First batch of Windows 8 games includes familiar names

The forthcoming Microsoft Windows 8 store will feature some titles familiar to fans of the Xbox Live Arcade, according to reports. Among them will be popular titles like Ms Splosion Man and Angry Birds.

EuroGamer reported a list of titles to be offered in the preview version of Microsoft’s new operating system, which launches by the end of February.

Pinball and Solitaire will also come pre-loaded on the system. The full list is below:

  • Angry Birds
  • Crash Course
  • Full House Poker
  • Hydro Thunder
  • Ilomilo
  • Ms Splosion Man
  • Reckless Racing
  • Rocket Riot
  • Tentacles
  • Toy Soldiers
  • Wordament

Power up and look good doing it in Epic Quest for Pinball FX2

Zen Studios announced the Epic Quest DLC for Pinball FX2 earlier in the week by dropping a trailer on us, and today the developer has shed some light on what exactly gamers can expect from the add-on. Zsolt Kigyossy, managing director over at Zen, checked in over on the PlayStation Blog today to properly introduce gamers to the DLC’s hero, Max. Like all knights, it is his sworn duty “to seek out evil, defeat it, and take its stuff.” So obsessed with the concept of building XP and hoarding loot is Max, that he’ll carry everything over to the next game should he be bested by evil or “just evil-looking” beasties.

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Blacklight: Tango Down goes down to 400 MSP

As if this week’s releases, deals, and recently reduced titles weren’t enough, we have one more to add to the list. UTV Ignition’s Blacklight: Tango Down is sitting at 400 MSP currently, the same price as its other game, Swarm. No word to why it’s at that price but in case you want to check it out, here’s our review.

Source: Xbox360 Achievements


7Sixty unleashes new teaser trailer for Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior’s Rise

7Sixty has unleashed the first teaser trailer for their upcoming brawler Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior’s Rise. The teaser is essentially a mash up of concept art painting a picture of the game’s story and Chinese influence. While the trailer contains no in-game footage, you can take a peak at what the game looks like for yourself in this recently released batch of screenshots. The development team has promised that the game will turn “brawling into an art form of pain” thanks to its fast paced, fluid, martial arts based combat system. Start practicing those high kicks, the trailer states that Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior’s Rise will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade “soon”.


The Splatters flips out over new move

The gelatinous acrobat team The Splatters have a new move to show off which truly tampers with physics. The new “flip” move causes everything on-screen to move in the opposite direction. Flipping does not reverse time; once the direction is changed, normal physics take over. The move has to be unlocked, but once unlocked it can be used an unlimited amount of times. It is easy to use, just hit the left trigger, but its uses are very versatile. The video shows off some uses, including the best time to hit the LT. There is no release date for The Splatters yet, but developer SpikySnail’s blog states the game is “dangerously close” to being finished. That’s good news, as we can’t wait to get our hands on this game.

Source: SpikySnail


Has Haste become Mad Riders?

With all the talks of ratings, some things get newer titles than others like Alan Wake’s American Nightmare originally was Night Springs. In Australia on their rating board, a rating came from a title called Mad Riders which also showed up on the USK rating board above for Xbox 360. It was also trademarked by Techland who were developing Haste for Ubisoft. Could this be a new name for the ATV racer? We’ll let you know if any more news develops and a shout out to @lifelower for the tip.


Shank 2 brings the blood in the launch trailer

The original Shank was a hit and the sequel is now upon us with Shank 2. With a brand new campaign and a 2-player survival mode, expect more shanking and gunplay for you and your buddy. Expect a guide and a review coming shortly on XBLA Fans but check out our interview with Jamie Cheng from Klei Entertainment. Shank 2 is on shelves and 800 MSP.


American Nightmare developer diary talks story and urban legends

The second developer diary for Alan Wake’s American Nightmare has the developers describing the game’s story direction. Although the game is a spin-off anyone can play, there is a good deal of optional story that continues the original storyline. This game is much more focused on action, so some inspiration was taken from sci-fi B movies (hence the giant spiders). They also detail Mr. Scratch, Alan’s evil doppelganger that was created by the darkness after Alan himself became an urban legend. Part of the story will be told through live-action cutscenes, like the Night Springs TV show from the original game. Watch closely and you may see the live version of Mr. Scratch stealthily working his way into the discussion. Alan Wake’s American Nightmare releases February 22, 2012 for 1200 MSP.


XBLA Fans release e-book for Amazon Kindle

Guess what? XBLA Fans wrote a book! The new e-book for Amazon Kindle was released earlier this week and is comprised of some of our favourite XBLA Fans articles and most informative pieces. In what is designed to be an introductory guide to Xbox Live Arcade, the e-book hopes to answer such questions as: What is XBLA? How to get started with your XBOX 360? Why play retails games on disc? As well as sharing some touching stories of our experiences with the platform that we’ve come to love.

It’s also FREE for one day only! So if you love XBLA and have a Kindle or perhaps you’d just like to download it to your computer, then get over there fast. Look out for more publications from XBLA Fans, we’re working on compiling our guides into a handy portable format for tablet users too. Remember to rate us if you like it!


Dungeon Defenders receives its first console patch

Update: The Title Update will actually coincide with the upcoming DLC release, apologies for any confusion.

Original Story: Dungeon Defenders received its first console patch earlier this week and fans of the game will be pleased to hear it addresses a number of minor bugs and increases the game’s level cap. The patch is great news for XBLA gamers since it was stated a while back that all DLC available for the PC version might not reach consoles. Trendy Entertainment revealed the full patch details on their official forums or you can read the full list here after the jump.

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