In the past few weeks we’ve heard of numerous reports where players have had their gamertags hacked, with purchases being made in games such as FIFA 11 or FIFA 12. It led us to speculate that there was a correlation for those who had the same password for both their EA account and their Xbox Live account. Now today a staff member was hacked while playing Battlefield 3, another EA game, with a similar M.O. Investigating, we hit the Twitter feeds to see what was abuzz, and we found yet another target. The EA Sports Youtube account was also hacked; someone had put up Call of Duty footage. It was quickly resolved, but it seems like further proof of EA being in someone’s crosshairs.

Electronic Arts has been rather tight lipped about the situation, and Microsoft suspends Live on any hacked accounts for investigation. Our advice? Make absolutely sure that your EA in-game account and Xbox Live account have different passwords. You may want to be selective about which games you play for right now, too. Any game that requires a separate, in-game login from your Xbox Live account should have a different password than your gamertag’s, otherwise you’re risking being hacked.