdaddy69 – You have won a copy of Radiant Silvergun. We will be in touch with you today through email!

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