What we are playing: March 4

What we are playing is a weekly column that appears each weekend. Various staff members let the world know what games had them hooked the past week and which ones they look forward to.

John Laster – I played [redacted] and saw [redacted]. It’s going to be an incredible year
for XBLA Fans. Oh and Mutant Blobs Attack on Vita is amazing. I also had the awesome opportunity to see some of the amazing stuff Signal Studios has in the works, and I had a blast playing through the first half of Haunted Temple Studio’s upcoming game Skulls of the Shogun.

Ross Adams – All SSX for me at the moment, got it on Thursday and have been playing it non stop. Controls excellently and all the RiderNet/Leaderboard implementation it amazing, makes it super addictive.

Shawn Saris – After playing a mind blowing amount of Final Fantasy XIII-2, I am now working on Binary Domain. Aside from that I am just keeping myself distracted with Forza Motorsport 4 and Battlefield 3 until Mass Effect 3 makes its way into my Xbox.

Todd Pantier – I made a mad dash through Mass Effect this week and am working on making a similar run through Mass Effect 2 in prep for Tuesday. Bet you can guess what my post is going to look like next week…

Christine Mitchell – I’ve been finishing up my final Mass Effect 2 run along with the Arrival DLC for the first time. I also played some Beyond Good & Evil HD while waiting on Mass Effect 3. I’m sort of enjoying it but having to battle with some terrible camera angles.

Ryan Reynolds – I spent most of my gaming time this week prepping for Mass Effect 3 with my Mass Effect 2 playthrough, but also enjoyed some Kinect Adventures and Fruit Ninja Kinect with my little sister. I’ve also been chipping away at The Gunstringer and got a few rounds of Gears of War 3 in as well.

Nick Santangelo – I started the week off by wrapping up Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning on Sunday. The ending was a bit weak, but I absolutely loved the game, possibly even more than Skyrim. Speaking of which, it was back to Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim after clearing Reckoning. It’s only taken me about four months and 80 hours of gameplay, but I’m finally closing in on the end of the main quest. Hopefully I can get through it before Mass Effect 3 launches on Tuesday.

Craig Hart – I started the week off by finally trying out WWE ’12. The gameplay mechanics are greatly improved, but the RTWM is still boring and repetitive. After a few days of WWE ’12, I moved on to SSX. The beloved franchise returned after being dormant for almost five years. I enjoyed the solo World Tour mode, but the online competition is what makes the game incredibly addictive. Competing against your friends online and racking up credits is extremely satisfying. I only wish that EA included a split-screen mode.

Matt Liparota – Not too much gaming for me this week, I’m afraid. I did play a bit of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and I dusted off Brutal Legend for a bit, but I’m really just gearing up for Mass Effect 3. That game cannot get here soon enough.


Weeknd Rant: Why I don’t want another Xbox

Microsoft’s first foray into the video game business was a risky and expensive maneuver. Despite having Halo as a stellar launch title and hardware capable of feats its competition couldn’t possibly produce, the original Xbox failed to maintain the flash and evolution of its distant brother: the Xbox 360–which is nearly celebrating its 7th anniversary on the market.

Console generations generally don’t exceed the pre-determined life expectancy predicted by its creators, but sometimes an unexpected boom of success prompts the decision makers to reconsider. Last November, Microsoft sold 1.7 million Xbox 360 consoles in the U.S., defeating Nintendo’s Wii and 3DS consoles by a large margin. Profit incites investors, potentially explaining why Microsoft has yet to formally announce a successor to its commercial darling. The last thing Microsoft wants to do is create competition for its own product.

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Rumor: A new Fable game is headed to XBLA

Murmurs stemming from a quickly edited Gamasutra article are spreading across the internet like wild fire, carrying news of a new Fable game planned for release on Xbox Live Arcade titled Fable: Heroes. While we don’t currently have any information on the game, speculation is building that it could be the previously announced Kinect enabled iteration of the franchise known as Fable: The Journey simply going by another name. Alternatively, it could also be something completely new. Either way, we’re fairly certain you’ll be hearing about a new XBLA bound Fable in the very near future.

Fable is an Action-RPG series developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft which made its debut on the original Xbox. The franchise is built around the concept of empowering players to make decisions, and then witnessing the consequences of those decisions as your character and the world around you evolve. Mix in a whole lot of hack and slash combat, magic, a charming cast and universe, as well as British humor and you’ve got the basic formula for Fable. The most recent entry in the series, Fable 3 is available now for Xbox 360.

Source: Gamasutra


Weekly Roundup: March 3

Weekly Roundup compiles all the biggest news stories, reviews, and releases from the week into one handy post on the weekends.

