Time to pick the next DLC theme for A World of Keflings

UPDATE: Voting has commenced. You can vote here. [Editors Note: While we don’t officially have a candidate in the race, John thinks Candy would be awesome.]

Last week we announced that Ninjabee were going to let you the fans choose the theme for the next DLC pack for A World of Keflings. Well all 3 options have now been revealed and it’s decision time. The choices are as follows:

  1. A Graveyard for Keflings
  2. Candy for Keflings
  3. Pirates for Keflings

Voting commences Monday, January 16 at 10 A.M. PST and will end on Friday, January 23 at 12 A.M. PST. To vote, all you have to do is head over to PlayXBLA, each day and make your voice heard. You can only vote once though in every 24 hours so don’t forget to visit daily. Head over the jump to view the image mock-ups for each theme. We already know what our favourite is!

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What we are playing: January 15

What we are playing is a weekly column that appears each weekend. Various staff members let the world know what games had them hooked the past week and which ones they look forward to

John Laster – Finally off my Dungeon Defenders kick. Now it’s time to play through the best of fall retail; Skyrim, Saints Row 3, Modern Warfare 3, Assassins Creed: Revelations await me.

Perry Jackson – Haven’t really played much beyond some older retro games like Mega Man 3. But I did pick up Orcs Must Die! on sale and it’s so very good. Wish it had co-op though.

Nick DePetris – After two months, I finally managed to 1000/1000 Skyrim. I also managed to beat Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet and start working on L.A. Noire, but decided to take a break from those darker games with a trip down memory lane by playing The Maw.

Nick Santangelo – I got Deus Ex: Human Revolution for Christmas and finally popped it in a few days ago. I’m liking it, but I wish Adam Jensen’s voice actor wasn’t channeling Christian Bale’s Batman so much. If he tells somebody to “Swear to Sarif!” I’m out. Other than that, I snuck in a few rounds of Gears of War 3 and Halo: Reach.

Matt Liparota – With the market free of big releases for the moment, I’m taking time to play catch-up. Rayman Origins, the best game from 2011 that nobody played, has spent a lot of time in my Xbox and I’m still working my way through Skyward Sword on my Wii. And, whenever I catch a spare minute, I run through a level or two on Super Mario 3D Land.

John Drawdy – So far this week I have played quite a bit of Iron Brigade, finally getting acquainted with the survival mode. On top of that I have been making my way through AMY, make sure to check out my review on that.

Mark Seymour – Still hooked on Battlefield 3. Playing through Uncharted 3, Mario Kart 7 and Quarrel too, which just about rounds off my backlog of games from 2011. Hooray.

Nathan Bowring – I recently finished Batman: Arkham CIty, and all I can say is wow. I also picked up Orcs Must Die!, proving I have no skill at strategy, but it’s still incredibly fun.

Ryan Reynolds – I played a lot of Horde in Gears of War 3 with my friends this week. Additionally I just started Deathspank, but I haven’t made it very far yet.


Strong XBLA showing at the annual AIAS awards

Supergiant Games’ Arcade knockout Bastion has ranked alongside some of the most prolific AAA titles of the past year in the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences 2011 awards.

The awards ceremony, which takes place during the 2012 D.I.C.E summit on February 9, champions all corners of the games industry with prizes for retail, downloadable and mobile games as well as individual categories for specific genres. Said Martin Rae, president of the AIAS:

“These games exemplify the highest standard of excellence and quality, from the breathtaking cinematics, to the bold storytelling and the innovative technology. Our industry has really outdone itself this year and continues to exceed expectations with its creativity and craftsmanship. Bravo!”

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XBLA’s Most Wanted: Fester’s Quest

The Nintendo has always had a fond place in many gamers hearts and one of the forgotten games from that era is Fester’s Quest. It was a top-down view action game based off of none other then Uncle Fester from the Addams Family. The story line was completely off the wall, Aliens appear and start taking over the town, so you (Fester) grab your gun and go forth to become the savior. Encountering many of the Addams family members along the way who help you and make for some rather funny run-ins. Fester’s Quest was was a fun adventure taking you all over town, creating chaos with all sorts of aliens and bosses.

