Remedy believes Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is unlike anything else on XBLA

Despite being an excellent horror-action title that was praised by most critics, the original Alan Wake experienced a red death on the sales front due to poor release timing. In part motivated by the game’s big budget and subsequently disappointing sales figures, developer Remedy Entertainment decided to trim back the development scale some for the series’ next release by making it an XBLA exclusive. With Alan Wake’s American Nightmare’s February 22 release right around the corner, Gamasutra posted an interview with Remedy Managing Director Matias Myllyrinne yesterday that explored some of the details of the project.

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5th Cell unveils new Hybrid details with accompanying trailer

5th Cell has come clean with new details on Hybrid, the third-person shooter which they promise will forever change the multiplayer gaming scene. After its initial unveiling last year, Hybrid immediately started turning heads with its unique control scheme, and promise to deliver an on-going real-time world war over Xbox Live in which players fight for control of territory for their faction. Since then, the game has undergone many changes, including a prominent move toward flight based movement and combat which distinguishes Hybrid from the crowd even further. The game has also undergone a major graphic overhaul, is running locked at 60 frames per second, and offers several layers of customization to players on the fly. Bear witness to the brand new trailer for the game above and get ready to engage in all out online warfare this summer when Hybrid releases.


Deal of the Week: 50% off Bastion

If you missed the one day Bastion sale during the 2012 countdown promotion, you’ll be happy to hear that it will be on sale once again and this time for a whole week. The XBLA fan favourite will get a 50% for this week’s Deal of the Week. Bastion was last week revealed to be one of the top selling XBLA games for 2011 with 241,000 units sold. The few gold members who haven’t made the purchase yet, can enjoy Bastion for 600 MSP January 31 – February 6.

It’s also worth noting Amazon typically sells Microsoft Points for slightly cheaper (5% off at the time of posting) than on the Xbox Live Marketplace.


Fan creates Munny inspired by Bastion’s “The Kid”

This incredible Munny was created by Denise Kuan and posted to her personal website the-ocd.com. It features an incredible rendition of the Kid from Bastion. Denise says she played the demo of Bastion and was immediately hooked. She purchased the full game, completed it in a few days, and was then inspired to create this figure. She goes into details about the creation process on her blog. She not only does an excellent job on the details recreating the Kid and even goes as far to decorate the box with a squirt, a scumbag, and the Bastion logo. Browsing her blog, Denise seems to have a passion for cosplaying and creating all sorts of incredible things. No word yet on if Denise plans to mass produce Munny figures featuring the Kid – but one can hope.

Source: http://the-ocd.blogspot.com/


Sine Mora’s boss battles have been designed by one of the minds behind The Animatrix and Kill Bill

Digital Reality and Grasshopper Manufacture have announced that the game’s boss battles have been designed by none other than famous anime creator Mahiro Maeda. Known predominantly for his work on The Animatrix, Kill Bill Vol. 1, and Final Fantasy: Unlimited, Maeda is the latest entertainment celebrity to add his name and influence to the shoot em’ up which already has names like Suda 51 and Akira Yamaoka attached to it. Check out the video above for a small sample of the intricate boss battles that await us. As a side note, keep your fingers crossed that Digital Reality and Grasshopper unveil another one of Sine Mora‘s characters this week! The anticipation continues to build!

Source: IGN


Gotham City Impostors protects against splash damage

With the beta for Gotham City Impostors currently going on, Monolith Productions is giving tips on how to survive an attack from one of the game’s deadliest weapons. The Thunder Dragon is a rocket launcher which deals high splash damage. Staying on the move and away from surfaces reduces your likelihood of receiving pain, and customizing your character to have more health also helps. Another method is to play offense and take out your opponents before they even get a chance to shoot. Gotham City Impostors will release February 2012, just enough time to prepare your tactics to make the Thunder Dragon your friend.


Fez rated by ESRB

Although it has not yet turned up publicly on the ESRB’s website, developer Polytron has declared over Twitter that its platformer, Fez, has been rated by the board. The indie dev tweeted that the ESRB awarded it an E for Everyone rating. Its ESRB descriptors are “mild fantasy, violence.”

With its somewhat vague Q1 2012 release period fast running out, the rating should help to assuage doubts as to whether or not the charming platformer will make it to the XBLA marketplace on schedule.

Source: @Polytron

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Harmonix working on new XBLA game

A designer’s resume, exposed earlier today via Twitter, has made public the fact that developer Harmonix is working on a previously unannounced title. The game is referred to in the LinkedIn resume of one Brian Chan simply as “unannounced title,” but Chan did reveal the platforms it is coming to: XBLA, PSN and, rather peculiarly, Facebook.

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Anomaly Warzone Earth strikes in March for 800 MSP

A runaway hit on PC and iOS, Anomaly Warzone Earth is looking to shake things up in the tower defense world on XBLA. In a preview from Joystiq, we learn more details regarding how it plays, release date and price.

An element that was originally in the PC version was playing a foot-soldier commander in battles. They’re returning in the XBLA version and will help distract enemy units while you put down more units for destruction. It adds a bit more playability then just regular RTS play style, it’s been called “tower defense in reverse” by some. It’ll be releasing sometime in March for 800 MSP so keep this on your look-out tower defense fans.


Digital Reality discusses Bang Bang Racing’s features and design choices

Racing games on XBLA are constantly struggling for uniqueness. These racers, many of which are top-down, have to find a way to stand out and really pull ahead of the pack. Some games go with zany weaponry, some go with a fun and light nature, and some are very competitive. Bang Bang Racing, the upcoming product of a collaboration between well-known XBLA developer and publisher Digital Reality and Playbox, is out to make a name for itself and we just have to find out how they plan to do it! Hit the jump for a Q & A with Bang Bang Racing‘s Digital Reality-side Lead Designer, András “Amper” Timár-Geng. Read the rest of this entry »

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