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Weapons: Death Drizzler, Standard Pistol, Annihilatrix, Spurt Rifle, Pitching Machine, Smasher, Standard Laser
Other: Ironclad Shotgun Turret, Massive Flak Turret, Ironclad Repair Crane, Ironclad Sniper Turret, Ironclad Mortar Turret, Selker V, Honeychurch IV, Hamer IV, McGarry IV, Brain Bucket

Double Fine’s quick tips

Map layout:

  • Defend the Ship.
  • Defend the Fueling Station.
  • High density of aerial threats.
Recommended Trench loadout:
  • Anti-Air

XBLA Fans gold medal advice

Recommended players: 2+

XBLA Fans recommended loadout

  • Machine guns
  • Sniper rifles
  • Flak
  • Machine guns
  • Dampeners
  • Mine layers/Snipers

Welcome to the Rise of the Martian Bear DLC! Yaay, new stuff, new enemies, new maps! Swamp is a very fun map, but you’re probably a little (or a lot) rusty, so don’t worry if you fail the first time. This map luckily is pretty straightforward.

First of all, AERIALS. AIR… STUFF! Just about every wave has either Aerials, Noids (a new enemy which chases you via air and shoots you to pieces), a Volt Dropper or some combination thereof. If this is your first run through, you’ll need some flak turrets for base defense close to both Green and Blue (make sure they can cover the whole area around the bases). Later on, machine guns will be enough, but not the first time. Double dampeners at the dirt ramp between Green and Blue (D), on the bridge (B), and at Blue (C) will be necessary along with heavy machine gun support. It’ll take some time to setup, but eventually the double-damp and machine gun combos should give you enough space to start upgrading.

From there, decide if you want to use mine layers to help deal with the large waves or sniper rifles for dealing with Volt Droppers. This is largely based on your own weapon loadout. If you aren’t equipped to shoot the VD down yourself, we strongly suggest bringing sniper turrets. If you can, then feel free to use mine layers to help with Burst Transmitters and Willies. The idea here is to bring weapons that compliment your emplacements, don’t be missing range OR damage, you’ll need an even spread of both.

Early on you’ll probably take hits from the VD and from resistor groups (if you build Flak first, which you should) and that’s okay, just make sure to keep your Flak protected with machine guns. After machine guns, add damps, then more machine guns and your base should be secured, along with your gold medal.

Wave breakdown

Wave 1: B: Resistors, Tommys
Wave 2: A: Aerials (x2)
Wave 3: A: Aerials, B: Noids (x2)
Wave 4: B: Resistors & Jacobs, Noids
Wave 5: C: Jacobs & Resistors, A: Aerials
Wave 6: C: Tommys, B: Blitzers, Aerials, D: Blitzers
Wave 7: D: Resistors, A: Noids, B: Aerials,
Wave 8: Volt Dropper, A: Noids, Aerials, Noids
Wave 9: A: Noids, C: Tommys, D: Resistors & Jacobs
Wave 10: B: Arty, C: Resistors
Wave 11: B: Knobs, C & D: Burst Transmitters
Wave 12: B: Blitzers & Noids, C: Resistors, D: Blitzers
Wave 13: B: Resistors & Jacobs, C: Resistors & Jacobs, D: Resistors & Jacobs
Wave 14: A: Aerials, Noids, Aerials, B: Aerials,
Wave 15: Volt Dropper, D: Big Willie, A: Noids, B: Big Willie, Aerials


  • Use dampeners on the bridge to affect below as well
  • Remember to collect scrap from under the bridge
  • Focus the bridge


  • Build flak to hit the Volt Dropper, it won’t work well
  • Leave blue or green for too long

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