Rumor: Telltale developing Game of Thrones game

game_of_thronesTelltale Games is known for making great video game adaptations out of existing franchises, and a new rumor suggests the studio will be taking on yet another huge property. Multiple sources have told IGN that Telltale will be developing a game based off of the George R.R. Martin-created Game of Thrones. It is not clear at this time whether the game will be based on the HBO series or A Song of Ice and Fire, the book series. When IGN reached out Telltale, they received the following response from SVP of Publishing Steve Allison:

“We get these sorts of rumors about what we could be working on next cropping up all the time. Officially we have no comment.”

With more episodes of The Wolf Among Us and a second season of The Walking Dead on the way, it will probably be a while before we see Telltale’s next game whether this rumor is true or not. Is Game of Thrones one of the “dream IPs” Telltale is working on? Only time will tell.

Source: IGN


Minecraft documentary hits YouTube

In case you haven’t heard of this Minecraft thing, 2 Player Productions has the full story on what is now one of gaming’s most iconic franchises. Minecraft: The Story of Mojang is a nearly two-hour documentary covering the origin and evolution of Minecraft from perspective of the creators themselves.

This Kickstarter-funded tribute originally premiered on Xbox Live in December 2012. Now, you can watch it for free without getting in trouble for piracy.

If you wish to support 2 Player Productions or just want a copy to own, you can buy it digitally for $8 or get the DVD for $20.

Source: YouTube via Polygon


Xbox One’s new friends and follow system: Follow our team!

Hey everyone. With Xbox One now out on the market, its new friends and follow system is here. Back in May, Microsoft confirmed the friend cap, originally 100 on Xbox 360, would be raised to 1,000 total friends. In addition, fellow gamers can now follow other gamers without actually friending each other, thanks to the allowance of an infinite amount of follows and followers. How does the follower system work exactly? Let’s break it down.

Say there is Person A and Person B. Person A chooses to follow Person B, thus Person B has one more follower. If Person B decides to follow Person A back, then Person A and Person B have now just become friends.

Much like how some of you may follow our staff on Twitter, we thought we’d share some of our staff’s gamertags with those readers who are picking up the Xbox One. We feel that having you follow our staff will not only strengthen our relationship to our awesome community, but also better coordinate future community playdates, allow for bragging to each other about our leaderboard standings and so forth. So, here’s a few of our gamertags to follow:

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State of Decay DLC coming November 29


Shortly after the hysteria of the Xbox One launch resides, developer Undead Labs will give zombie survival fans a reason to go back and fire up their “old, antiquated” Xbox 360s.

Next week on, November 29, the first DLC for State of Decay, entitled The Breakdown, will be released at the cost of $6.99. The expansion, which is largely based on gamers’ feedback, is said to be “less story, more survival.” Based off of the trailer, The Breakdown DLC will contain infinite play, increased difficulty, new playable heroes, new weapons and new challenges.

Also, on the same day, title update four for State of Decay will be released. The update consists of “bug fixes and goodies like the new loot distribution system.”

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LocoCycle is a ‘different’ game for a new console — and an old one

LocoCycle Motorcycles

On Friday, Microsoft will launch its next-generation console, the Xbox One. If you’ve been paying attention to the games industry at all this year then you already knew that, and you also know all the blah, blah about TV features, the new UI, the improved Kinect camera, upgraded graphical power and the like. But if you’ve ever purchased a games console before — and since you’re reading XBLAFans, chances are fairly high that you have — then you know that none of those things really matter when you get down to it. Sure, all of that stuff might be exciting, but games are what really matters.

One of the developers that’s helping to round out the Xbox One’s launch lineup is Twisted Pixel, a former indie studio now owned by Microsoft known by XBLAFans readers for bringing several great games to the XBLA platform. Twisted Pixel’s launch title, LocoCycle, would have been an Xbox Live Arcade game had it been an Xbox 360 exclusive title; instead, it’ll arrive first on Xbox One Friday before coming to the Xbox 360 at an unspecified future date. And since there is no XBLA on Xbox One, Twisted Pixel’s goofy action game, which stars a sentient motorcycle with wheels that dish out martial arts attacks, will be sold in the Xbox One dashboard alongside of every other Xbox One game — not just those that sell for $20 or less.

XBLAFans caught up with Twisted Pixel Studio Director Mike Wilford and asked him what it was like working on a game for the Xbox One launch. “It’s been cool! We obviously love console gaming and have been making console games for a long time now, but none of us have been involved in a launch before,” Wilford tells XBLAFans via email. “It certainly has its challenges, but it’s awesome to be a part of it.”

We asked him if anything felt different about releasing a game alongside a major console launch, or if LocoCycle was a game release like any other. Although he called this release “a special occasion,” he took care to point out that, of course, Twisted Pixel takes all of its game releases seriously. “But as a kid I would always be so excited to bring home a new system and spend hours with each launch game that celebrated the dawn of a new era of gaming with untold potential. Now we get to contribute to that feeling and it’s so awesome!”

