The War of the Worlds launch trailer breaches XBLA

From what we’ve seen from screenshots and video diaries, The War of the Worlds is shaping up to be an XBLA game worth noting. Based on the H.G. Wells book and developed by Other Ocean Interactive, the launch trailer showcases some of the crazier elements such as the alien forces invading to jumping puzzles to straight-up action. Not to mention Sir Patrick Stewart himself is narrating the action as you wield an axe at a small alien. Keep a lookout for this title before the aliens strike when it hits digital shelves next Wednesday, October 26 for 800 MSP.


Avatar Awards: Week of 10/16


Haunt and Voltron will be the next games to feature avatar awards. To see more XBLA-based Avatar awards, check out this link. If you want the latest Avatar Award related news as it hits the scene, be sure to follow @AvatarAwards360 on Twitter.

Upcoming games: **Awards are the same for male and female unless specified

  • Haunt - Haunt Hoodie, Haunt Jeans, Charger Ghost Mask
  • Voltron – Voltron Unlock T-Shirt

Dungeon Defenders super guide

Dungeon Defenders, after a whole year of being postponed, is finally out and flaunting its massive amount of content all over the place! Admittedly, it’s quite a bit to take on, just as it is quite a bit to learn for the players. So, in true XBLAFans fashion, we’ve got a guide to help those in need! Huge thanks to Zac Lace, Andrew Crews, Todd Schlickbernd and Shawn Saris for their work on this guide. Now, for our readers, there’s a LOT going on in this game and unlike some of our other games, a lot of it is difficult to complete without having tons of good gear and high level characters, so we haven’t completed everything yet. Initially there is a full level guide and character guides to get started with, as well as an FAQ for the multitude of questions people surely have about the details of this game, and an Accomplishment list for the achievement lovers. Not sure if the game is for you? Check out our review! If you like video guides, we have those as well here.

Welcome to Dungeon Defenders

General assistance

Character guides

Level guides

These guides are for easy – hard difficulty, and may not be applicable on Insane.

  1. The Deeper Well
  2. Forges and Foundries
  3. Magus Quarters
  4. Alchemical Laboratory
  5. Servants Quarters
  6. Castle Armory
  7. Hall of Court
  8. Throne Room
  9. Royal Garden
  10. Ramparts
  11. Endless Spires
  12. The Summit
  13. Bonus: Glitterhelm

Kim Swift talks Quantum Conundrum, Portal, and a whole lot more

The folks over at Gamasutra have posted an interesting Q&A with Kim Swift, the lead designer of the mega-popular Portal and the designer of the XBLA-bound FPS/puzzler Quantum Conundrum. They start off with a discussion of the inevitable comparisons Quantum Conundrum and Portal will draw and a bit about how Kim came to be at Airtight Games. There’s not really any new information about the game itself, but there’s a great amount of detail regarding how the mechanics and the levels have developed, delving into things like why levels are lit a certain way. It’s an interesting read if you want to know more about the process involved in designing a game. Besides, it’s an interview with Kim Swift, who seems like one of the coolest people in gaming at the moment. You won’t be disappointed. Check out the cool videos we’ve posted of Quantum Conundrum so far, and stay tuned here for more info as we get it.


More Fusion: Genesis screens and details emerge

Last week Starfire Studios and Microsoft announced an intriguing new game titled Fusion: Genesis. The game is described as a twin-stick shooter, with elements of a massive multiplayer online game. This may have left many scratching their heads trying to conceptualize this bold new concept. Today we’re able to bring you more details and a batch of new screenshots to help clarify the picture. Read on for further details and a gallery of new images!

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Voltron defends the universe November 30

Voltron: Defender of the Universe is one of the most revered animation classics of the 80′s and you’ll be able to witness the power of the robot lions in your hands. As the defender of the universe, you’ll be able to re-live some of the best moments from the show. Each mission begins with an on-foot portion as one of the lions but then transitions to a grand battle as Voltron itself. There will also be online co-op for you and four players, working together to take down the monsters and save citizens. The game looks to be a fun romp through nostalgia that you can experience with your friends, catch the game at the end of November.

Source: THQ


Dungeon Defenders delights with new launch trailer

To celebrate the launch of Dungeon Defenders on XBLA, Trendy Entertainment have released this brand new trailer for your enjoyment. Released for XBLA yesterday, Dungeon Defenders is a 4-player co-operative Tower Defense, Action-RPG. We’ve already fallen in love with this one and in our review we described it as one of the largest, most polished XBLA titles to date. Wow. You can pick up Dungeon Defenders from Xbox Marketplace for 1200 MSP.


Genre diversity on XBLA

Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade service has been running for over half a decade now seeing a major boost in content since the Summer of Arcade promotions began running and since last year House Party (previously Block Party) has joined it for Spring releases. A steady flow of releases during each month also bring a fair amount of titles to the downloadable market space. With a healthy mix of ports, original content, big and indie developers, it begs the question: how mixed is the genre offering?

Before examining what isn’t out there, it’s important to observe what is. Xbox.com has listings for the amount of games contained in each of their classifications, bringing up some pretty startling numbers. Leading the way (not surprisingly) are Action & Adventure games with 177 individual titles including Castle Crashers, Battlefield 1943, Geometry Wars and Shadow Complex. Puzzle & Trivia and Classics are the next highest below Action with 74 and 76 respectively. On the opposite side of the spectrum are some very niche genres including Kinect with 4, Music with 6, and Educational with 3. A genre expected to have plenty of titles would be fighting, but believe it or not only 13 titles are classified as fighting games on XBLA, while the nebulous Other category has 7. Above those are 23 Role Playing games, 20 Racing & Flying games and 33 Strategy & Simulation games. Also noteworthy you’d think there’s more than 38 platformers out there, but not according to Xbox.com. (as of October 2011) Read the rest of this entry »

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Over an hour of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive footage ready for viewing

Intel has released over an hour’s worth of footage from Valve’s highly anticipated competitive shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The footage was taken at the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge, a tournament that pit a team from the United States against a team from Europe in one of the world’s most competitive E-Sports. The footage obviously comes from the PC version of the game, but we expect the XBLA version to look very similar when it launches in the spring of 2012. Take a look at the pwnage in the video above, and remember to stay tuned to XBLAFans for more Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coverage.


Konami unleashes new Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone trailer

Konami and Backbone Entertainment have released a new trailer for their upcoming twin-stick shooter, Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone. The follow up to 2009′s Zomobie Apocalypse, Never Die Alone introduces new squad based mechanics and the ability to swap between characters on the fly to take advantage of each heroes unique skill set. Players will also spend time rescuing fellow survivors and killing Titanic sized boat loads of zombies as they attempt to escape the Canadian island where the game takes place. You can do all this by yourself, or with three friends through both local and online co-op over Xbox Live.

Dying for more? Check out the previous trailer, and our review of the first game here. You wont have to wait long to get your hands on Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone as the game is scheduled to hit XBLA next week on October 25th. Stay tuned to XBLAFans for more undead crushing coverage lurking just around the corner.

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