New Halloween Skin Pack for Minecraft gives treats to charity

A new Halloween-themed Minecraft skin pack goes on sale today, but it's a bit different from the previous packs. For 100% of the purchase price of every single Halloween Skin Pack that is sold will go to four great causes chosen by Mojang, 4J Studios and Microsoft Studios: Block by Block, SANDS Lothian, Child's Play and Macmillan Cancer Support. The pack features 55 new skins, all of which have been donated by a host of games developers from around the world:

  • Vampire – 343 IndustriesThe Grim Reaper, Devil, Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy, Werewolf, Ghost, Evil Wizard, Bride of Dracula, Bride of Frakenstein, Ghoul, Scary Clown – 4J Studios
  • Dracula, Frakenstien, Pumpkin, Skeleton, Mummy, Wolfman – Army of Trolls
  • Zombie Businessman, Cyclops, Evil Clown, Evil Robot, Vampire Girl, Grey, Headless Horseman, Lizard Man, Scarecrow, Scary Nom, Mad Scientist, Skeleton, Witch Doctor, Zombie  – Climax Studios
  • Evil Robot – Mojang
  • Zombie Jack Lumber – Owlchemy Labs
  • Evil Lemmy, Evil Max – Press Play
  • Gregg the Grim Reaper, Ancient Mummy, Zippy Zombie – Rare
  • Zombie Lonestar – Ronimo Games
  • Cyborg Pumpkinhead, Mara – Ska Studios
  • Mining Unit 010, Jacko, Bonny – Tequila Works
  • Hatty – The Behemoth
  • Happy Zombie Cleric, Happy Zombie Mage, Happy Zombie Warrior – Toylogic
  • Captain Zombie, The Gunstringer, Ms. Splosion Man Mask, Skelly, Splodeton – Twisted Pixel Games

The pack, which costs a mere 160 MSP, will only be on sale for a limited period of time starting today and extending through November 26, so snap one up fast for a good cause and some spooky fun.

Source: PlayXBLA

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