Fester’s Quest relied heavily on the actual fun of the gameplay, which is all games really had back then, requiring you to stay in-tune with what was going on if you wanted to continue on to the next section. The over-head view  gives a very Zelda-like feel, but was not the only one you encountered during this journey. As you find out the developers ventured into 3D with mazes that you had to journey through in certain sections. Filled with tons of weapons, characters, enemies and collectible items, Fester’s Quest provided an abundance of entertainment for its era.
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Iron Brigade Martian Bear guide – Weapon loot

Machine guns

Unlocked in the store, Mars Landing

Unlocked on Swamp Survival 5
Unlocked in the store, Swamp
Unlocked in Settlement, Cathedral

Unlocked in foundry, Swamp Survival
Unlocked on Swamp Survival 25


Unlocked in shop, Mars Landing
Unlocked in Cathedral, Settlement Survival
Unlocked in Swamp, Mars Landing

Unlocked on Settlement Survival 5

Unlocked on Swamp Survival 10
Unlocked in Mars Landing, Settlement

Unlocked in Foundry, Swamp Survival


Unlocked in Swamp, Mars Landing, Settlement

Unlocked on Settlement Survival 10
Unlocked in Shop, Swamp, Mars Landing

Unlocked on Swamp Survival 15
Carpet Bomber
Unlocked in Cathedral
Unlocked in Settlement, Foundry, Swamp Survival

Grenade launchers

Unlocked in Shop, Swamp

Unlocked in Foundry, Cathedral, Swamp Survival
Unlocked in Foundry, Cathedral, Settlement Survival

Unlocked in Mars Landing, Settlement

Unlocked on Settlement Survival 15


Unlocked in Shop, Swamp, Mars Landing
Unlocked in Cathedral
Unlocked on Settlement Survival 25

Unlocked in Settlement, Foundry, Settlement Survival

Unlocked in Mars Landing, Settlement, Foundry
Unlocked in Foundry, Cathedral, Settlement Survival

Unlocked on Swamp Survival 35


Unlocked in Shop, Mars Landing, Settlement, Foundry

Unlocked in Foundry, Cathedral
Unlocked in Shop, Swamp

Unlocked in Cathedral
Unlocked on Settlement Survival 35

Iron Brigade Martian Bear guide – Hats, jackets and paintjobs


Robot Helmet: Swamp and Settlement Survival
Blackmore Flat Cap: Swamp and Settlement Survival
Space Cap: Mars Landing, Settlement, Foundry, Cathedral, Settlement Survival
Cowboy Hat: Wave 50 Swamp Survival Loot
Brain Bucket: Swamp, Settlement, Settlement Surival
Space Dome: Shop
Fez: Settlement Survival 50
Welding Goggles: Shop
Welding Mask: Shop
Sombrero: Cathedral, Swamp Survival


Robot Costume: Swamp and Settlement Survival
Mandolier: Swamp and Settlement Survival (Rare)
Space Suit: Shop
Bare Vested: Swamp Survival 45
Smoking Jacket: Settlement Survival 45
White Tuxedo: Shop
Bulletproof Armor: Cathedral, Settlement Survival


Flannel Paintjob: Shop
Maize and Blue Paintjob: Settlement Survival
Psychic Swirl Paintjob: Settlement Survival 40
Diamond Plate Paintjob: Swamp Survival 40
Zebra Paintjob: Swamp Survival (Rare)
Cheetah Paintjob: Settlement Survival (Rare)
Polka Dot Paintjob: Swamp Survival (Rare)
Striped Paintjob: Settlement Survival (Rare)
Martian Camo Paintjob: Shop
Magenta Paintjob: Shop
Neon Green Paintjob: Shop
Neon Orange Paintjob: Shop
Kilt Paintjob: Swamp Survival

Weapons – Back to HubEmplacements & Chassis


Iron Brigade Martian Bear guide – Emplacement and Chassis Loot


Unlocked in Mars Landing, Settlement, Foundry
Unlocked in Swamp, Mars Landing, Settlement
Unlocked in Settlement, Foundry, Cathedral
Unlocked in Swamp, Mars Landing, Settlement
Unlocked in Settlement, Foundry, Cathedral
Unlocked in Mars Landing, Settlement, Foundry

Light emplacements

Unlocked in Shop, Swamp
Unlocked in Mars Landing, Settlement, Foundry
Unlocked on Swamp Survival 30
Unlocked in Shop
Unlocked in Foundry, Cathedral
Unlocked in Shop, Swamp, Mars Landing
Unlocked in Settlement, Foundry, Swamp Survival
Unlocked on Settlement Survival 30

Heavy & support emplacements

Unlocked in Mars Landing, Settlement, Settlement Survival
Unlocked in Foundry, Cathedral, Swamp Survival
Unlocked on Settlement Survival 20
Unlocked in Shop, Swamp, Mars Landing
Laser Turret
Unlocked in Cathedral
Unlocked on Swamp Survival 20
Unlocked in Shop, Swamp, Mars Landing
Unlocked in Foundry, Cathedral, Settlement Survival

Cosmetics (Hats, Jackets and Paintjobs)Back to HubWeapons


Iron Brigade Martian Bear level guide – Cathedral

Video guide


Weapons: The Perforator, Blastasaurus Rex, Carpet Bomber, Spud Slinger, The Duke, Ursula, Lilypad, Boo Boo Ray, Heavy Laser
Other: Super Shredder Turret, Massive Mine Layer, Laser Turret, Cluster Mortar Turret, Woodruff V, Karlsson V, Space Cap, Sombrero, Bulletproof Armor

