Third Xbox won't be unveiled this E3 or released in 2012

Microsoft announced today that its next console will not be shown at this June's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, nor will it be launching in calendar year 2012. Bloomberg's Dina Bass relayed a message from Microsoft Corporate Public Relations Manager David Dennis over Twitter earlier in the day explaining that that the Xbox 360's successor would not be displayed or discussed at this year's E3 or "anytime soon." Dennis stopped short of completely ruling out showing/announcing it later in 2012, but his words seemed to strongly imply as much. Additionally, such a move would draw attention away from the holiday 360 games and would therefore seem to make little sense.

It is a revelation that should finally silence the tsunami of rumors and stories that have originated from "insider sources" and claimed the exact opposite these past months. Speaking of insider sources — of which there never seems to be any shortage of when the topic of next generation is broached — Bloomberg has also learned from anonymous parties that the next Xbox's first appearance is currently not planned until E3 of next year. Those same tipsters also believe the console will hit the market at an unknown point in 2013. Yet, as has been a common theme with Microsoft's next home gaming platform, rumors and plans are constantly in flux.

No doubt aware of the media storm and public reaction that Dennis' words would incite, the console-maker then released a more detailed explanation. The Washington-based firm showed its desire to keep consumer focus on its current console in the year ahead, rather than scare the market by prematurely discussing specifics of what the public has come to jokingly refer to as the "Xbox 720."

While we appreciate all the interest in our long-range plans for the future, we can confirm that there will be no talk of new Xbox hardware at E3 or anytime soon. For us, 2012 is all about Xbox 360-and it's the best year ever for Xbox 360. The console is coming off its biggest year ever-a year in which Xbox outsold all other consoles worldwide. Xbox 360 didn't just outsell other consoles, it also outsold all other TV-connected devices like DVD players, as well as digital media receivers and home theatre systems. And in our seventh year, we sold more consoles than in any other year-defying convention.

This year, we will build on that Xbox 360 momentum. With 'Halo 4,' 'Forza Horizon,' 'Fable: The Journey,' and other great Kinect games on the way, our 2012 Xbox lineup is our strongest ever. This year, we will deliver more TV, music, and movie experiences for Xbox 360-as we'll make it even easier to find and control your all entertainment. And this year, Xbox games, music, and video are coming to Windows 8 so people can enjoy their Xbox entertainment wherever they go.

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Second Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards begins April 11

Trendy Entertainment has revealed that Dungeon Defenders DLC Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards Part 2 will release on XBLA April 11 — one day after it arrives on the PlayStation Network. As was previously reported, the questline will take players to the desert town of Moraggo. Three fresh missions await them there along with a new boss known as the "Genie King" and a plenty of new weapons, foes and challenges. A new trailer released alongside the announcement offers a glimpse of what gamers can expect to encounter next month.


Wrecked Revenge Revisited to launch this month

Wrecked Revenge Revisited arrives March 28 on Xbox Live Arcade Supersonic Software announced via Facebook earlier today. Lost among the rabble of ensuing commenters, the developer also divulged that its Micro Machines-esque manic racer will cost 1200 Microsoft Points:

"Just confirming pricing but should be 1200 points/ £11.99 on PS3…and there should be a trial version at launch"

Wrecked boasts online, local and co-op play for up to four players and looks set to follow faithfully in the wake of Supersonic Software's previous titles Micro Machines v4 and Mashed – to which Wrecked is a spiritual successor.


Babel Rising teaser reveals spring 2012 release

A brief, 39-second teaser for Ubisoft's upcoming Babel Rising hit the Web today, showing off some of the game's hi-def graphics and revealing a spring release. The title, which will utilize Kinect, puts players in the hands of God Himself, using divine retribution to punish the humans presumptuous enough to build the Tower of Babel. If the trailer is anything to go by, players will have a number of supernatural abilities at their disposal with which to mete out holy wrath.