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Jet Set Radio’s tag-heavy new trailer

After the recent announcement of Jet Set Radio finally coming to XBLA, we’re given our very first gameplay trailer. It might look familiar to some of you Dreamcast lovers out there but to refresh you or any new fan’s memory, the game is all about living in Tokyo-to as a rollerblade gang member of the GG. Tagging and creating art through spray painting while making your mark in the city. But a police force is out to stop any gang-related tagging and vandalism so best to avoid or inflict danger. You’ll notice in the trailer, the cleaned-up visuals look smoother and there’ll be up to 18 new tags submitted by fans from an upcoming contest. Be sure to strap your skates on this summer.

Source: Games Radar


Contest: Social Media Celebration!

To celebrate our recent triumph of 5,000 followers on Twitter and 1,000 Likes on Facebook, we are going to hold a contest for the next week that allows you three more chances to win a few cool things. What you will first need to do to enter is go here and download Doritos Crash Course. Don’t worry, it’s a free download. Next you will have to get very familiar with level 5 in the USA zone named “Nothing But Air“. The fastest time on that level will win first prize in this contest, the second fastest time will win second prize and one random entry will be selected as the third prize winner.

The prizes are as follows: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Quarrel and a Minecraft Minecon cape for your Xbox LIVE avatar.

Here is how the prizes will work: The first prize winner will get their choice of any of those three prizes. The second prize winner will get their choice of the two remaining prizes and the third prize winner will get the last remaining prize after the other two prizes have been claimed.

Here is how you enter: Set a fast time and tweet us a picture on Twitter (@XBLAFans) showing your gamertag and your time for USA level 5. And also be sure to use the hashtag #XBLACC so we can easily track the entries. You will be able to access the screen that displays your fastest time and gamertag by browsing through the individual level leaderboards from the main menu. If you improve your time, feel free to tweet us again. But remember that only your fastest time will count. If you tweet us a faster time we will delete your old time and replace it with the faster one. So keep trying to improve that time! If you can’t set the fastest of times, don’t worry. Remember that one random entry will be chosen for third prize in order to give everybody a chance even if they aren’t the greatest player. We really just want you all to have fun competing at the best of your abilities.

The contest will end on Friday, March 9th at 3:00PM EST. So be sure to send your tweets with your highest score before that deadline! Good luck everyone :)


So this is what Limbo looks like with the lights on

We’ll never play the game the same way again.

Source: Dorkly

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Witness a cooperative assault in new split-screen Awesomenauts trailer

Ronimo Games has released a new trailer for their upcoming MOBA title Awesomenauts, which showcases the game’s split-screen cooperative mode. In Awesomenauts, you’ll be able to team up with two friends to take the fight to opposing forces both online over Xbox Live, and offline via local split-screen. This particular trailer shows off the characters Clunk, Froggy G, Leon and Lonestar combining their might. To be taken to each individual character’s spotlight trailer, simply click their name above.

For those unfamiliar, Awesomenauts is a side-scrolling MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game that will mark one of the first entries by the genre into the console scene. Made popular by games such as DOTA and League of Legends, MOBA games allow you to select a character with which you’ll fight alongside teammates and NPC allies to make your way into enemy territory and capture objectives. Along the way you’ll level up and gain new abilities by defeating enemies, with each round you play representing a completely new and unpredictable set of of challenges that require you to be able to think, act, and strategize on the fly. Awesomenauts is currently without a release date, but the game is due to release this year.


This Counter-Strike: Global Offensive montage is all about guns

IGN has put together a montage of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gameplay footage taken from the on-going beta on PC. The clip focuses on the wide array of weapons in the game, which fans know play an integral role in creating the Counter-Strike experience. The recoil on the AK-47 has to be just right. The deep thud of the Desert Eagle being fired has to make you to “feel” the .50 caliber’s power. Regardless of your history with the franchise, fans and gun nuts alike should get plenty of enjoyment from the video which shows just how satisfying it will be to pull the trigger on Global Offensive‘s weapons. While we must remind you that the footage is taken from the PC version of the game and plenty of development time remains, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is currently scheduled to make its explosive debut on Xbox Live Arcade this spring.


Dungeon Defenders DLC details emerge from their magic lamp

The Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part 2 DLC and latest title update for Dungeon Defenders is inching closer to a console release. Although Microsoft has yet to put their stamp on the update and DLC, Sony has given the PSN version the green light. Developer Trendy Entertainment previously submitted the content to MS and Sony for their approval in late February.

Players will be spending time in the desert town of Moraggo whenever the content does end up going live on XBLA. There they will encounter the Djinn, who have the ability to buff other enemies and muster their own fire, lightning and poison attacks. Djinn will fight alongside players for a limited time once they are bested during the new challenge mission.

Source: Trendy Entertainment

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