Double Fine’s quick tips

Map layout:

  • Defeat the Bear!
  • Keep the tubes under control
Recommended Trench loadout:
  • Repair Crane

XBLA Fans gold medal advice

Recommended players: 2+

XBLA Fans recommended loadout

  • Anything high damage
  • Karlssons
  • Quickload/Fortify


Seriously, just shoot this thing. Bring Karlssons, bring quickload/fortify, and just shoot it in the face. You can try to stop the tubes from going into the little towers and healing him, you can try shooting the flying compartment he jettisons, but it doesn’t matter. Just shoot him in the face. Fortify after every mini-cutscene because it’ll un-fortify you, then get back to shooting him.

Too easy. In fact, you don’t need anything after this, we guarantee it. Just shoot it in the face.

If you’re trying to farm the level for loot, just place the repair crane like the game suggest, then have your way with the level.

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Iron Brigade Martian Bear level guide – Foundry

Video guide


Weapons: Topiary Trimmer, Sod Off, Super Indirect Sniper, Spud Slinger, The Duke, Ferromagnetic Hurlant, Shock Cannon, Lilypad, Massive Broadcaster, Boo Boo Ray
Other: Knockback Shotgun Turret, Super Shredder Turret, Ironclad Flak Turret, Massive Mine Layer, Cluster Mortar Turret, Selker V, Woodruff V, Karlsson V, McGarry IV, Space Cap

Double Fine’s quick tips

Map layout:

  • Escort the Double Deuce.
  • Good luck!
Recommended Trench loadout:
  • Skill (Cowboy Hat)

XBLA Fans gold medal advice

Recommended players: 2+

XBLA Fans recommended loadout

  • Snipers
  • Machine guns
  • Artillery

  • Machine guns (everywhere!)
  • Dampeners
  • Mine layers

This is one of the most entertaining levels in the DLC, so enjoy it! Foundry is divided into one set of eight waves and one set of ten. The first set occurs outside with A filtering all sorts of enemies through the brush and Martian trees, and B sending enemies single file down a slot car track.

The first stage is very straightforward. All you should place this first set of waves is a machine gun turret on either side of the base. You can upgrade them if you feel like you need more firepower (or if you have lower level loot still) but don’t go all out. At most, a dampener and two machine guns (upgraded once, MAYBE twice if you need it) should be all you place here. Beyond that, SHOOT STUFF! Seriously, these early waves are very fun because of how enemies come at the base, just optimize splash damage. If you can’t bring Artillery, then bring a grenade launcher, you’ll need something with splash here at least. Also, beware aerial enemies.

The second stage is a lot more dynamic. Once the second stage starts, two waves show up at A & B still, so don’t run on past them and die for it. Once you get to wave 3, or rather before it, and the McKinley stops moving, place a line of machine guns right in front of it from the left ramp all the way to the right ramp and upgrade them as much as possible. Yeah. Do it. This strategy is very thorough and ensures all aerials and noids are completely irrelevant, as they should be, the jerks.

After the awesome gun defense is set up, you’ll want dampeners on both sides as well as a Mine Layer for both D and F as Breakers will show up a few times there. From there, players should watch for Artys and Amps, and overall enjoy their experience on this level because it’s fun! Mostly because you get to mad drop machine guns. Who doesn’t want to do that?

Wave breakdown

Wave 1: B: Resistors, S: Snipe Tuners
Wave 2: A: Cathys (x3), B: Tommies
Wave 3: A: Resistors, S: Aerials, A: Tommys, Resistors
Wave 4: A: Blitzers (x3), B: Resistors & Jacbos, Blitzers
Wave 5: S: Noids, B: Tommys, A: Tommys, S: Snipe Tuners
Wave 6: B: Bertha & Knobs, S: Noids & Aerials,
Wave 7: A: Blitzers (x3), B: Blitzers, Resistors
Wave 8: A: Knobs (x2, Cathys, B: Willie & Jacobs, A: Resistors & Tommys

Wave 1: B: Resistors & Tommies, S: Noids
Wave 2: B: Aerials, D & F: Tommies
Wave 3: D: Breakers, C: Noids, E: Breakers
Wave 4: D & E: Blitzers, F: Tommys
Wave 5: F: Arty, E: Resistors & Jacobs
Wave 6: C: Aerials (x2) D: Cathys, Breakers,
Wave 7: D: Blitzers, F: Burst Transmitters, Snipe Tuners
Wave 8: C: Aerials, F: Noids, C: Noids, Aerials, E: Resistors & Jacobs,
Wave 9: F: Arty, E: Burst Transmitters, D: Tommys,
Wave 10: D: Breakers, E: Amplifier, C: Aerials, F: Amplifier, E: Blitzers, Resistors & Jacobs