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Xbox One: Should you wait or should you buy?


With the Xbox One set to launch in only a few days (November 22, 2013), it’s time to take a deeper look at what the console offers at launch and whether its initial wave of features and games makes an immediate Xbox One upgrade right for you or if you should hold off for a while until the console’s feature set and game library has grown. To do so, XBLAFans will look at what the console will have to offer on November 22 and attempt to determine whether or not that launch offering makes sense for you.

Do you consider yourself a tech trendsetter?

Are you one of those people who always have to have the newest tech? Do you constantly upgrade your phone to the latest version in order to stay up to date with ever-changing technology? If so, then the Xbox One is for you. After eight long years with the 360, the next generation of living room gaming is truly about to commence (sorry, Wii U, we still love you for what you are) and you shouldn’t let yourself get left behind. If the console’s recently updated specs weren’t enough to convince you, then the new UI walkthrough might be the final push you need. The video will show you how the Xbox One will change not just your gaming experience, but your overall home entertainment experience for years to come.

Microsoft has done with the Xbox One and Kinect what no other console has been able to achieve: it has solved the problem of navigating a UI on a TV from the comfort of a couch. From the very inception of consoles, it was evident that a mouse and keyboard were awkward to use while sitting on a couch, which led to the introduction of the controller. For many years the controller was a brilliant way to game, and it’s still an integral part of today’s gaming experience. However, as consoles have grown from pure gaming systems into entertainment hubs, current-gen console UIs have grown clunky, their menus becoming unmanageable. With the Xbox One, all of that clunkiness is gone; you can switch from app to game to TV to Skype within seconds all with the power of your voice. Nothing about Microsoft’s incoming console says next-gen more than its new UI.

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Straw Poll Wednesday: Are you buying an Xbox One?

The Xbox One is finally here! In a couple more days, you’ll finally have your hands on the sweet and slick next generation of games……or maybe not?  Are you excited to finally upgrade to Xbox One? Maybe you’ll wait a few months to finish up your 360 backlog? Or maybe you’re not ready at all for next-gen, and have no desire to pick up an Xbox One? Let us know in our poll and comments below!

Are you buying an Xbox One?

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Dear Xbox 360, I’ll miss you

Xbox 360

Dear Xbox 360,

Where to begin? How do you start something like this? Is there any “right” way to do it? I don’t think there is. Maybe by saying that I’m sorry? Yeah, a sincere apology feels right. It’s not the type of sincerity you express at the end of a cover letter to someone you’ve never met in your life and couldn’t possibly have sincere feelings for, mind you; it’s the kind that means something, as you have meant much to me these past eight wonderful years. I know I’m rambling now, but this isn’t easy for me. What I’m trying to say is, I sincerely apologize, Xbox 360. I’m sorry, but it’s time to move on. It’s not you, but it’s not me, either — it’s that dark temptress known as the next generation.

Know that we now head down different paths not necessarily because of some sort of monumental “paradigm shift,” but rather because it is simply the way of things. This is how it has to be, and we both knew this day was coming the morning I brought you home from Best Buy after waiting in line overnight for somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 hours. It was cold, and it was raining. I had to take time off from the crummy Postal Service job I was working at the time to do it, but I did it for you, and, given the chance, I’d do it all over again.

Do you remember that morning? You were sitting cozily inside the heated store; you didn’t know me yet, but I was sitting on the pavement with four or five layers of clothing on when it happened. The man in the blue shirt and yellow name tag got to my point in the line, and he gave me ticket number 41 — out of 42. I was both relieved and horrified all at once. My efforts to brave the elements would not go to waste. I would take a shiny new Xbox 360 home with me that day. I would take you home, but, truth be told, you weren’t the one I wanted. Sorry again, but I had eyes for another.

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Live-action Lococycle trailer features Twisted Pixel’s strange humor

From the weird and wacky minds that unleashed ‘Splosion Man and The Gunstringer onto the world, comes the action-racer Lococycle for the Xbox One. To celebrate the launch, developer Twisted Pixel has released another live-action trailer featuring some of the zany antics and humor that will likely be scattered throughout its new title. Lococycle launches for $19.99 alongside the Xbox One this Friday, November 22.

Source: Polygon


Xbox One video sharing options at launch


Just a few days before launch, Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One will not have Twitch streaming at launch. While the ability to view Twitch streams is still available and will feature Achievements for doing so, the PS4 will be the only next-gen system able to stream games via Twitch until the functionality is added for the Xbox One sometime in 2014.

Although this is a huge blow to the Xbox One community given the popularity of Twitch, Microsoft announced an alternative way of sharing video game clips by using SkyDrive. Clips that have been saved in Upload Studio can be exported to Microsoft’s cloud storage service and shared with the world. While this isn’t as convenient as Twitch streaming, it is still a viable option for sharing videos of Xbox One games until Twitch streaming becomes available.

Source: Xbox Wire – Twitch and Xbox Wire – SkyDrive

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