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Earlier this week PlayXBLA announced that they will be hosting a series of community playdates for their favourite XBLA games. Every Monday the PlayXBLA crew will select an XBLA game to highlight and offer up some fan participation either in the form of multiplayer events or if the game is single player, then a party chat session during gameplay. To join in the fun, head over to the PlayXBLA blog every Thursday where they will post full details and the gamertag which will be hosting the party room. The first event was Orc Must Die!, but we missed it…doh! However the rest of the line up so far looks great: 

Joe Danger Special Edition – December 26, 2011
Worms: Ultimate Mayhem – January 2, 2012
Magic: The Gathering 2012 – January 9, 2012
Toy Soldiers: Cold War – January 16, 2012

Let us know if you manage to take part and remember to say hi if you bump into any XBLAFans staff!

Source: PlayXBLA


Five minutes of Awesomenauts footage showcases Voltar the Omniscient

Ronimo Games has released over five minutes of gameplay footage from the beta version of Awesomenauts showcasing Voltar the Omniscient, just one of the many playable characters in the game. Awesomenauts combines elements of side-scrolling platformers with the fast growing MOBA genre. Think Mario meets DOTA. Don’t worry about trying to imagine it because you can see the game in action for yourself in the video above. If you’re looking for more awesome Awesomenauts coverage, do a search for the game on the bar in the upper right hand corner of the XBLAFans website. You’ll find plenty more gameplay footage, and looks at handfuls of other characters. Awesomenauts is expected to hit XBLA in February of 2012.


XBLA Wednesday: December 21, 2011

It’s the Wednesday before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except…this week’s Xbox Live Arcade release, Trine 2! This beautiful platformer from Frozenbyte and Atlus is available now, selling for 1,200 Microsoft Points. Additionally, new downloadable content was released for Dungeon Defenders kicking off the quest for The Lost Eternia Shards. The package (details and trailer here) is selling for just 320 Microsoft Points. Not to mention Renegade Ops got explosive DLC with the Coldstrike Campaign for 400 MSP and a Vehicle DLC pack for 240 MSP. Don’t hold back, you’ve got new lands to explore and dungeons to defend! There’s plenty of new content on XBLA this week to keep you busy, so get to work!


XBLAFancast – Elfsquad7 Special

I recently had the chance to talk to Derek Paxton and Scott Tykoski from Stardock Entertainment. They joined me to talk about their recent and surprising Xbox Live Indie Game release, Elfsquad7. We talk a little about the unique situation of a well known PC developer like Stardock putting out an indie game as well as the process around Elfsquad7’s creation and release.

Elfsquad7 is a Christmas themed co-op platformer, you can grab it on the Xbox Live Marketplace right now for 80 points.

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Hosted, produced & edited by:

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Special guests:

Derek Paxton

Scott Tykoski


Hulk table smashing its way into Pinball FX 2

In a recent thread on the Zen Studios forums, administrator crackervizzo (aka Mel Kirk, VP of Marketing and Public Relations at Zen Studios) revealed that Hulk would be making its way to Pinball FX 2 through Marvel Pinball as part of Zen’s ongoing relationship with Marvel. The ever-popular pinball game has been pumping out Marvel expansions like crazy, including the recent Marvel: Vengeance and Virtue 4-pack starring Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Thor, and the X-men. It’s always great to see collaborations like this, and it’s nice to know that the Zen Studios/Marvel matchup is still going strong. Given their past love of Marvel 4-packs, it’ll be interesting to see if some other announcements are on the horizon. Check out the original forum post right here.


Sonic CD review (XBLA)

Sonic CD was developed and published by Sega. It was released December 16, 2011 for 400 MSP. A copy was provided for review purposes.

While we’re sure some of you were raised on Sonic the Hedgehog and all his incarnations on the original Genesis, not a lot of you probably had the Sega CD. It was an addon to the Genesis that let you played CD-ROM games, something all the rage in the 90s. Not a lot of great memorable games were made for it (Hello, Night Trap) but one game that made a huge impact on the system was Sonic CD. Now almost 20 years after its release, Sonic’s classic adventure is brought back to XBLA with all new features for a smooth port.

Sonic has to save a planet chained to the world called Little Planet. Robotnik (aka Eggman) has stolen all the time stones that control time itself and it’s up to the blue hedgehog to save the day and time itself. After the recent tepid response to Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, playing a classic Sonic game that a lot of people missed out on proves the character is still timeless and those who missed out on this game won’t need a $300 USD peripheral in 1993 to play it.

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Contest: The 12 Days of XBLA (Day 10)

Today is the first double-digit day of the 12 Days of XBLA, and there’s still some great prizes up for grabs. Today’s prize is Toy Soldiers: Cold War. If you want to join the plastic battle, all you have to do is answer a simple trivia question and you’re entered to win! Here’s the question:

The Commando soldier (pictured above) is based on what iconic 80’s movie character?

Answer in the comment section below for your chance to snag a copy of the game. And be sure to follow us on Twitter for more chances for great prizes. It couldn’t be easier!

The winner of yesterday’s contest is: Jeremy Bennett (@JBHuskers) – You have won a copy of Outland. We will be in touch with you today on Twitter!

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Leedmees and Hole in the Wall 50% off today

Another winter day, another daily deal for your XBLA loving hands to catch today. This time, you’ll be using your whole body with these Kinect XBLA titles. Leedmees and Hole in the Wall are both 50% off today at 400 MSP each. If you got a Kinect, you should jump on this opportunity. We’ll keep you up to date on whatever new daily deals are around the corner for the holidays.

Source: Major Nelson


Bang Bang Racing showcases varied tracks, environments

Bang Bang Racing recently sped off the starting line with a trailer and screenshots combo and a website. Since then, the stadiums have been quiet, with the peanut gallery staring down the stretch holding their hands over their brows to block the sun so they won’t miss the next pass of cars. Well it seems another pack of media has been steadily zipping by the finish line starting a new lap of content showcases.

Over the last couple of weeks eight maps have been posted to Bang Bang Racing‘s facebook page along with a short blurb about each. Hit the jump for the screenshot gallery. Suffice to say, Digital Reality in collaboration with Playbox has gone for massive variety with these maps both in nature and in environment. Across these eight maps are very different themes from snow to sand, coastal to inland. More importantly, it seems as though each map will have several variations involving closing off parts of the map and opening others, turning straights into corners and vice versa. This is a fantastic alternative to the classic “go again, but this time, in reverse” cop-out because maps in reverse really aren’t that different. Throw in a series of six hairpins where before there was a straight, and that’s some majorly different racing.

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World Gone Sour: gameplay, details and pricing

Ever dreamed of being a tiny little Sour Patch Kid or better yet, taking a journey in which the ultimate destination was a human stomach? No, us either, but apparently someone at Capcom did and they are bringing that idea to life. This new action platformer takes you on a wild adventure across tons of giant environments, rescuing other lost Sour Patch Kids while battling crazy candy enemies. The new gameplay trailer is slap full of tasty tidbits, showing off what looks like a well made game. This sweet treat will be rolling out the package this spring for 400 MSP. But if you can’t wait, you can pick it up on PC now, for the low low price of $4.99.

Thanks to @lifelower for the video link.

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