  • Do what you must to defend in the early game
  • Bring an Assault if you want


  • Waste too much money early
  • Bring flak, just use machine guns

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Iron Brigade Martian Bear level guide – Settlement

Video guide


Weapons: The Perforator, Hirsch Fusor, Annihilatrix, Super Indirect Sniper, Super Shocker, Ferromagnetic Hurlant, Shock Cannon, Massive Broadcaster
Other: Knockback Shotgun, Ironclad Flak Turret, Ironclad Repair Crane, ALL Chassis, Space Cap, Brain Bucket

Double Fine’s quick tips

Map layout:

  • Defend the three Cannon Pieces
  • Watch your back!
  • Distract Tubes with Decoys
Recommended Trench loadout:
  • Machine Guns
  • Long Range Weapons

XBLA Fans gold medal advice

Recommended players: 3

XBLA Fans recommended loadout

  • Machine guns
  • Machine guns
  • Shotguns
  • Dampeners
  • Repair crane
  • Sprinting Legs

Settlement. The single most difficult map in all of Iron Brigade history. Yeesh.

Settlement is huge, the largest ever, and it shows. Everyone will be wearing a hat for the most part, with one person sticking to Green and Blue, one person at Orange, and one person roaming. We heavily advise players not to use an Assault class or Fortify/Quickload as mobility is an incredibly important part of this map for many reasons. Let’s talk about what’s new and what to expect.

This map features Cathys, a new enemy which behaves much like Knobs but they go for players instead of towers. Ultimately they’re the most annoying thing in the universe, and, along with the massive abundance of knobs on this map, warrant a profuse employment of machine guns. Double machine guns at least at both blue and green, triple at orange (upgrade these things) just to make sure that Knobs, Cathys and let’s not forget Aerials and Noids are dealt with constantly. This is just pure base defense, we’re talking about survivability round-to-round. Supplement these machine guns with dampeners. You may not want to upgrade them, the ramps/pathways at Green and Blue are small and knobs will likely take them anyways, but orange will need upgrades for sure.

We can’t stress enough how serious it is to keep these machine guns running throughout because as a player you will likely spend lots of time hunting down Jacobs, Artys, Volt Droppers and trying to reach other players who have gone down. If you typically find yourself dying and don’t play carefully, or you don’t have a Mark V/IV (DLC version, basically) chassis you should consider a repair crane.

Beyond that, Volt Droppers are super powerful and painful here. Their damage hasn’t been altered, but since each base represents 1/3rd of your health, the VD ends up doing three times as much damage to your overall base health. That means sniper turrets, sniper rifles, sniper… snipe everything! Seriously! It’s wise to bring an engineering chassis (Selker) for almost exclusively sniper turret placement and damage control on turrets after Knobs and other jerks.

A HUGE piece of this map is the Decoys. There’s a million ways to work these, but we can’t give you solutions for everything so we’ll give you our strategy and suggestions worth exploring as well. Both of the decoys must be used, the one near Orange should be used on wave 12 or the Artys will destroy your bases. Activate it at the start of the wave then rush the Artys. If the decoy survives, great, if not, no worries. The other Decoy at green should be activated on the last wave. This one can be done with some finesse, if you have scrap place some machine gun turrets there to help deal with the mass of knobs and aerials that are going to rush that decoy. Beyond that strategy, you can have both of them HEAVILY defended and activate them long before those crucial boss waves, giving you more room for damage during boss waves. We don’t recommend activating them to counter VDs as they will hit your base anyways.

Good luck. This level is hard. Expect to lose on your first try even with our strategy. You need good loot, there’s two ways about that.

Wave breakdown

Wave 1: B: Tommies (x2)
Wave 2: A & B: Cathys, B: Cathys
Wave 3: D: Aerials & Noids
Wave 4: A: Resistors & Jacobs, B & C: Resistors
Wave 5: B & C: Cathys & Blitzers D: Aerials,
Wave 6: D: Noids, C: Tommies,
Wave 7: A: Resistors & Jacobs, Aerials
Wave 8: B: Bertha, Knobs, Cathys, C: Knobs
Wave 9: C: Tommies, D: Aerials,
Wave 10: Volt Dropper, D: Aerials, A & C: Cathys,
Wave 11: B: Resistors & Jacobs, A: Cathys, B: Cathys,
Wave 12: B: Arty & Jacobs (x2), D: Noids
Wave 13: C: Tommies, B: Tommies, A: Tommys,
Wave 14: B: Cathys & Knobs (x2)
Wave 15: A: Tommies & Arty, B: Bertha & Jacobs, Cathys, D: Noids & Aerials, Volt Dropper


  • Heavily protect orange
  • Build a repair crane if needed


  • Die in the middle of no where
  • Activate decoys without a reason
  • Bring artillery, it’s useless here

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