The highly anticipated cooperative heist game Monaco has been delayed on Xbox Live Arcade. Initially set to release tomorrow, April 24, Pocket Watch Games has stated that “an issue” discovered at the 11th hour will prevent the title from going live on schedule.

“We just discovered that there is an issue which requires that we push back our Xbox Live arcade game release date a little,” reads a statement on the official Monaco Facebook page. “We’ve already submitted an update to Microsoft to fix the problem, and as soon as we know that the issue is fixed we’ll have a new release date. I know our fans have been waiting a long time for the game, and hopefully they’ll have the patience to wait just a little while longer.  What’s mine will be yours very, very soon!”

When pressed for details on the issue and a tentative release window, Pocket Watch Games responded in the comments stating, “No additional details to report at the moment, but we will DEFINITELY keep all y’all up to date as we know more.”

Speaking on Twitter, Pocket Watch Games’ founder Andy Schatz expressed his disappointment over the delay.

He was quick to clarify that although it’s a tough pill to swallow, the game will be fine. Unfortunately this means we’ll have to wait a little longer before we get the gang together.