Powerstar Golf Course Coyote Canyon DLC revealed

Powerstar Golf

At PAX East last weekend, Zoë Mode revealed the upcoming free DLC course for Powerstar Golf, Coyote Canyon. Pixxel of Ubisoft’s FragDolls hosts a video preview alongside Design Director Craig Leigh and Community Manager Rukari Austin courtesy of The Next Level.

Leigh reveals that the course is based off of a real-life national park that was converted to be a golf course. The rocky environment looks fantastic, and the green grass really pops against the earthy background. Free content-rich updates to games are always welcome — hopefully it plays as well as it looks. There’s no specific release date, but it is very likely that this will be released in the near future.

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Is this concept art from NinjaBee’s next project?

NinjaBee Mech

While at PAX East last weekend XBLA Fans stopped by developer NinjaBee’s studio to take a look at Nutjitsu, which the studio told us entered Microsoft certification and should be releasing shortly. After our play session, the studio’s PR & Marketing Specialist Michael Purser had something else for us — a manila envelope full of photos he described as “recently declassified.”

Purser offered no further details in person and hasn’t responded to our email query asking what exactly we’re looking at in these photos. It’s likely that they are concept art from NinjaBee’s next game, especially considering that Nutjitsu for Xbox One is now content complete. The four photos, which you can view by clicking inside, contain imagery of what appear to be “top secret” plans for a mech; a scientist posing next to a giant fang in an airplane hangar; a Loch Ness Monster-type creature; and a World War II soldier aiming an artillery canon at a giant one-eyed beast.

We don’t know for certain what these Pacific Rim-esque pictures mean, but it’s possible NinjaBee is attempting to use the media to help it start a viral marketing campaign leading to the announcement of its next project.

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New Spelunky world record


Eighteen-year-old Twitch user YamaYamaDingDong has become the new record-holder for Spelunky, beating the previous high score by $4,000 with an impressive $3,109,850.

The previous world record of $3,105,850 was held by Bananasaurus_Rex and was achieved after a nearly seven-and-a-half-hour run with the Plasma Cannon two months ago. The record before that stood at a still impressive $2,980,000 before eventually being beaten by Bananasaurus_Rex.

YamaYamaDingDong’s run, however, was considerably shorter than Bananasaurus_Rex’s at a still lengthy four hours and forty-five minutes. Despite this shorter run, YamaYamaDingDong still managed to beat the score. The record-breaker still wants to keep improving his score and now wishes to aim for a score of $3.25 million at some point in the future.

Source: Eurogamer


Xbox Entertainment Studios announce new sci-fi drama Humans


Xbox Entertainment Studios have announced that they are teaming up with UK broadcaster Channel 4 in a co-production deal for a new drama series Humans. The show is being produced by Kudos and is set to share a premiere broadcast window on both the Xbox platform in North America and Channel 4 in the UK as an hour-long, eight-episode series. The series is based on the Swedish sci-fi series Real Humans (pictured) and is being written by Brits Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley, the writing team behind popular spy drama Spooks.

Head of Drama for Channel 4, Pier Wenger, said of the show, “In Humans, Sam and Jon have not only crafted an ingenious and imaginative thriller, they’re also asking big, thought-provoking questions about how we live”.

Humans will join a number of new original productions for Xbox including a new football reality show Every Street United, a sketch comedy series from Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera, and a stop-motion animated show from Seth Green and the team responsible for Robot Chicken. Casting for Humans will begin in May 2014 and production will commence later this summer. Humans is expected to hit screens in 2015.

Source: Xbox Wire and Games Industry International


Deadlight free for Xbox Live Gold members


April’s mid-month Games with Gold title, Tequila Works’ zombie apocalypse side-scroller Deadlight, is now available for download on Xbox 360 at no charge to Xbox Live Gold members until April 30. Downloading this free game will snag you a savings of $14.99. Once downloaded, the game is yours to keep and play for as long as you like.

Deadlight, which was released in August 2012, challenges players to solve puzzles and fight off zombies to help protagonist Randall Wayne find his family following a zombie outbreak. When XBLA Fans reviewed Deadlight we gave it a “Skip it”; however, Gold Members may want to take advantage of this no-risk download and give it a try.

Remember to check back later this month to see what free titles will be available for May.

Source: Xbox Wire


Xbox One hits 5 million consoles sold to retailers worldwide

Xbox One

In the month of March, Microsoft sold approximately 311,000 Xbox One consoles, and reported selling 5 million consoles to retailers worldwide since launch. Though specific numbers were not released, Titanfall was March’s top-selling title. Xbox One also claimed another three of the top ten console game sales in generation eight.

Corporate Vice President of Marketing, Strategy and Business Yusuf Mehdi noted that sales of Xbox One are tracking 60 percent ahead of Xbox 360′s at the same point in its lifecycle.

Source: Polygon


Minecraft Xbox 360 Title Update 15 now live


Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition has received its 15th title update, and Official Xbox Magazine has the details. Title Update 15 includes a number of different changes and bugfixes, including drop rate tweaks and corrections of movement and mining issues. Read the full changelog after the jump.

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Tomorrow’s huge Terraria 1.2 update will bring you back


On Thursday April 17, Terraria owners can download version 1.2, which brings the XBLA game just about on par with the PC version. This free update adds all-new content: bosses, enemies, materials, friendly NPCs and pets. It also brings a massive load of bug fixes and game adjustments. If you were finished with Terraria before, you might want to come back and see all the new stuff!

We loved Terraria so much that we made a complete guide for you. Last October, we heard that a sequel was being planned, but creator Andrew “Redigit” Spinks wanted to focus on this 1.2 update. Now that it’s finished, maybe we will get some more concrete details on the sequel soon.

As for what exactly will be new in the update, check out the (big) official list of changes inside.

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Trials Fusion requires day one patch on Xbox One


Time to rev up your engines and prepare for a challenge: Trials Fusion released today on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Anyone who picks up the Xbox One version will also be required to download a day one patch. The fix is aimed at improving the game’s resolution; pre-patch the game runs at 800p at 60 frames per second, and after the download the resolution will be upgraded to 900p. If stunt jumps and crash landings are your thing, you can pick up Trials Fusion now for $19.99 on the console of your choosing.

Source: Eurogamer


World of Tanks update 1.1 rolls out

World of Tanks - Himmelsdorf

This week brings great news for fans of the excellent World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition, which we awarded a definitive Buy It! award in our recent review. Developer Wargaming.net promised a number of updates would be forthcoming, and it has certainly not disappointed, with the first arriving just days after launch and adding a brand new map. The second update (known as 1.1) is out now and not only adds another map, but a whole bunch of other stuff including new British tanks and the addition of functional tank crews.

The full update includes the following:

  • The Himmelsdorf Map (described as a varied map with close, tight streets winding between imposing buildings and featuring a large railroad and hill area for sniping and scouting)
  • Customisable tank crews which enable perks and skills that suit your battle style
  • The following British tanks:
    • Cromwell (Tier VI)
    • Comet (Tier VII)
    • Centurion I (Tier VIII)
    • Centurion 7/1 (Tier IX)
    • FV4204 (Tier X)

Source: Wargaming

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