XBLA’s Most Wanted: What’s yours?

We still have a two more XBLA’s Most Wanted features waiting in the wings for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, but we thought we’d take a minute and ask you, the everyday gamer, what your number one XBLA game wish is. Remember to be realistic–we aren’t going to see any Super Mario games on XBLA–but have fun with it. Who knows, you just might have your favorite game featured in a future Most Wanted column, and if you do you’ll have all of your wildest dreams come true.

If you need a refresher, hit the jump to take a look at all of the games we’ve featured this year. If a game seems interesting to you, be sure to comment on it. We can’t guarantee it’ll come to XBLA, but we do know that developers and publishers frequent forums and journalistic sites looking for what the fans want.

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Contest: 12 Days of XBLA (Day 6)

We’re off to another great day with the sixth installment in the 12 days of XBLA promotion! We’re giving out the lovely Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet today to one lucky commenter. But that is only if you answer the question correctly in the comments section below. The question is:

The animation director on this game also worked on a great 90s movie, was it Iron Giant or Titan A.E.?

Sound off in the comments section below to win this game! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for even more chances to win great games!

The winner of yesterday’s contest is: Jeroen (@yog4st) – You have won a copy of Ms. Splosion Man and a bonus Ms. Splosion Man table for Pinball FX2. We will be in touch with you today on Twitter!

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Gotham City Impostors takes us to camp

Boot camp that is, showing us different tricks of the trade if you will. These short videos are meant to give you a good look at the game in action, while educating you about some useful tips to keep you alive. This first video is all about the camper, we all know they exist and unless you are one, we bet you hate them as much as we do. No worries though, with this informative video you will see three very useful and rather easy tricks that will give you the upper hand. Do you have any tricks you have figured out that works well, if so let us know in the comments section below.

There are several other great videos that have been made by the folks behind Gotham City Impostors, showing off the great gameplay, but more importantly the almost limetless customization features. They show you how the weapon load outs works, what different character build does for you and some of the many costume changes you will be able to make. Head on over to the Gotham City Impostors YouTube channel and enjoy the short, but very entertaining videos and make sure to keep your eye on us here at XBLA Fans as we bring you all the breaking news about this new Bat inspired FPS.


Santa Danger just in time for the Holiday season

Joe Danger just came out this week and Hello Games is already throwing new DLC at us. In the spirit of the Holidays, this new Santa DLC is free and will be available for a limited time starting December 21, 2011. So don’t be late, grab your free copy of the DLC and spread your Holiday cheer in a dangerous kind of way!


Surprise! Trine 2 is up on the Xbox Live Marketplace *UPDATE*

Frozenbyte’s eye popping platformer Trine 2 has made its way onto the Xbox Live Marketplace early, making the day for many gamers. While it is currently unknown whether Microsoft will pull the game until its official release date (next Wednesday), or just let it remain, you can download either the full game for Microsoft 1,200 points, or the trial version here. Our suggestion? Get it while it’s hot! We’ll keep you updated on the situation. Make sure you check back for more Trine 2 coverage including our own review of the game in the near future.

*UPDATE* — well that was quick. The price has been raised to an astronomical number. If you didn’t buy it now you’ll have to wait.


New Dungeon Defenders DLC headed to Xbox Live on December 21

Trendy Entertainment has announced a new batch of downloadable content for their smash hit Dungeon Defenders that will be coming to the Xbox Live Marketplace on December 21st. For the first time, our tower defending heroes will be leaving the comfort of their own sanctum, and heading out into the lands of Etheria. Titled The Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards, this downloadable content is only part one of a larger arc. That means The Quest for the Lost Eternal Shards Part Two is likely already in development! It has quickly become clear that Trendy intends to strongly support Dungeon Defenders with plenty of post-launch content.

You can get a look at the reveal trailer for the Quest of the Lost Eternal Shards DLC by watching the video above. Don’t forget that part one of this quest begins next Wednesday, December 21st. While not exactly official, we expect that the add-on will cost 320 Microsoft Points. If you still haven’t jumped in on the Dungeon Defenders action, check out our review of the game, here. Stay tuned for more coverage of Dungeon Defenders and all of its downloadable content ahead of us right here on XBLAFans.


XBLAFancast Special – Bodoink interview

In this special edition of the XBLA Fancast we sit down with Robomodo’s Lead Designer, Patrick Dwyer. In addition to the recently announced Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD, they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign for their pachinko/pinball hybrid, Bodoink. The main idea of the Kickstarter is to get community input on how they should design the game, and depending on how much you donate you’ll have different levels of involvement in the decision-making process. We discuss how the game is coming along, the cool prizes of the Kickstarter campaign, and a lot of other topics ranging from achievements to a more holistic view of Kickstarter. Check out the interview, and then check out our other coverage of Bodoink right here!

Please subscribe, comment, review the podcast on iTunes and tell your friends! We appreciate it! Check us out on twitter (@XBLAFans) where you can win codes for games, give us feedback or just ask a question.

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Contest: 12 Days of XBLA (Day 5)

Welcome to the fifth day of our lovely 12 Days of XBLA promotion! You’ll be able to win Ms. Splosion Man and a bonus Pinball FX 2 Ms. Splosion Man table if you can successfully answer the following question right. The question is:

What Beyoncé song does Ms. Splosion Man sing throughout the game?

Answer below in the comment section for a chance to win! And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for even more chances to win great games!

The winner of yesterday’s contest is: pcscarpa (@pcscarpakg) – You have won a copy of Iron Brigade. We will be in touch with you today on Twitter!

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New Amy trailer filled with enemies

A new video for upcoming zombie game Amy shows of how to survive combat or, better yet, how to avoid it altogether. Since the main characters aren’t trained in combat, hiding is the best way to get around unseen. When combat is unavoidable,  you’ll have to use melee weapons to kill the zombies. Be careful, as weapons break and it’s easy to be overrun by just a few enemies. If worst comes to worst, you can use Amy’s special powers. Get ready to fight, Amy will be released in 2012.

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Friday Top Five: XBLA’s cutest characters

The real world can be depressing at times but so too can the world of video games. If you’re looking to take a break from war, zombie outbreaks and bleak post apocalyptic realms then check out our Top 5 cutest characters found on XBLA. In the first of a new weekly feature, we’ve analyzed each XBLA character in turn and selected only those scientifically proven to induce warm fuzzy feelings in your tummy. So without further ado let’s check out this week’s Friday Top Five.

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