The game is a hi-def recreation of a popular mobile game that hit iOS and Android devices last year. The console version is developed by Mando Productions, who also worked on the mobile version. Babel is something of a hat trick in terms of of downloadable titles by Ubisoft this year, who have already published I Am Alive and Shoot Many Robots this month alone.


Quantum Conundrum introduces heavy dimension

The multi-dimensional Quantum Conundrum just became an even heavier hitter. The new heavy dimension makes everything much heavier, and gives the environment a metallic appearance that doesn't look safe for small children. This dimension seems to be the opposite of the extremely light and cuddly fluffy dimension. Check out the heaviness in the screenshots after the jump, which are thankfully a lot less pink than the fluffy dimension. Get ready to explore this dimension and many others when Quantum Conundrum releases summer 2012. Read the rest of this entry »


XBLAFancast Episode 53 – Robotokami

It's back to the regular crew this week. We kick things off by talking about last weeks release of I Am Alive, we have some mixed thoughts on the ambitious survival game. Then Todd tells us all about Shoot Many Robots, check out his review to find out more.

Perry drops the usual news bombs, of which there are a lot this week. Andrew grabs a twitter question about the worst XBLA games and challenges us to play Aces of the Galaxy, send your thoughts to @XBLAFans on twitter.

Please subscribe, rate and review the podcast on iTunes. We appreciate it! Check us out on twitter (@XBLAFans) where you can win codes for games, give us feedback or just ask a question. We are also now on Stitcher, so you can stream the show on your smartphone, give it a go!

Big thanks to Chris Green for the awesome theme music, be sure to check out his site BlurredEdge and why not follow him on twitter too @BlurredEdge.


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Footage shows off full Fez GDC demo

Polytron's Fez has been getting a lot of exposure lately, but anyone who's still pining for coverage of Gomez and Dot's adventure just got their wish granted. The indie developer has posted footage of the entire demo that it brought to last week's Game Developers Conference. In the video, Dot needs Gomez to snag the bits of an exploded cube to prevent the world from ending, which would be a bad thing. "Oh, and also the cubes open doors," so there's that.

There is still no solid release date for what feels like the longest-in-development XBLA project ever, but Polytron's Phil Fish recently said that he's pushing Microsoft to get it out there "as soon as possible."

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Avatar Awards: Week of 3/11

Minecraft will be the next game to feature avatar awards. To see more XBLA-based Avatar awards, check out this link. If you want the latest Avatar Award related news as it hits the scene, be sure to follow @AvatarAwards360 on Twitter.

Upcoming games: **Awards are the same for male and female unless specified

Minecraft – The Pork Chop T-Shirt, A Minecraft Watch, The Creeper Hat


Rumor: Team 17 making a Worms related announcement this month

Team 17 has revealed via Twitter that they will be making a "BIG" Worms related announcement later this month on March 30th. While speculation will certainly run rampant until then, we're hoping that this could be the announcement of an all new XBLA-bound Worms game. Team 17's most recent release, Worms: Ultimate Mayhem, compiled Worms 3D and Worms: Mayhem into one package and is available now on the Xbox Live Marketplace. So that said, let the questions begin; Is this the announcement of a new game? Will it be the next step forward for the franchise from a gameplay perspective? Is it another compilation of classic Worms titles? There's one thing you can count on; As long as this announcement is related to Xbox Live Arcade, we'll bring you news of it as soon as we can!


Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise releasing March 28

Qooc Software and 7Sixty Games' Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise will be available for download on Xbox Live Arcade beginning March 28, according to a Game Informer article and XBLA marketplace listing. Gamers looking to do some rising and striking will have to fork over 800 Microsoft Points for the privilege.

False reports that Kung Fu Strike would release on March 9 initially cropped up on a certain media outlet last month, but the writer responsible has since been mercilessly kung fu'd for making such an egregious error.

Sources: Microsoft and Game Informer

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