XBLA Wednesday: October 26

Here is a quick reminder of today’s XBLA releases and you will be happy to hear that all 3 of today’s XBLA games are priced at a mere 800 MSP each. First we have 2D platformer The War of the Worlds featuring the dulcet tones of Patrick Stewart, up next is retro Nascar racer Daytona USA and finally twin-stick sequel Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone. There is also a bunch of DLC for you to enjoy, the Evil Empire Pack for Toy Soldiers: Cold War for 240 MSP, the alien themed DLC pack for A World of Keflings called It Came From Outer Space for 320 MSP and the Paranormal table for Pinball FX 2 will be free, (yes FREE!) to download for one whole week and then the table is yours to keep, no strings attached. After which the Paranormal Table will be priced at 240 MSP.

And finally, Deal of the Week sees both Dead Rising spin off games Case West and Case Zero reduced half price down to 400 MSP and 200 MSP respectively. Happy gaming!


It Came From Outer Space crash lands on XBLA

The long awaited It Came From Outer Space add-on for A World of Keflings has crash landed on XBLA today. In the new DLC it’s your avatar’s job to build an alien city, repair the space ship and send the extra-kefrestrials back home were they came from. Andrew Hill from developers NinjaBee spoke with our friends over at PlayXBLA and revealed the inspiration for the add-on:

“With the new DLC for A World of Keflings we sort of took a bunch of popular sci-fi references and mashed them together with a 50s-monster-flick perspective of the future and aliens – hence the name, It Came From Outer Space.”

Ninja Bee have also revealed some out-of-this world concept art so teleport over the page to feast your eyes.

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Special Editions gets release date

Recently announced XBLA title, Who Wants To Be A Millonaire: Special Editions has now got a release date. The game is set to hit XBLA this November 23 and in addition to the main question pack, Editions will receive 2 DLC packs on the same day. These being in the form of a movie pack called Who Wants to be a Movie Millionaire and a special South Park themed pack. No details on a pricing structure have indicated at this time but developers DoubleSix have advised that further themed packs are planned for the future so look out for specially licensed question packs featuring the biggest names from movies, TV and more.

Source: DoubleSixGames


Electronic Arts the target of hackers?

In the past few weeks we’ve heard of numerous reports where players have had their gamertags hacked, with purchases being made in games such as FIFA 11 or FIFA 12. It led us to speculate that there was a correlation for those who had the same password for both their EA account and their Xbox Live account. Now today a staff member was hacked while playing Battlefield 3, another EA game, with a similar M.O. Investigating, we hit the Twitter feeds to see what was abuzz, and we found yet another target. The EA Sports Youtube account was also hacked; someone had put up Call of Duty footage. It was quickly resolved, but it seems like further proof of EA being in someone’s crosshairs.

Electronic Arts has been rather tight lipped about the situation, and Microsoft suspends Live on any hacked accounts for investigation. Our advice? Make absolutely sure that your EA in-game account and Xbox Live account have different passwords. You may want to be selective about which games you play for right now, too. Any game that requires a separate, in-game login from your Xbox Live account should have a different password than your gamertag’s, otherwise you’re risking being hacked.

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Warp’s echo and swap abilities

Warp is all about solving puzzles and killing scientists, so this new video shows off some abilities that can do both. Echo allows you to make a copy of yourself that can go through walls and kill scientists with spontaneous combustion. Swap allows you to switch positions with inanimate objects, which also lets you transport objects inside your enemies. Ouch. Zero is definitely an impressive specimen, so you better watch out when his game Warp is released Winter  2011.

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Scary good deals on Castlevania: SotN and Costume Quest

Kicking off Week 2 of Microsoft’s Shocktober event is some half-price deliciousness in the form of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Costume Quest sales. This ain’t no trick, people. Head over to Xbox’s Shocktober hub for a look at everything that’s on sale. Then read our review of Castlevania here, grab your candy pail of Microsoft points, and head on over to the marketplace at the links below.



Brand new Bloodforge trailer brings a bloody massacre to XBLA

While the tease we got for the upcoming Bloodforge showed off blood and fighting, you aren’t ready for the blood-filled debut trailer on their website. The trailer shows off a beautiful landscape with great art and atmosphere before the main character starts hacking and slashing enemies with buckets of blood shedding with each impalement. The game is developed by Climax Studios who worked on Rocket Knight for XBLA and published by Microsoft Game Studios. Keep your hacking and slashing hands ready when this gets released in 2012.


(Bit.Trip) Runner 2 in debug mode

Gaijin Games is hard at work making Runner 2, a beat-driven platformer set to release on XBLA in 2012.  This new video, taken from the developer’s blog, shows the process of making a level using their map editor. The graphics are still very blocky, but the game will look much better by the time it gets into players’ hands. The video also announces the slide jump, a new move for Commander Video which shouldadd another layer to the maneuverability and difficulty. Hopefully we’ll get more glimpses into the making of the game leading up to its release.


The Behemoth shows off an entire co-op level in new Battleblock Theater footage

The Behemoth has released new footage of their upcoming platformer Battleblock Theater, showing off an entire level of co-op play. The video showcases Prisoners #10312 and #10329 who combine their talents to make it through the level in about two minutes. It’s also worth noting that they only have two eyes…combined. Battleblock Theater still doesn’t have a release date, but last we heard it was indeed scheduled to hit this year. Stay tuned to XBLAFans for more Battleblock Theater coverage coming your way in the near future.


Minecraft for XBLA to release in Spring 2012

Announced at E3, we haven’t heard much on the release of Minecraft for XBLA with Kinect support but some new information has been mined out. Mojang have revealed that the game will be released Spring 2012 with no price announced. If you want to be one of the first to experience the game in action and build things with your hands, make sure you buy a ticket for MineCon which is being held in Las Vegas from November 18-19. Keep an eye out for this title as you watch for Creepers next year.

Source: IGN

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